Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1686

Last night my night view celestial phenomenon, S , B will then appear in my front.” Xia Tian stands there very optional saying. Whiz! His sound just fell, the elders in wonderful Danshan appeared in his front. At this time everybody contrasts the words that he spoke a moment ago again, immediately almost to smile. The ability that Xia Tian this curses at people whom really did not have. clear(ly) knows that the elders in wonderful Danshan definitely will appear in his front, he came such a few words. What do you smile to smile? One group of good-for-nothings, pointed at your foreheads to scold you a moment ago, dares to stand not to have, although he is S , B, dying young ghost, but most at least he also has a wee bit courage.” Xia Tian points at the elders of few room of mountains to scold. The elders of few room of mountains were such scolded by Xia Tian, the complexion was uglier. Today, Xia Tian is still a lead. His unexpectedly must the elders with wonderful Danshan compete Pill Refining, this courts death in others opinion. But what everybody is more curious, actually a side that as if mountain high equally poly miracle cure from which lane, 1 billion gathering miracle cures, perhaps the poly miracle cure of entire serious famine adds not to have these many. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out these many poly miracle cures. Also. Actually the Chu equipment of Xia Tian is anything, installs under these many gathering miracle cure, moreover unexpectedly can take and put away freely, this was also too terrifying a point. The brow tight wrinkles of five elders, his entire journey has not spoken, does not represent him not to be worried about Xia Tian to this.

He was worried Xia Tian at the same time, he also believes Xia Tian, he knows person who Xia Tian absolutely is not that type does not have the brain, he directly so will not be impulsive, since Xia Tian has such done, that definitely has his self-confidence. Waste, one crowd of waste, what elder, in others' eyes you keep aloof, but you white clothing disciples by my this day Lingshan were scolded, is different can only listen?” Xia Tian visits them to say. Boy, rubbish, don't you want Pill Refining?” Three elders in wonderful Danshan said. Naturally wanted Pill Refining, looked in your silly share, built up any compounded drug you saying that the time you decided.” Xia Tian looks that three elders in wonderful Danshan said that his looked in your silly share is once more thunder but actually those present. Your boy compares non- ratio.” Elder angry saying of wonderful Danshan. Ratio, didn't I say? Looks in your moron share, making you select.” Xia Tian said again. This time turned into moron. You are courting death.” The elders in wonderful Danshan soon had been wild with rage by Xia Tian. Others said that does not want to work as two, the B fool is not good moron, today looks really so.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. I have killed you.” The elders in wonderful Danshan have lifted their hand directly. Stop!” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly, all people greatly were all drunk the mind of shaking to tremble by this, but has not actually been receiving any disturbance in Pill Refining these people. The people all looked to chairman's podium. Sat that Bishop Cao side City Lord speaks. What you compete with is Pill Refining, if you want to break the rule, I may unable to get used to seeing, moreover do not think lost acting shamelessly, the person who because competes with you are my friend.” Bishop Cao saying of coldly.

Hears the words of Bishop Cao, the people stares. Xia Tian unexpectedly is the friend of Bishop Cao, Bishop Cao including the person who sounds of nature City Lord must respect, but his unexpectedly said that Xia Tian is his friend, now the people understand finally why Xia Tian dares to be so wild. His unexpectedly has so formidable background. Has Bishop Cao to support to him, that nobody dares to move him, the person who some moment ago had his idea did not have this idea, five elders is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, he discovered that are getting more and more along with him and Xia Tian contact, Xia Tian becomes more mystical. This.” The elders in wonderful Danshan do not know immediately should not know what to do, what to do this did meet him to win? You could rest assured that if he lost, he naturally can rip his head, I will not manage, but if you lost have not acknowledged mistakes, I helped you.” Bishop Cao light saying. The elders in wonderful Danshan hear these words of Bishop Cao are also relaxed, he thinks that he must win, but he also feared after one have won Xia Tian, offends this Bishop Cao, after all status of Bishop Cao extremely in terrifying. Even if he is in eight big entrances the elder in wonderful Danshan, he does not dare to offend Bishop Cao. Boy, compared with anything, rubbish.” The elders in wonderful Danshan want to fight a battle to force a quick decision. Good, since you made me say that we compared happily, our two also refined the Rank 3 compounded drug to turn over to Yuan pill, nobody a respectively material, competion whose pill led high, whose quality was good, whose speed was fast.” Xia Tian looks that the elders in wonderful Danshan said. Boy, since you court death, I help you.” Saying that the elders in wonderful Danshan disdain, turning over to Yuan pill to be he most adept compounded drug, simply this examination question is gives in vain regarding him is the same. Comes the person, on two materials.” Nine elders shout loudly. At this time the arena changed to was biggest, the disciples of eight big entrances in eight corner Pill Refining, but elders in Xia Tian and wonderful Danshan in middle position. Bang!

In front of the elders in wonderful Danshan presented a huge Pill Refining furnace. Boy, puts out your Pill Refining furnace.” The elders in wonderful Danshan said. „Does Pill Refining also need the Pill Refining furnace?” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head: I do not have.” Hears his words, a heavy line of people face, but they think immediately, periphery these person of Pill Refining do not use the Pill Refining furnace right now, Xia Tian should see is right. Prepares a Pill Refining furnace again.” Nine elders shout. Ok, I am not familiar with use.” Xia Tian said. Isn't familiar with? The boys, were you insane? Pill Refining does not use the Pill Refining furnace, you must to air Pill Refining.” Saying that the elders in wonderful Danshan disdain, in his eyes Xia Tian is a layman, layman who the full layman, anything does not understand. Xia Tian simply is fat of delivering, that 1 billion gathering miracle cures this time must turn over to him. Material arrived, you can start.” Nine elders said. Boy, I thought how your this time dead.” The elders in wonderful Danshan think one have eaten to decide Xia Tian, now he even thinks that 1 billion gathering miracle cures entered his pocket. S , B, one minute is not scolded your stomach to hurt.” Xia Tian scolded wonderful Danshan elder one. Obstinate argumentative, I will make you regret.” The elders in wonderful Danshan clench teeth to say. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he all has thrown afterward all materials, sees his technique, the people disdain, however following made everybody open the eye.