Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1684
This person is comes up the opening attire. B pattern. But he has the attire. B capital, because he is the player in wonderful Danshan, wonderful Danshan is having the absolute superiority on this game, in wonderful Danshan is the Pill Refining master, moreover he is the elite in Pill Refining master. My name was called pill, station that the wonderful Danshan scarlet list second, who refused to accept.” pill's vision 11 has swept in the surrounding person. When he sees Xia Tian discovered that Xia Tian is covering the face there. „Does boy, you refuse to accept? Heard that you can hit very much? Pill Refining? Everywhere looks?” pill contemptuously looks at Xia Tian, the talent that although Xia Tian fights is very high, is having the unequalled talent, now what competes is Pill Refining. He in Pill Refining this, on the one hand is having the absolute self-confidence. Oh lying trough!” Xia Tian has covered own face, although his voice is not loud, but everybody heard. Your what meaning?” pill's complexion changes. No, good that you blow, continue, is I possibly has not seen the magnificent scene, has not seen boasting. B blows is so good, has to accept after checking unable to bear at once, all right, leave alone I, you continue.” Xia Tian said that covered own face once more. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person almost does not have the direct laughter during a performance. pill's face turned into the sauce purple. Plays the language with Xia Tian? The skill that if Xia Tian fights is ten, the skill of his language is 10,000. Complete Insta-kill all matches. You.” Leave alone I, you continue, all right, does not need to manage me.” Xia Tian has not waited for him saying that words directly stopped up. At this time pill's red of face air/Qi. Was good, today's competition starts.” Person who nine elders also almost the laughter during a performance, was a moment ago good because of him also has the demeanor, has borne directly, finally can only shout that started.

Hears nine elders to shout starts. The first matter that Xia Tian does arranged one to gather spirit. Poly spirit that this time he arranges all covers directly the region that pill was at spirit. Young fellow, on always on arrangement gathering spirit Formation, this can be more powerful.” Saying that nine elders appreciate. Gives you, these gathering miracle cure including in mouth, ten minutes eat one grain, do not love dearly the compounded drug.” Xia Tian has given the pill spirit least 1000 gathering miracle cures. Em.” pill nodded spirit, is impolite with Xia Tian. She knows that today is important regarding her, so long as she can practice the compounded drug, she can soar, the reputation spreads over the serious famine, but if she cannot achieve, she is still the obscure individual. This is the disparity. Also is pill comes up from exposing the main house gate primary cause. Although the disciples in wonderful Danshan won will not have become famous too, but pill introduced oneself, everybody can also know that had his such Pill Refining Expert, if other entrance wins were uncertain. Once other entrance has won, then the disciple of this entrance will become famous. Because he has defeated wonderful Danshan Expert focusing on Pill Refining, but the reputation of wonderful Danshan will also suffer a disastrous decline, they most are proud is Pill Refining, if loses in this skill, they really could not gain ground. Later others will say why wants to study Pill Refining to go to wonderful Danshan, went to day Lingshan to be good, day Lingshan was in any case casual the Pill Refining master to win Expert of wonderful Danshan. Therefore wonderful Danshan will send out honor roll second Expert to carry on Pill Refining. Day Lingshan, meets me to make you attractive.” pill stared Xia Tian one. Prepared?” Xia Tian looked that asked to pill spirit. Em.” pill nodded spirit.

Do not worry, enhances pill to lead, these materials in one day can use up, at the appointed time your speed definitely does not have the issue, but must see pill's quantity.” Xia Tian looked that said to pill spirit. Relax, I have prepared.” pill nodded spirit. Good, keep it up.” Xia Tian starts to separate the raw material for medicine for pill spirit directly, equally same has separation of patience, moreover proportion well distributed unusual is good, is the most standard proportions, these materials enough build up three furnace compounded drugs. Xia Tian has also been divided into three material, afterward he sits in the one side starts to look at pill spirit Pill Refining. Today is pill's spirit competition, therefore he cannot meddle, this to Yu Dan ling is also a challenge, therefore her following mission is well Pill Refining. pill continues the Pill Refining method that uses him to originally create spirit. Master, how? How?” secure in ground anxious scurrying about, the so-called care randomly is this truth, his present thoughts all on pill spirit, he are afraid pill to be defeated spirit. Because pill spirit is a very very strong person, once she were defeated, then regarding her will be a very big attack. Should be all right.” Five elders said. Relax, has Xia Tian in that you have not felt relieved him.” Xiao zither said that she may have to Xia Tian self-confidently. Right, has the master, certainly does not have the issue.” secure said. Master?” Five elders have doubts looks to secure, isn't he secure master? Volume, Master, do not misunderstand, Xia Tian is the master who I pick up the little girl, is not right, is the Pill Refining master.” secure one said the slip of tongue. Pill Refining? Does Xia Tian also meet Pill Refining?” Five elders only know that Xia Tian meets Formation, does not know that Xia Tian also meets Pill Refining. Right, he met certainly Pill Refining, pill's spirit Pill Refining skill was he teaches.” secure nodded to say. „?” Five elders this little thought inconceivable, the Xia Tian talent was formidable enough, moreover he was a Formation master, arranged the Rank 4 Formation Formation master, now secure unexpectedly added that he was a Pill Refining master. Was this too also terrorist?

Is Xia Tian what old monster rebirth? Otherwise this also was really keeps him from imagining. Snort, does the day spirit fifth child, depend on your skills also to come out Pill Refining? Has a look at your people quickly, exploded the furnace quickly.” Saying that the elders in wonderful Danshan disdain, he is Pill Refining super Expert, he looked the way that pill uses spirit will explode the furnace. „Will you know in advance in the future? Really fierce.” Five elders have raised up the thumb. After five minutes, after ten minutes. Has not exploded the furnace. Hey, the wonderful pill third child, you did not say that will explode the furnace? How this has not exploded, we and others worried.” Five elders shout loudly. Snort, the drop is good.” Three elder cold snort Voice of wonderful Danshan said. At this time pill's there technique very overbearing . Moreover the technique makes the person look to be dazzled, looks is Pill Refining Expert. The Pill Refining masters of other entrances could not achieve this degree. pill spirit is sweating profusely at this time, her hand also somewhat shivers. pill spirits, are you doing?” Xia Tian shouted suddenly, at the same time, his right hand draws pill to run directly spirit backward. pill spirit had a scare by that Xia Tian shouted. Bang! Exploded the furnace.