Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1688

First comes to see from Xia Tian the size of little earth box surely does not have how much compounded drugs. Next Xia Tian has not opened pill, this has the afraid performance. Therefore people think that the elders in wonderful Danshan were win, after all he was the elder in wonderful Danshan, Pill Refining builds up, but Xia Tian was only small white clothing disciples in day Lingshan. They completely do not fall into the same ranking existence. Regardless of Xia Tian displays has the big talent, but the talent probably will immediately never turn into the strength. Moreover a talent of person has the limit. His cultivation talent enough monstruous talent, were impossible also to have the energy to study Pill Refining. Brat, you open pill actually, what's wrong? Feared?” The elders in wonderful Danshan think that Xia Tian does not dare to open pill. Yeah!” Xia Tian numerous sighing. Hears Xia Tian to sigh, the five elders under stage have gotten hold of their fist. Ha Ha, the boy, knows to fear that now, late, your 1 billion compounded drugs are my, your head was also my.” Elder incomparably excited saying of wonderful Danshan. I feared after I opened pill, you will regret.” Xia Tian said. „Will I regret? Really funny, you leave pill's speed to be so quick, definitely has not brought forth how much compounded drugs, the quality is more impossible to be too high, therefore I won, you do not dare to open pill that to fear now.” The elders in wonderful Danshan said. Ka! At this moment, the earth box in Xia Tian left hand split. The vision of all people all centralized above the earth box. Clatter!

The compounded drug falls in the sound of ground is clear, because any person has not spoken now. Clatter clatter clatter! Compounded drugs fall on the ground. „Becoming pill 86, quality should be the nine chief ministers of state.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Looks that in front of Xia Tian fell in these compounded drugs of ground, all people of audience has all been shocked, his Pill Refining speed was so fast, unexpectedly can also refine these many compounded drugs, moreover quality unexpectedly such high. No. Is impossible, you have cheated, certainly was you cheats.” The elders in wonderful Danshan are unable to believe one see. Entire journey all people are looking that you were saying everybody was a blind person?” Xia Tian looked that elders to wonderful Danshan asked. Is absolutely impossible, nobody can have such high becomes pill leads . Moreover the quality so is high, said again, your Pill Refining speed is so fast, I have not seen such Pill Refining Expert.” Shaking the head that the elders in wonderful Danshan keep. „Do you see a white clothing disciple to defeat all yellow clothes disciples?” Xia Tian asked again. Right, Xia Tian is a man of creation miracle. Others cannot achieve, cannot achieve on behalf of Xia Tian. No, is absolutely impossible, this is absolutely impossible.” The elders in wonderful Danshan are unable to believe that naturally, may be him not be willing to believe that because he is betting the life, lost the competition, that represented him to lose own life. to become Wang defeats the invader, you lost.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Definitely has the issue, I do not believe.” The elders in wonderful Danshan were still continuing. You lost.” The nine elders in sounds of nature city look that the elders in wonderful Danshan said. Hears judging of nine elders, the elders in wonderful Danshan all of a sudden have as if fallen into the canyon, a desperate feeling raids, he lost, he lost, his unexpectedly has lost to a white clothing disciple in day Lingshan.

He cannot lose, he boils these many years to have now such skill, which everybody now he arrives at to give precedence out of courtesy to him, moreover he was a Pill Refining master, object who countless people worshipped. He obtains the present status and strength is not easy, he does not want such easily gives up own life. Do not kill me, I asked you, I do not want dead, this was my Chu bangle, here had all my wealth, all turned over to you, I only strove for trading my life.” The elders in wonderful Danshan knelt in the Xia Tian front directly, he knows, if can not arrive at forgiving of Xia Tian, he was impossible to live is leaving here. But his action was really too distressed, the honor of wonderful Danshan made him lose completely. Disciples of elder unexpectedly of his solemn wonderful Danshan to day Lingshan kneels down. He has decided that after oneself leave here, runs away, escapes from the wonderful Danshan's control, even if escapes from the serious famine to be also good, which to can live hand to mouth to eat by his skill, but wonderful Danshan he did not dare. After this time matter, wonderful Danshan meets the prestige to damage absolutely greatly, wonderful Danshan will not let off his. Good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his goal has been achieved, reason that he challenges these people to arouse pill's spirit self-confidence, moreover he to let these people knows that he is not affable. Now his goal has been achieved. Therefore he wants elder life not any use of this wonderful Danshan, therefore he might as well wanted the Chu bangle of this wonderful Danshan elder, solemn the elder in wonderful Danshan, Chu bangle inside treasure are definitely many. Gives you, I walk, I walk now.” The elders in wonderful Danshan saw Xia Tian to agree, on face immediately one happy, so long as Xia Tian agreed that that nine elders and the others naturally cannot say anything. bo!! In that moment that the elders in wonderful Danshan turn head, on his forehead presents together the blood line, afterward he thinks under looks, he discovered on own body also has the blood line together, afterward on his face presented the panic-stricken look. Puff! The elder body of wonderful Danshan divides into two directly. But at this time his surface advance party the person is wonderful in the Danshan scarlet disciple the seat of honor big disciple.

In his hand is taking sword is also ultimate Spirit Tool. His blade cut to kill the elder in wonderful Danshan a moment ago. „The shame of entrance, does not patch in this world.” The scarlet chief big disciples in wonderful Danshan said that the body returned to the stand, the elder of god mountain already came back, he witnessed all these with own eyes. At this time some of his also hearts startled, was good had not complied with the challenge of Xia Tian because of him a moment ago, perhaps which otherwise his present fate also very to goes. Nobody said anything, what because starts to kill people are the scarlet chief big disciple in wonderful Danshan, this also cleans up the gateway, this matter was the matter of others entrance, naturally some people will not manage. The body of Xia Tian fell under arena. In a while, pill spirit finally became pill. Sees pill spirit to become pill, all people all looked to him, his Pill Refining speed was also quickest, but before her, exploded furnace over one time, therefore everybody wants to have a look at him altogether to refine how much compounded drugs. Whistling! pill turned on his Pill Refining furnace spirit, the compounded drug flew, people also there was looking up. 45! When saw that pill refines spirit 45 turn over to Yuan pill, the person is startled. Day Lingshan raises is the monsters? Although three materials, but the average a material also refined 15 compounded drugs, the elders in wonderful Danshan refined 15 a moment ago.”