Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1695

Two cauldron Expert that demon teaches saw that immediately can kill Xia Tian, on face incomparable excitement. Chief said a moment ago. Who can kill Xia Tian personally, he rewards that person of 200,000 low grade spirit stone. 200,000 low grade spirit stone were my.” On two cauldron Expert who that demon teaches is twining the black air/Qi, grasped directly to the chest of Xia Tian, saw that Xia Tian must die under his evil clutches. In these demons teach in the Expert eye, the Xia Tian strongest skill is three Yuan attacks the attack of this long-distance range, near body fights cannot. However he made a mistake. Bang! When he thinks one have succeeded, hit vigorously directly on his head. Bang! His body pounded a pit the ground directly, the head is pounded to distort by Xia Tian thoroughly. Paternal grandmother, the father does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, you work as the sickness cat father.” Xia Tian has flung own fist. What?” That several attack Xia Tian Expert to stare immediately. They have thought Xia Tian strongest is just the long-distance range attack, but a Xia Tian unexpectedly fist has killed two cauldron Rank 1 Expert now, although is the match general idea, but this meat stamina quantity was also too more terrifying. A fist a two cauldron Rank 1 demon has taught Expert on Insta-kill. Leads you to be insane, leading you to be crazy, leading you to hit the big wall.” The Xia Tian vision looked that has taught Expert to the opposite demon, afterward has killed directly. ! Both hands of Xia Tian have shown a strange posture, five fingers and make three, as if Dragon Claw is the same. Seizes dragon! Both hands of Xia Tian grasped directly in two demons have taught the body of Expert.

Bang! Expert that two demons teach directly by Xia Tian pounding maliciously above ground. Bang! The ground was pounded two deep pits again. Has killed him.” That several have fired into Xia Tian from Xia Tian recent Expert directly. Finger of Consonance Third Layer! Xia Tian double refers to selecting instantaneously, his whole person with double referred to flying, at this time the Xia Tian whole person as if changed into a sharp knife blade to be the same, turned into a sharp awl probably. Jumps out directly. ! That two cauldron Rank 2 Expert entire bodies that the opposite clashes divide into two instantaneously. Finger of Consonance, the Boss, you uses is Finger of Consonance.” In the Xia Tian knowledge sea, the day spirit second child shouts loudly. How will you know Finger of Consonance?” Xia Tian asked. Because this is our Boss' becoming famous Unique Skill.” The day spirit second child said. Your eldest children? Is that called Xia Yun?” Xia Tian thinks, when 5 th elder asked his words. Right, our eldest children with your surname, moreover his becoming famous Unique Skill is Finger of Consonance.” The day spirit second child opens the mouth saying that Xia Tian regarding him can use Finger of Consonance to come, this absolutely is the unusual coincidence matter. Because this Unique Skill he was too familiar. Later again said.” Discharge that three Yuan attack of Xia Tian keeps, but these people saw now three Yuan attack time disperses, such Xia Tian three Yuan attack might was smaller. At this time Xia Tian does not have the time to chat with the day spirit second child.

Now the situations of day Lingshan these disciples were getting more and more bad, although they are the talents, is the elites, Expert that but these demons teach is not affable, their strength very formidable, what is main is their people are many. „It is not good , to continue the words that such gets down, even if I opened the domain unable to win, must try to find a solution.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, these demons teach Expert strength truly unusual formidable, moreover brains are very astute. Although Xia Tian they altogether have cut to kill 70-80 people now, but disciple conditions in day Lingshan are not good at this time, many people have been injured. Paternal grandmother, spelled.” The Xia Tian tooth bit, has given a Zhao Yushu paper. Bang! As soon as he fights with the fists, afterward shouts loudly: One group of waste, do not kill me? Some skills kill me.” Whiz! Xia Tian said that runs directly to the left front, sees such scene, surrounding dozens Expert pursued directly. Three Yuan attack! Xia Tian has seized the opportunity, three Yuan attack uses directly. Bang! Xia Tian cut to kill more than ten Expert once more. Hateful, goes to pursue to me, no matter these people, mainly kill him.” That demon teaches Expert to shout loudly, hears that demon to teach the Expert words, all people of demon teaching all pursue to Xia Tian. Pursues, the quicker the better.” Xia Tian continues to front runs. Expert that these demons teach all pursues to Xia Tian, because their this time goals are mainly Xia Tian, so long as strikes to kill Xia Tian, that 800,000 spirit stone have succeeded in obtaining, adds 200,000 low grade spirit stone as for other people, although kills them also to rob the treasure, words that but with killing Xia Tian compares, that these people were not anything, moreover main was these people does not run away. Saw that the demon taught these people to pursue, five elders shouted hurriedly: A bit faster rescues Xia Tian.” Saw that Xia Tian was pursued, the people are unusual worries, they understand that Xia Tian this is to save them, directed intentionally the person. Master, that direction.” secure complexion immediately changes.

„It is not good, there is the uncultivated land beast region.” The complexions of five elders immediately change, the hurriedness exits on the strategic place. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment Zhao Yushu said suddenly. Rain Shu, how?” Five elder puzzled asking. Elder, this is the note that Xia Tian leaves behind.” Zhao Yushu gave her note to take Xia Tian. After looking at the note, five elders clenched teeth: we walk, continue.” Master, didn't we rescue Xia Tian? He intruded the uncultivated land beast region.” secure asked hurriedly. Believes Xia Tian, he said that he has the means to shunt chasing down of these people, we go back first.” Five elders said. Right, I how this matter forgetting.” secure remembered previous Xia Tian to draw his stealth matter, thinks that here he has also felt relieved, Xia Tian had this skill, how that nobody can he. Puff! In five elder's burns down hand notes directly, afterward he leads the people to continue to go forward, reason that he burns down the note is because Xia Tian has written another matter in note Shanghai, a very important matter. We today after here finds the place to rest, Xia Tian said that tomorrow will come back to converge with us.” Five elders said directly. Meanwhile, Xia Tian is shuttling back and forth fast, his behind these Expert are also in hot pursuit: Hateful, originally plan with hidden rest/breath technique, now but these people pursue is so quick, he does not have the opportunity.” Whiz! Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step had been launched by Xia Tian completely. ! When Xia Tian runs quickest, the front has transmitted a great roar suddenly.