Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1692

Xia Tian left hand golden light flashes dodges, his right hand wrist started to bleed, afterward he aimed at sounds of nature City Lord his wrist|skill directly. Do not resist, drinks.” Xia Tian looked that said to sounds of nature City Lord. Sounds of nature City Lord just started to see that the Xia Tian procedure is puzzled, but after he hears the Xia Tian words, gave up resisting, Bishop Cao was puzzled looks at Xia Tian, does not understand that he was doing. ! After two minutes, Xia Tian started fierce coughing suo, his wound did not have, at this time also massively bled, the body definitely could not endure. Stops, your body soon could not support.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly. Had one minute to be similar again.” Xia Tian is insisting. ! His coughing suo was getting more and more serious. After one minute, face whiten of Xia Tian. Inconceivable occurred, sounds of nature City Lord wound unexpectedly starts the fast cicatrization, heals at the naked eye obvious speed, but the wound of Xia Tian wrist|skill also fast scars. Quite mysterious.” Bishop Cao surprised saying. My is recovering.” Sounds of nature City Lord discovered that own body is repairing at this time fast, solely is not the wound is repairing, the interior is repairing, he has never seen the so mysterious technique. Has drunk my blood, will awaken some special ability, meets you to have a look.” Xia Tian face whiten saying. ! Xia Tian, you how?” Saying that Bishop Cao worries about. I am all right, you do have Blood Qi pill and so on thing?” Xia Tian asked. No, that type of thing is the demon teaches the talented person to refine, but you, if needs Blood Qi, I go to stress two demons to teach Expert to you to you.” Bishop Cao said directly. Ok, one will say again.” Xia Tian throws into oneself mouth several compounded drugs, then sits down the rest.

After ten minutes. Sounds of nature City Lord has stood directly. Quite mysterious.” Sounds of nature City Lord looks at own body surprised saying, afterward he has grasped his fist: My strength increased, within the body as if has a mysterious ability.” Em, you awaken should be the strength.” Xia Tian nodded. My wound almost entire was good, Bishop Cao, troubles you to lead him, we go out of town the help, I stress several demons to teach Expert to go to him.” Sounds of nature City Lord direct start to talk. Em.” Bishop Cao works on Xia Tian to flush away to outside directly. Fight. At this time the entire sounds of nature city erupted a fight. Just started the sounds of nature city to be hit one to be caught off guard, the person but who the demon taught discovered quickly they have made a mistake, they think that struck to kill the head of the clan and City Lord of various respected families can make this Rank 5 city disintegrate. But now they discovered that oneself wrong is very serious, in the entire Rank 5 city, all people all are Expert, everywhere is Expert. The Rank 5 city, the sounds of nature city, usually here person disciplines there the fight, at this time they showed their strength finally, these people to defend their hometown were breaknecking completely. The people here people and other places are different. The people in other places place great emphasis on the benefit, but here person has the belief, their development for the sounds of nature city, for the safety in sounds of nature city, they all can pay with the life the price. All combatants can come here to receive the compounded drug free.” All combatants can come here to receive the weapon free.” All combatants can come here to receive the equipment free.” Shop owners shout loudly, at this time their these shop owners had been focused on protecting, usually they are the merchants, the money of definitely most regarding as important, once makes war, they do not care about money. Because they understand, reason that they can make money , because the sounds of nature city has given their stable environment, now the sounds of nature city has difficult, they all took their family property.

The people in sounds of nature city a little look like the China person. Person who has the belief, for own city, for own country. Protecting our homes and defending our country. Although the head of the clan of various respected families have almost all been wounded, even also some deaths, but this has not made them chaotic, their first response is called the person to help outside person resist the foreign enemy together, but is not the Butler clan first. It looks like sounds of nature City Lord is the same, even if were he were injured at that time that seriously, outside he was also the earliest possible time makes the City Lord Mansion person go to resist the foreign enemy and life-saving. Hateful, person who this group of demons teach.” Sounds of nature City Lord looks at everywhere war angry saying, he has not thought that unexpectedly had the person who these many demons taught to submerge to the sounds of nature city in came, the loss of this sounds of nature city was not small. Brothers, kill, the thing that snatches is our.” At this moment, Xia Tian their three opposite presented the enormous and powerful more than 100 people, is that person of head is also two cauldron Expert. Courts death.” Sounds of nature City Lord, the right hand flings, the war (spear|gun) of ultimate Spirit Tool rank appears in his hands. ! Meanwhile, jumps gold dragon to flash before, has crossed that team directly. Puff! Puff! Puff! That enormous and powerful over a hundred people of team such neat but actually. Now?” Bishop Cao asked. Should!” Xia Tian ran hurriedly. Swallow! His left hand sends above the ground, afterward Bishop Cao and sounds of nature City Lord saw person blood that in an inconceivable this time ground these just died disappearance gradually, their Blood Qi continuous flows- from the body. But Xia Tian that pale complexion slowly is also restoring. Actually is this merit law that what goes against heaven's will?” Sounds of nature City Lord surprised saying.

Whistling! After these over a hundred people of Blood Qi swallow, the Xia Tian complexion finally has relaxed much, swallows the biggest wondrous use to swallow Blood Qi, before he had also swallowed many ominous beasts, the air/Qi of these flesh and blood can strengthen his body, supplements his stamina. My strength recovered, now to be much better.” Xia Tian said. You wait / etc., I had discovered two big targets, I go to catch them.” Bishop Cao said that the body vanished in same place. Bang! Before long, Xia Tian has heard two fierce explosive sounds on hearing by. Whiz! Bishop Cao carried an demon to teach Expert to come back. Two all were two cauldron seven levels of Expert, the air/Qi of flesh and blood should compared with a moment ago these people overbearing.” Bishop Cao has given Xia Tian the person who these two just killed, the left hand of Xia Tian pats directly above the ground. Afterward body fast withered getting down of that two person, but the Xia Tian complexion is also better and better. After two minutes. The head of Xia Tian started to emit steam, his face also became red. Xia Tian, you how?” Bishop Cao noticed that such situation is startled immediately. Sounds of nature City Lord also hurriedly inspects the Xia Tian physical state.