Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1694

Five elders are keeping thinking about day Lingshan, therefore his footsteps are quick. The people also follow close on his. The enormous and powerful entrance compared with finished greatly ahead of time. Final Formation has not compared on. This time Yuanyuan depressed, his original manuscript thinks one can performance well above Formation, became famous by oneself, finally no one has thought that unexpectedly has such condition Her time simply was Bai to come. The competition absolutely does not have her share, he not only has not obtained the prize, but also this time she does not have including the opportunity of performance. Hateful because of you , because you will turn into this.” Yuanyuan all has blamed now on Xia Tian, no matter follows not to have the relations with Xia Tian, she thinks that all are the troubles that Xia Tian causes. Rips! Yuanyuan quietly made a symbol above the bark. Afterward continues stand forth. This all the way she already doing under quietly many symbols. All people are listening, cannot rest, has the consumption to eat to restore the compounded drug to me, if you have not restored the compounded drug to come my this lead(er), in brief is a few words, cannot rest, I must return to day Lingshan at the quickest time.” Five elders order to say. Xia Tian and the others have followed in his. This demon taught to cause the war, had the person who the demon taught everywhere, had the flames of war everywhere. In entire serious famine everywhere in conscription. So long as the competent people can join regional city defense force, not only can protect own life, but also City Lord Mansion will also give the reward. The night falls.

Elder, wait / etc..” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. How? We cannot stop, must a bit faster catch up with great power Lingshan.” Five elders said. „Doesn't elder, you think very monster? Our is quite all the way peaceful, peaceful some fearful, not only does not have the person who the demon teaches, the passing pedestrians do not have, but also you have a look at the front topography.” Front Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to less than that canyon of one kilometer place. Defense, has the enemy.” Five elder slight hesitations, have not shouted directly, he worried to catch up with great power Lingshan a moment ago, therefore has not noted these, now visits him to understand, here definitely has the enemy. All people have prepared defense completely. Xia Tian also fast arranged one to gather spirit, then continued to arrange Formation. Good vigilance person.” At this moment, the surroundings walk the enormous and powerful over a thousand people, by the canyon, by the path, their behind, these people have encircled them directly. Demon teaches.” Five elders have put out these characters from the mouth. Disciple in day Lingshan, ha ha ha ha, who called Xia Tian, but your head value 800,000 low grade spirit stone.” Is head person of unscrupulous saying of that demon teaching. Really comes to me.” Before Xia Tian, had guessed these people must get rid to oneself, but he has not thought that these person of unexpectedly murder with a borrowed knife. It seems like you were Xia Tian, but also was so young, which value that much money did not know your.” Is saying that head the person of that demon teaching disdains. I not curious is who makes you kill my, what I am most curious is how you to know our whereabouts.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at the opposite these people of demon teaching, at this time around them these person of top Expert. Is a that person is cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Regardless of how this weaponry saw does not win. We naturally have our means that today you must be buried in this.” The person who that demon teaches said. Whistling!” Xia Tian long expiration. All disciples, standing by, protects Xia Tian.” Five elders shout loudly.

Was right, you said that you do want to kill me?” Xia Tian looked at the person of that demon teaching to ask. Right, today you must die without doubt, other people I do not plan to let off, after all on you have Chu Wu to equip, I want your treasures.” The person of that demon teaching said. „Do you know? Must kill my person to be many, but their final fates are miserable.” On the Xia Tian mouth was saying, the movement in hand has not stopped. Yuanyuan sees Xia Tian in the lineup, the tooth bites: Kills.” As this shouted that she directly flushed. Idiot.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, he in the protracted time lineup, result Yuanyuan unexpectedly directly flushed. Saw that Yuanyuan flushed, although five elders are also angry, but he must get rid. „? Your unexpectedly in the lineup, these people told me your this boy colored intestines to be many on the quiet before, I have not thought that has not thought your unexpectedly in protracted time, the brothers, kill to me.” That demon teaches Expert to shout loudly. Exposed. Xia Tian stopped the movement in hand. Does not have the means that has exposed, he is unable to continue the lineup. Paternal grandmother, do not think that did not arrange the Formation father to take you not to have the means.” The Xia Tian left hand wields. Three Yuan attack! Bang! Three types of elements mix in together, afterward three element direct windings immediately, in has been away from his recent ten people. Bang! That ten people directly by the smashing of three Yuan attack bang.

Sees such scene, these people of demon teaching stare immediately, the person who the demon teaches may builds up Expert of body, but their unexpectedly was been broken by a Xia Tian move of bang. Xia Tian beforehand martial arts contest time uses three Yuan attack keeps the hand, but is now different, the present is life and death preying, he will not keep the hand, three Yuan attack instantaneous full, this is he arranges to gather the spirit primary cause. secure, pill spirits, you protect Xia Tian and Xiao zither.” Five elders give a loud shout, afterward flushed. Three Yuan attack of Xia Tian does not use near body war, Xiao zither attack is the demon qin, does not need near body attack. Three Yuan attack! The attack of Xia Tian releases own attack once more. Bang! Also is ten people dies in the hand of Xia Tian directly. Your several, went to kill him to me.” That demon teaches Expert to tell to several people, afterward he has fired into five elders directly. That several people had over a hundred people to kill directly to Xia Tian and the others. secure and pill also instantaneously get rid spirit. Their attacks are very formidable, fights, several people die in their hands. However in the population has huge disparity, suddenly they all by these matches constraining, noticed that they were constrained, two cauldron Rank 1 Expert at present immediately one bright, the information that they receive is Xia Tian is a cauldron Rank 5 following strength, but can actually jump over the step to challenge about cauldron Rank 8 Expert. However he is not cauldron Rank 8, is not cauldron Rank 9, he is Expert of two cauldrons. Boy, you died.” On the face that demon teaches has shown the excited expression.