Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1693

Body temperature so will be how high.” Sounds of nature City Lord surprised saying. Will not have an accident.” Bishop Cao asked. I am all right.” At this moment, Xia Tian slowly opens own both eyes, at this time his on the face could not see the exhausted color again. Feels how is it?” Bishop Cao asked. This feeling was too crisp.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying, he first time swallows the human Blood Qi, Blood Qi of humanity is very difficult to preserve, if after the death within five minutes did not swallow, that is unable to swallow again. After swallowing these Blood Qi, Xia Tian wound entire was good, stamina also fully restored. What is main, the Xia Tian body stamina quantity was enhanced once more. Good fierce Kungfu, your injury so was a moment ago serious, now seemed unexpectedly was all good, if in the battlefield, you to be invincible.” Bishop Cao looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. Simplicity that you have not imagined, I can only absorb dead the people within five minutes . Moreover the absorption requires the time, the digestion also requires the time, I have not been able to move in the digestion, then the long time I have sufficed to be killed several hundred times by others.” Xia Tian answered. If swallows swallows restores directly, does not require the time, does not need to digest, that called invincibly. Was good, a bit faster search these demons teach Expert, cut to kill them, that can give the sounds of nature city to reduce many pressures.” Sounds of nature City Lord said directly. „Do you also absorb under?” Bishop Cao opens the mouth to ask. Does not have the issue.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Good, met these Expert corpses to turn over to you.” Sounds of nature City Lord very natural saying. Xia Tian one hear of this that may come to be energetic, Bishop Cao made his meat stamina quantity strengthen to that two two cauldron Rank 7 Expert that he grasped a moment ago once more, the match of this rank was not he can kill radically, the thing that but some unexpectedly people free greatly make up this type now delivers his at present. Today is an auspicious day. Xia Tian was very happy, these two big Expert kill super Expert that these demons teach everywhere. The demon teaches some Freshman people builds up the body very much, therefore their Blood Qi compared with Blood Qi of average person in many, Xia Tian like this stands is swallowing these Expert Blood Qi that keeps there, often with one with their footsteps. The war has continued for day a night. The Rank 5 city is the Rank 5 city. Although the city has damaged, Expert that but these demons teach died majority of here, only then few people escaped from the sounds of nature city, City Lord has not made the person trace, but continued to search in the city, the rug -type search, here definitely had the fish slip through, moreover some were injured has not died, these people must process cleanly. On this day one night regarding Xia Tian was really too crisp, he absorbed all was two cauldron Rank 3 above Expert, now he recruits two cauldron Rank 2 following people anything to feel that did not have. Only then absorbs two cauldron Rank 2 above demons to teach Expert to feel the promotion. Now I solely am the meat stamina quantity can defeat below two cauldron Rank 2 all Expert, in addition my treasure wrister, even if two cauldron Rank 3 Expert absolutely does not have the issue.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. Others jump over the step to challenge many are also challenge several steps, only if there is a weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank, otherwise is hard a two cauldrons of strength of cauldron to fighting very much, even if there is weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank, most also crosses Rank 4, but Xia Tian now is strength between cauldron Rank 3 and cauldron Rank 4, but he can actually challenge two cauldron Rank 3 Expert.

This is he without use final card in a hand. Monster, you is a monster, if I in the past had your this merit law, I also everywhere looked for any substitute person, used the air/Qi of own body absorption flesh and blood to be good directly.” Day spirit second child helpless saying. You felt relieved that I definitely will look for a good mortal body to you.” Xia Tian guarantees to say. Too thanked, the Boss, later you are my Boss, my anything listens your.” The day spirit second child has discovered that mixed with Xia Tian, that was the advantage is absolutely unceasing, he saw too many surprised recently. Xia Tian is a monster just like, a super big monster. Later again said.” Xia Tian said directly. This time City Lord Mansion. Everybody, I did not entertain you, this time time was tight, mission was heavy, I needed you to return to my entrance fast, then built up the military strength to start to initiate counter-attacks, this time counter-attacking hegemon was the mountain lord in day Lingshan, if who refused to accept, I revoked all treatments of his eight big entrances.” The sounds of nature city City Lord execution is terrorist, you are not obedient, I cancel your welfare, making you turn into a poor wretch entrance, then asked all people to hit you, this nobody dared not to listen. „!” The people of all entrances said together. This day Lingshan could be said as bumper crop, after obtaining hegemon status, that advantage simply could be said as too, what was main was day Lingshan turned into eight big entrances all of a sudden first. From now henceforth who again said that eight big entrances who is strongest, that nobody will say that hammered Jinshan, but was day Lingshan. The status of day Lingshan all of a sudden became incomparably lofty.

Surroundings these middle-and-small entrances also had city to be also willing to day Lingshan to present tribute, most is mainly in the entire serious famine all talent juniors will rush day Lingshan. Walks, we must a bit faster go back, perhaps now outside has made a mess.” Five elders have not known that now day Lingshan does have is attacked, now he must do a bit faster returns to day Lingshan. The people of several other entrances look Xia Tian back cloudy evil smiles. Em?” Xia Tian felt suddenly has murderous aura, therefore he turns head hurriedly, this turns head that several murderous aura to vanish to disappear. How?” Five elders asked. Anything, possibly has not been I wants.” Xia Tian shook the head, possibly was his recent spirit was too recently tight. Although he knows person who other entrances has the hostility to him, but these people have not killed his opportunity and courage, because these people with him are not the same directions, moreover words that these people want to begin has exposed accidentally, their entrances will all be implicated. These people are not the fools, is impossible to make this preliminary mistake. We direct, time does not wait for the person.” Five elders said directly. Em!” All disciples in day Lingshan walk toward transmission with five elders together, after seeing Xia Tian they enter transmission, one line of 78 forms appear in a transmission surrounding. This time looked how you die.”