Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1690

Above Earth. Eastern Man, Northern Army, Yin Nie, Great General also flies upwards. However what Eastern Man and Northern Army choice is the spirit world, but what Yin Nie and Great General choice is demon. The Fire Cloud evil god has also been able to fly upwards, but he suppressed his Realm forcefully. You noticed that old Freshman must help me give regards surely.” The Fire Cloud evil god looks that several people said. Yeah, cannot master you, can fly upwards obviously, actually gives to pull down own Realm, your this harms the body.” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head. These I do not care, I have promised the Boss, I must protect Xia Family, this is the Boss who I pledged, if 200 years I have also been able to break through, I looked for you, but these 200 years I must protect Xia Family without cause for grief, protected China to be peaceful and undisturbed.” Fire Cloud evil god very earnest saying. Actually does not have you, nobody dares to move Xia Family, some people do not dare to move China.” Eastern Man said. Boss has taught me, never underestimate this world, therefore I must protect here, you go, the Boss is a extraordinary person, where regardless of he can rush out a positive result to come, believes that you can find the Boss quickly.” Fire Cloud evil god very earnest saying. Good, here gave you.” Eastern Man and Northern Army moved toward world of human beings transmission directly. In Rank 5 city sounds of nature city. In a secret room. Decided?” Em, gets rid together, cannot make him live absolutely is returning to day Lingshan.” What to do accidentally disclosed the news?” That all has killed them, does not remain, when the time comes shifted blame the body that the demon taught to go to the charge to be good directly.” Great idea, the great idea, to be right, you must favor the disciple in direct gate, do not let them disclose the news, this matter should better not let the disciple in gate know.”

I have a better idea actually.” What idea?” We pass to the person who their news the demon teaches, and person large sum of money to the demon teaching, making the person who the demon teaches kill them, then can achieve flawlessly.” This pays attention, this.” This time Xia Tian and the others do not know that a huge plot has covered on their bodies. „The jade, today's mission does not win, but is steady, knows? Steadily is better, so long as you have stood firm, our first positions should preserve, wanting Yuanyuan also to stand firm, that this year's champion certainly could not be inescapable.” Five elders reminded. Relax master, although I with first, but will not compare others to be bad absolutely.” Jade very self-confident saying. That is good, us, Xia Tian, your boy gives me today as far as possible the low key.” Before five elders embark, reminded again. „! I did not speak as far as possible.” Xia Tian said. „.” Five elders give a loud shout. City Lord Mansion they were familiar and easy, when they arrive in City Lord Mansion, the people of other entrances also early arrived, this morning exceptionally peaceful, anybody has not spoken. Although the person of that several entrance looks at Xia Tian some vision hostilities, but this time again also nobody provocation Xia Tian. The provocative Xia Tian result they saw yesterday. Xia Tian may, no matter you are the elder or any seat of honor big disciple, comes up to scold, scolds you also to scold, but, hits you not to dare to hit, after all here is City Lord Mansion, who dares to begin here. Therefore they understand that provocative Xia Tian was itself to ask for a scolding. Xia Tian, must control.” Five elders reminded again, he was worried about Xia Tian in setting up the enemy, although the Xia Tian talent was high, but here person may be in the serious famine the talent is highest, in the future may take over Shan Zhu super figure.

Turns into the words of mortal enemy with them, then to Xia Tian not any advantage. Whiz! The bodies of nine elders fell above the arena. What today competes is the refiner, the integral obtains with Pill Refining is the same, the time that finally who uses is short, the quality that the same material, refines is best, that obtains first.” Nine elders said. Whiz! The participants of various groups came to power completely. Snort!” Hammers the scarlet disciples in Jinshan to come to power later cold snort, he hammers Jinshan scarlet list third figure, on a refiner way very overbearing, strength formidable, he is also this responsible participating hammering Jinshan disciple. He already looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, at this time his coming to power naturally cannot such consider as finished, if not come to power beforehand Jiujiang to have the confession to make him not stir up trouble, he also really will perhaps compete with the refiner with Xia Tian. Who makes Xia Tian so wild. Snort anything, you refuse to accept.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, five know before one, said all spoke in vain. You.” That hammers the disciples in Jinshan to look angrily to Xia Tian. Shut up.” Jiujiang under stage gives a loud shout, after that person hears Jiujiang the words, the latter half a word words have choked directly, has not gone to pay attention to Xia Tian again. Really bored.” Xia Tian saw that the opposite party did not talk back, immediately thinks very bored. The competition started. Has saying that hammers the refiner technique of Jinshan is good, is steady, every step is the orderliness is ordered, obviously he is refiner year after year, will have this type self-confident and technique.

Jade, although the technique of refiner is also good, but with hammering that scarlet disciples in Jinshan compared has some disparities. Although hammers that disciple refiner technique of Jinshan to be good, but Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but Xia Tian has not planned to get rid, after all now the integral of day Lingshan has sufficed many, he does not want to expose the method of oneself refiner again. The process of refiner is also very long, Xia Tian lay down is lying down is falling asleep. Bang! Xia Tian was awakened by noise by a bang, when he wakes up he discovered that the complexions of surrounding these people are not right, afterward he thinks above the arena looks, disciple who at this time above arena competed with already completely Xia Tian, but arena last this time is standing three black-clothed person. Three black-clothed person long, although is good-looking, but on face were many a cloudy evil feeling. Ha Ha Ha Ha, sounds of nature City Lord, your sounds of nature city was known as city that cannot break through, today sees also mediocre.” Is black-clothed person of head says with a smile loudly. Demon teaches Yu Nie, your unexpectedly dares to come to my sounds of nature city to act unruly.” Sounds of nature City Lord pats the arm rest, flew directly to the arena. Bang! His body fell above the arena directly. Sounds of nature City Lord first do not worry to be angry, our time comes to give a big present to you.” Is that black-clothed person cloudy evil saying with a smile of head. Your big rituals, I cannot receive.” The sounds of nature City Lord right hand wields, fights the (spear|gun) to appear in his hands. The weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank.