Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1689

How is this possible?” Sees pill to work pill's these many that moment, the disciples in wonderful Danshan stare immediately. At this time he in to become pill, three furnace pill in pill furnace, this is losing concentration. Bang! Exploded the furnace. Three furnace compounded drugs at this time in pill furnace. This explodes the furnace, the compounded drugs of three furnaces all destroyed. What?” Scarlet list of wonderful Danshan second, pill's thorough hoodwinking. His unexpectedly loses concentration in the most critical moment, causes to explode the furnace, this, his thorough ending. His all materials have all used up, but compounded drug does not have now. Wonderful Danshan in the past was the Pill Refining competition first, but this time his unexpectedly compounded drug has not built up. In other words their this times must buckle for three points, the second wonderful Danshan thinks will come directly the score disparity in this game, finally no one has thought that wonderful Danshan unexpectedly exploded the furnace in the most crucial time, compounded drug has not refined. This also too lost face. This time entrance big ratio, the honor of wonderful Danshan was thorough losing completely. One after another humiliation of their unexpectedly in the strongest Pill Refining skill, three elders in wonderful Danshan have lost to the white clothing disciple in Xia Tian this day Lingshan, but wonderful Danshan scarlet list second pill explodes the furnace directly, all compounded drugs all destroyed. Although the people of other entrances the Pill Refining speed is very slow, but they are very steady.

Congratulates you.” After pill spirits, Xia Tian said with him. Thank you, your words, I cannot recall these to lose, my this time ended.” pill spirit very earnest saying. Actually sometimes something have not imagined is so difficult, where regardless of does not lack Expert, once you have achieved, you will discover that your vision was different.” Xia Tian understands that after this time matter, pill's spirit self-confidence came. Her later Pill Refining was bumps into Expert not to fear. Match who regardless of meets any rank, if not dare to go to face, the probability that you lose was 100%. Two days night of time passed by. Besides wonderful Danshan, all people became pill, in other words this Pill Refining competition, wonderful Danshan took last, moreover they have still deducted three points at the most adept matter. pill took spirit very much smoothly first. Then I announced the integral, what now total score first was day Lingshan, 20 integrals \; Second is great Fengshan, is seven integrals \; Third is the Mount Qingcheng six levels of differences \; Fourth is to hammer the Jinshan five integrals \; Fifth is a god mountain and few room of mountain four integrals \; Seventh is the wonderful Danshan three integrals \; Eighth is Kamibayashiyama, two integrals. ” Nine elders announced after the integrals of all people, said again: This round winner day Lingshan pill spirit will obtain Rank 4 material ten, Rank 3 material 100.” City Lord will put out the reward of great writer each time. Day Lingshan obtained 20 integrals. These 20 integrals succeed in obtaining, even if were the following competition they lost, first three were also stable. Day Lingshan was hot. This time entrance big ratio, day Lingshan thorough hot.

Competition first of white clothing disciple, competition first of black clothing disciple, competition first of yellow clothes disciple, now Pill Refining was also first, day Lingshan this time wants not to be hot is difficult. At this time the entire sounds of nature city is passing on the legend of related day Lingshan everywhere. Now our day Lingshan was really hot.” Five elders have not thought that this day Lingshan can obtain such good result, four competitions all first, this honor can be said as never has, in the past Abao's participating time, does not have this success. Fire? I think also insufficient.” Xia Tian light saying. Boy, do you also want to do?” Five elders really had feared Xia Tian, his could not watch, Xia Tian has made the earthshaking matter, this Xia Tian died the elder in wonderful Danshan on the direct pit, moreover scolded the elders of that many big entrances, if comes again, perhaps that Xia Tian also will do any important matter. In great Fengshan. Elder, this day Lingshan was the thorough fire, we have been taking many advantages, this was that Xia Tian merit, but day Lingshan also offended many people, what to do should we?” A scarlet disciple asked. What to do can also, day Lingshan be our allies, Xia Tian also to rescue our life, his disposition is very good, is not softhearted to the enemy, but actually maintains own friend, therefore this person can only be on good terms, cannot offend, later all great Fengshan disciples anyone, saw him to call him for Senior Brother.” The elders in great Fengshan said. But elder, before our entrance, is location Abao.” A scarlet disciple said. Now started differently, the people in our great Fengshan started to support Xia Tian, I believe that he was a hidden dragon, sooner or later will soar, even if were Abao cannot block his growth.” The elders in great Fengshan said. Yes, elder.” The disciples in great Fengshan responded. Mount Qingcheng. This Xia Tian is very interesting, informs, all people cannot have any friction with him.” Mount Qingcheng little main order said. Our Mount Qingcheng and day Lingshan are the allies, should not use such carefully.” The elders in Mount Qingcheng said.

Careful point is best, he works does not press the common sense to play a card, who can think the elders who his these big entrances dare to scold, has persecuted to death the elder in wonderful Danshan directly, therefore everybody try not to move his bottom line, after going back, I will make the father arrange the big ritual, at the appointed time I give a present personally.” Few hosts in Mount Qingcheng said. Wonderful Danshan. Senior Brother, our time was miserable, how loses us to go back to confess like this.” A scarlet disciple said. pill, I do not handle you today, but you remember that you cannot get away with it, if you are thinking is the same with that waste, must run away, I deliver you to see that waste.” Saying of wonderful Danshan scarlet chief big disciple coldly. Senior Brother, I do not dare.” pill is afraid himself in front of the Senior Brother. Xia Tian, snort, our wonderful Danshan has not eaten such big owing.” In seat of honor big disciple eye of wonderful Danshan murderous aura emerges. God mountain. Hateful, hateful, I want him dead, I want him dead.” Elder angry shouting of god mountain. Elder appeases anger.” Master Xu show a faint smile. „Do I appease anger? How do I appease anger?” The elder whole face anger of god mountain. Wooden show in Linfeng must destroy it!” Master Xu sinister said these words. Meanwhile, some of demon. After a white clothing disciple heard a news, light saying: Crevice prison? My adopted son you also dares to close, I noisy you have great disturbance.”