Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1691
When sounds of nature City Lord with going to battle with that moment of (spear|gun), stands on the person in elder and secret camp in his completely. This time nine elder whole body blood, obviously a moment ago definitely what happened. Secret camp. In sounds of nature city strongest special troops. Regarding sounds of nature City Lord, allowing the person who demon teaches to enter to his City Lord Mansion, this is the matter that loses face, therefore he must do makes the person who three demons are teaching come but not return. What's the matter?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts, his wound did not have recently, therefore rested outside to have anything not to know. Was these people have disguised as the participating disciple, had sneak attacked the nine elders in sounds of nature city a moment ago, the strengths of these people were very strong, nine elders almost died in their hands.” Five elders said. „? Their three insane inadequate? But here City Lord Mansion, here layer on layer will be surrounded by Expert immediately, their three are brings death?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, here, but City Lord Mansion of Rank 5 city sounds of nature city. These person of unexpectedly dare to come in City Lord Mansion to cause trouble. Does not know, but these three people have been as if confident.” Five elders shook the head. Sounds of nature City Lord, our time comes to give a big present to you, after three minutes, in the main street and small alley in sounds of nature city meets the war cries to rise from all directions, is exploding everywhere, but outside this time some small cities, in the small entrance will have the disaster that is hard to imagine, in other words, in the entire serious famine the present all fell into the flames of war, does not know that this gift you do like?” Is black-clothed person cloudy evil saying of head. Person this that your demon teaches is courting death.” The sounds of nature City Lord complexion becomes very ugly, since the sounds of nature city has been the most peaceful city, regardless of the fight of any rank will not involve in the sounds of nature city, but these person of unexpectedly have also ignited the flames of war in the sounds of nature city. Was right, another big ritual.” That black-clothed person said here time, the body vanished in instantaneously same place. Puff! The body of sounds of nature City Lord has flown upside down directly, at the same time, all people all saw, on the belly of sounds of nature City Lord presented a cavity, a giant cavity, his belly one was punctured. Worthily is sounds of nature City Lord, unexpectedly can also shunt vital point at this time.” Saying of that black-clothed person appreciation, at the same time, three black-clothed person have simultaneously fired into sounds of nature City Lord.

Protects City Lord.” The People sound of secret camp shouts. Shunt, the shunt, is treasure.” Sounds of nature City Lord shouts hurriedly loudly. But already late. For those pierced by treasure in forefront two immediately, but the people in these secret camps do not fear death, they must protect sounds of nature City Lord, but another two black-clothed person have also put out ultimate Spirit Tool at this time, but is not the weapon. Rumbling! In a short time fight instantaneous incline. Protects City Lord.” Expert of eight big entrances have fired into the arena instantaneously, but, treasure in that black-clothed person hand has pounded without enough time once more to the Chest of City Lord, a moment ago his goal was the dantian, this time was the heart. Saw that sounds of nature City Lord must be sneak attacked dead by this person. Snort, the person of trivial demon teaching, dares before me dissolute.” At this moment, cold snort appears. Bang! Afterward that black-clothed person treasure and any thing hit in one. What? You have treasure!” That black-clothed person surprised looks immediately to the opposite that person, Bishop Cao, he has gotten rid, has gotten rid in most essential Bishop Cao, and has blocked the treasure attack of opposite party directly. In your hand has treasure, in my hand also has treasure, but my Realm and strength compared with you, therefore you possibly are not my match.” Bishop Cao vision ice-cold looks at that black-clothed person. „It is not good, is Expert, the sneak attack failure, removes.” That black-clothed person shouts hurriedly. Before me, wants to come to come, wants to walk walks? Leaves behind any thing.” Bishop Cao said treasure in right hand to wield. Puff!

The arm of that black-clothed person cut off instantaneously, but that black-clothed person has not returned continually, escapes directly. Compared with the life, the arm was considered as anything. That black-clothed person this understands the choices. At this time the surrounding person all deep shock arrived by the powerful strength of Bishop Cao, they understand finally why City Lord must give precedence out of courtesy to add to this Bishop Cao, because the strength of Bishop Cao was really too formidable. If a moment ago were not Bishop Cao gets rid suddenly, on that day sound City Lord died. Many thanks.” Sounds of nature City Lord said hurriedly. Let alone the words, your wound was heavy.” Bishop Cao said. „The people in all secret camps obey orders, leading City Lord Mansion all Expert to meet the approaching enemy the city person of demon teaching, ten big elders give me to save others.” Sounds of nature City Lord exhausted the strength to shout loudly. „!” All people said together. Whiz! Xia Tian arrives at the sounds of nature City Lord side, inspected the sounds of nature City Lord wound hurriedly. Saw is Xia Tian, Bishop Cao has not said anything. Xia Tian, is the City Lord wound how is it?” Five elders asked hurriedly. Situation is not wonderful, although he has shunted vital point, but the dantian was damaged, I need to find a peaceful place therapy to him.” Xia Tian said. I lead you to go to the peaceful place.” Nine elders heard Xia Tian saying that he can therapy said hurriedly. You call other elders, goes to outside to save others.” The sounds of nature City Lord bearing is really big enough, to outside person who the present thinks.

Nine elders, I lead him to go, you save others, Expert of eight big entrances also together save others.” Bishop Cao opens the mouth to say. Many thanks Bishop Cao, City Lord gave you.” After nine elders looked at a Bishop Cao and Xia Tian, numerous nods. Chaotic, entire sounds of nature city thorough was chaotic, the head of the clan of various respected families simultaneously were sneak attacked . Moreover the major stores simultaneously were also sneak attacked, the tactic that in the city the flames of war rising from all directions opposite party uses captures the ringleader first. Let in the serious famine the highest direction be attacked, like this they had no time other control cities. Xia Tian, follows me.” After Bishop Cao works on sounds of nature City Lord, walks toward behind directly. Whiz! Xia Tian also followed. Eight big entrance all disciples obey orders, goes out to save others with me together.” After nine elders emitted the elder to convene signal, shouted directly. The important matter must occur. Bishop Cao brings the room that Xia Tian sounds of nature City Lord has given him to prepare: Here is very peaceful, can therapy.” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Bishop Cao has not spoken, but stands to look at Xia Tian, actually he wants to have a look at Xia Tian how to give sounds of nature City Lord therapy, after all now the sounds of nature City Lord wound was really too heavy, the dantian somewhat was damaged. It seems like can only use that means.”