Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1687

More than 30 materials simultaneously fly. On each material wrapped white flame . Moreover the size of each group of white flame was different. How does this is achieve?” All people all inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, his unexpectedly can simultaneously control many flame, with more than 30 groups of flame simultaneously combustion material. Moreover different material unexpectedly also burn with the flame of varying degrees. Such technique. Who dares to say him unable Pill Refining. Each material was been different by flame ignition, Xia Tian unexpectedly understands the heating temperatures of these many materials, moreover can judge at the same time, this too extraordinary, generally speaking can understand that the heating degrees of these materials need dozens years of foundation of basic skills. Say nothing of Xia Tian simultaneously calcine. At this time the elder complexion big change of wonderful Danshan, he has not thought that Xia Tian technique unexpectedly is so overbearing, even if he , can only simultaneously the calcine five types of materials, moreover carries on under the assistance of Pill Refining furnace. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly simultaneously calcine more than 30 materials. Like this he was slow in the speed. His speed cannot compare Xia Tian absolutely. „Can speed be what kind of quickly? Those who compete Pill Refining to be main is looked that whose pill are many, the quality is good.” The elders in wonderful Danshan are looking for the psychological comfort to oneself. However everybody approved his view. After all although Pill Refining also looks at the speed, what is main has pill to be many, quality good.

The Pill Refining furnace that three elders in wonderful Danshan use is the high qualitative Pill Refining furnace, can increase pill to lead, in addition he every step is steady, therefore he believes own pill leads absolutely is very high. Quality that naturally was also a cinch. Although the present is the entrance greatly compared with time, what everybody pays attention are more is Xia Tian and competition of wonderful Danshan elder, because their competitions are betting the life, Xia Tian 1 billion gathering miracle cures. Five elders it can be said that broadened the outlook on the body of Xia Tian. Really is the youth has the hero, too extraordinary, but does not know that he has any relations with that person, before he used Finger of Consonance of that person.” Five elders see the Xia Tian form, suddenly discovery this form looks familiar. That person was their past day spirit eldest children, in that their eyes the most mystical Boss, that was having the Boss of special charm, can their several tie up in together Boss. The legend in that their mind. No matter what, I will not make him have an accident, because he may be concerned with the Boss very much, I owe the Boss were too many.” Five elders clenched teeth, he has been ready that has momentarily gotten rid, even if were Xia Tian lost, he also met first gets rid to save others. He does not allow anybody to injure Xia Tian, even if fights valiantly his. Senior Brother, how do you see?” azure pill looked to his side scarlet disciple, this scarlet disciple was wonderful Danshan the seat of honor big disciple. This person is not simple, three long old women were extremely arrogant, he should not regard the gambling stake the reputation of wonderful Danshan.” That scarlet disciple expression light saying, in his eyes, anything is not the matter seems to be same. If he did lose?” azure pill asked. I will kill him.” Expression that scarlet disciple spoke was still very optional. azure pill has not spoken, but continues the annotation the competition on arena.

This time Xia Tian all dissolved all materials, when everybody wants to look how he becomes pill, the Xia Tian left hand wields, a palm that big dirt wall appeared, the cube dirt wall all wrapped directly all materials. Puff passes! Xia Tian sat on the ground directly. Saw such scene all people all are the doubts looked to Xia Tian. Finished?” Nine elder puzzled asking of sounds of nature city. He is S , B, first waits for him, now can calculate that I did not have pill, after he has pill, I have pill again, calculates that his speed is fast.” Xia Tian lies down in ground lazily saying. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, everybody understood, he already to become pill, but his speed was too fast, the elders in wonderful Danshan have not completed including half, Xia Tian obvious this was letting the elders in wonderful Danshan. The elders in white clothing disciple and wonderful Danshan in his day Lingshan compete Pill Refining unexpectedly also to let the elder in wonderful Danshan. This hear also too unthinkable. Snort, the brat, you leave are too favorite, you leave pill's speed to be truly quick, rapidness that such but you refine, the depuration is definitely insufficient, perhaps your this time refines 1-2 compounded drugs.” Saying that the elders in wonderful Danshan disdain. The Xia Tian Pill Refining speed was too fast, wants on quick 34 times compared with him, but he thinks that such quick speed is impossible to refine too much compounded drugs, most is also 1-2. Turns over to Yuan pill becomes pill probability was very low, Xia Tian refinement rapidness of such, does not have the careful cultivation, that tenth pill probability will be lower, he thinks that Xia Tian definitely only refines 1-2 compounded drugs now, becomes the list rate is so low, even if the speed can be what kind of again quickly? Competes leaves pill quantity and quality that Pill Refining most regards as important. Although his speed was slow, but he definitely has the self-confidence, own quantity and quality absolutely be stronger than Xia Tian were too many.

S , B.” After Xia Tian shot a look at an elder in wonderful Danshan, said one. At this time in the people eyes, is small sun-dried shelled shrimp Xia Tian unexpectedly probably is superior same lying down in there, confident, rules the world, but should be wonderful Danshan elder unexpectedly of King style as if turned into the clumsy mischief-doer. The Xia Tian Pill Refining speed can call to investigate extremely the Pill Refining speed. Because he also wants on quick 34 times compared with the elder speed of wonderful Danshan. This Pill Refining speed can say that does not have the second person compares on the entire serious famine, solely was this point Xia Tian sufficiently was proud, but all people also understand, today competes was not the Pill Refining speed, but was to become pill the quantity and quality. Whistling! Crossed for about one hour, elder here of wonderful Danshan finally became pill. Boy, my this time makes you experience anything to be called the Pill Refining master.” Elder both hands of wonderful Danshan pat the Pill Refining furnace, enough 15 compounded drugs all flew . Moreover the compounded drug luster is bright. 15 turn over to Yuan pill, I have become, moreover from the luster can see that the quality can achieve five Realm absolutely.” Elder very proud saying of wonderful Danshan, he looked afterward to Xia Tian: Boy, you lost, your 1 billion gathering miracle cures turned over to me.” At this time the elders in wonderful Danshan have thought one are must win. Xia Tian, opens pill.” The nine elders in sounds of nature city open the mouth to say directly. Now all people are all staring at that cube small dirt wall in Xia Tian, because there is turning over to Yuan pill who Xia Tian refined a moment ago.