Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1685

Sees to explode the furnace, other person taking pleasure in others'misfortunes look at pill to work, but the people in day Lingshan are look at pill who a face worries to work, but they have not dared to go forward. I said that will certainly explode the furnace, now the material only then selects, I thought how you also play.” Saying that three elders in wonderful Danshan disdain. At this time presents besides great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng, all people still aim at day Lingshan the spear point, therefore they will not let up any opportunity in ridicule day Lingshan. This is your day Lingshan Pill Refining fiercest disciple, unexpectedly also explodes the furnace, was really funny.” The elders of few room of mountains found the opportunity to vent anger finally, for these days they really carried, from most started him to compensate several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone, was the white clothing disciple is hit, the black clothing disciple was hit, the yellow clothes disciple was hit, their disciples were very miserable. Your aren't Xia Tian very fierce? Let on him, how still to overcome the hand in that I also think that you are versatile.” The elder of god mountain also exits the ridicule. T. M shuts up to father.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person all was shocked, because Xia Tian cursed at people the sub-field not to gather probably, does not divide the place. M. D, you cry out in that any gadget, your line of you come, not good on other BB, the father selects your head gates to ask you now, the father must compare Pill Refining with you now, bets the life, your T. M. D has one to calculate a head, who dares?” The Xia Tian vision swept to that several people on auditorium, when he saw when elder who few room of mountains asked directly: Your T. Does M dare?” Brat, your live is impatient?” The elders of few room of mountains by the face that on Xia Tian scolded one red, he after all was one of the solemn eight big entrances, the elders of few room of mountains, unexpectedly were so scolded by Xia Tian. I asked that your T , M , D does dare?” Xia Tian looks at elder asking of few room of mountains every single word or phrase. Few room of mountains long suppresses shamelessly red, enraged looks at Xia Tian: You court death.” „Can't you understand the logical expression? Good, I know that you do not dare.” Xia Tian will focus in the elder of god mountain afterward: To you, your T , M dared?” Boy, you do not think that I do not dare to kill you.” God mountain elder coldly looks at Xia Tian.

Oh lying trough, what elders you have taken your this group of , cannot understand the logical expression, is how, had feared spoke frankly, dares with not to dare that many that only then the choices of characters and two characters, said without you, wants to kill my person to be many, were you what?” Xia Tian stands there points at the elder of god mountain to scold. At this time day Lingshan all disciple all worships looks at Xia Tian. This imposing manner, whom did not have. Stands the elder of entrance scolds in the arena one by one, this was simply invincible. The key was these elder unexpectedly also recognizes instigates. pill spirit is also a face strange looks at Xia Tian, she does not understand why Xia Tian sends such big young tiger, but she as if suddenly has thought of anything, she knows that she explodes the reason of furnace, that is anxious. Xia Tian seems is telling her, regardless of saw that any match does not use anxiously, does not need to fear that they are also the person, elders who in the past kept aloof, at this time was such scolded by Xia Tian , was the same with the average person. You have not matched to me challenge.” The elder of god mountain says such a few words directly. Boasted, B I have seen, but your this type, when **** must set up the memorial arch was really rare, really does not know that what the sense of honor was, was taking the lower reaches, when the food ate.” Xia Tian looks elder who god mountain scolded. You.” God mountain long is old mannish on the face red. My what I? You did not say that I don't match? Do I with my number of people, in addition 1 billion gathering miracle cures bet your head you to dare now?” Xia Tian this was clarifies must make some elders unable to get out. Ha Ha Ha Ha, depends on you, with obtaining 1 billion gathering miracle cures, your day Lingshan.” His words have not said that the Xia Tian side presented a mountain equally high poly miracle cure pile.

When sees such scene, all person all took a deep breath. what Wei to be young. Xia Tian deducted anything to be called truely for them young frivolous. But isn't mad abundant youngster? Here has 1 billion gathering miracle cures, I bet your head, do you dare to meet?” Xia Tian looks elder who god mountain said. Snort!” God mountain long turns into the sauce purple shamelessly, his cold snort, flung the sleeve to leave afterward directly. Sees him to leave, Xia Tian will focus on the body of wonderful Danshan elder, at this time Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: Was one's turn you, your does T , M , D dare to meet? The elder in wonderful Danshan, I heard that you are very good, B, I do not believe that actually I want to take a look at our two whose cow, B, I lost me to cut my number of people personally, these 1 billion gathering miracle cures turned over to you, you lost, I wanted your head.” Saw that at this time the scene has gotten bigger and bigger, moreover immediately must see the blood. The people all looked to City Lord of sounds of nature city. Today is so lively, that continues.” Sounds of nature City Lord very optional saying. Xia Tian looks at the elder to wonderful Danshan once more: I asked again your one time, your does T , M , D dare.” pill clenches teeth spirit, starts Pill Refining once more, she understood, oneself present is short is not the Pill Refining skill, has studied such a long time with Xia Tian, her Pill Refining skill rapidly had already promoted, now regarding him main grasps Pill Refining, overtakes pill, although she has destroyed compounded drug of furnace, but through with the study of Xia Tian, she already had the technique of retrieval reuse.

At this time her goal, only then pill, surpasses pill. These people do not understand the courage that actually Xia Tian where comes, unexpectedly challenges the elder in wonderful Danshan, moreover challenges others special skill Pill Refining technique. The vision of all people all centralized on the bodies of wonderful Danshan three elders, their wonderful Danshan five elders' answers. „Do you want to challenge me?” Three elders in wonderful Danshan look to Xia Tian. Right, what I asked was you dares.” Xia Tian looked that three elders to wonderful Danshan said. Dares, but I have won words, I will not want your life.” Three elders in wonderful Danshan said. Receives your false mercy, in my this useless, I bet is the life, compared with presumptuously thinking me can not want your life, I said that I lost me to cut my number of people, but I have won, I wanted your number of people.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly stares at three elders in wonderful Danshan to say. The people looked once more to three elders, if he did not agree that the face of that wonderful Danshan lost, but if he agreed that that situation thoroughly worsened. Good, I met.” The elders in wonderful Danshan said that body vanished in directly same place. The brothers, today were on December 1, the monthly ticket appeared, asking everybody to give to me the monthly ticket, has thanked, the program that before wrote for the present attire, B, from now on, Xia Tian is going to turn on the attire, the B pattern. Asked the monthly ticket, asked to hit to enjoy, asks the recommendation ticket.