Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1697

Bang! Strength of the cauldron! Drinks to transmit greatly, afterward that giant ominous beast body was raised to fly directly, at this time the proleg of this ominous beast has a huge wound. ! golden light flashes dodges, Xia Tian pulled back [gold/metal] Dao. ! A huge howling shouted from that ominous beast mouth that afterward the tail of that ominous beast made an effort to knock on the ground, its huge body has stood. Bang! Afterward it flushed once more. Paternal grandmother, this was also too terrifying.” Xia Tian sees such scene, turns the head to run directly. He does not want to continue to hit with this big fellow. But Xia Tian is Xia Tian. Even if escaping imposing manner cannot the weak trend. This time Xia Tian runs while shouted: I will also come back.” Has saying that Xia Tian these words contained very deep attire, B foundation of basic skills, is not only not weak own imposing manner, and can give an opposite party sense of crisis. Naturally, the premise is that is ominously beastly can understand him to say anything.

Xia Tian said that runs, does not return. At this time was not face issue, said that ran must run, who turned head who was a fool, Xia Tian this ran completely was running of breaknecking, this speed has exceeded the limit. Bang! That giant ominous beast pursued one to stop, looked at Xia Tian one with the unwilling vision, afterward ran, here was its territory, but outside was not. It seemed being diverted by some strength, can only rush to here. That person is quite interesting.” At this time the adorable girls of ominous beast, girl's head has two furry ears, the fart, stock behind has a furry tail. Small glass, the human majority are hiding a dark heart, their some people go to be very good superficially, but in fact they have very deep contradiction.” An appearance beautiful man shakes the fan in oneself hand gently. Elder brother, outside small glass wants to have a look.” The adorable girl said. Has the opportunity elder brother to lead you to exit.” The beautiful man waves, that chased down the Xia Tian giant ominous beast to run a moment ago, afterward obedient lying before beautiful man. Elder brother, the small beast was injured.” The adorable female said. Well? The wound is a little strange.” The beautiful man stares slightly, afterward is careful to inspect the wound: Wound unexpectedly in little spread, although the speed is not fast, but restores the speed by the body of small beast, this was very terrorist.” Puff! The beautiful man cut away the small beast sole place directly. This chapter, should be that person of weapon was special a moment ago.” The beautiful man said. The vision of adorable female looks to outside, in the eye is curious and anticipation.

The person of that crowd of demon teaching has marked to pursue, when they pursue to the local time that beforehand five elders and the others rested: „The southeastern direction, these person of unexpectedly changed said that if did not have the symbol also really to make them give to run.” Snort, these famous families honestly also mediocre, so long as there is a benefit, they can betray including their entrance.” The demon teaches Expert to say. Pursues.” The demon chief instructor leads to say. Afterward they turn toward southeast to pursue directly, they do not know that at this time five elders and the others changed said that but they the direction is the wrong direction, they have been away from five elders and the others to be getting more and more far. Five elders and the others ride transmission, in a while returned to a day of Lingshan. When they return to day Lingshan, mountain marriage go- from greeting. Was laborious you.” Shan Zhu looks that five elders and the others said. Mountain lord, this time we not only has taken first, but also exorcismed the hegemon of congress also to turn over to our day Lingshan.” Five elder excited saying , after coming back, he discovered that here has not suffered the attack that the demon teaches, therefore he naturally very happy. Em, I knew, City Lord passed on the news, all matters I knew, was really too laborious you, was right, Xia Tian?” The mountain main start to talk asked. Leads to me her.” Five elders heard Xia Tian to be mad, if were not Yuanyuan, Xia Tian will not have the news to the present. How was this?” Shan Zhu noticed that Yuanyuan was sealed up asking of dantian doubts. She colludes with the person of demon teaching, thinks that vital point dies all of us, Xia Tian to save us directs the person who these demons teach.” Five elder angry saying. Yuanyuan, you are the scarlet disciple, why must collude with the person who the demon teaches.” The mountain advocates coldly looks that Yuanyuan asked: „Did my day Lingshan treat unjustly you?” Has treated unjustly, for these years, I am the day Lingshan Formation first person, I was have also performed the distinguished service for day Lingshan, was finally? Had my house by Xia Tian to seal, anyone of you been managed? My Formation cultivation meets the bottleneck, have you managed me? He everywhere embarrasses me, do I want him dead, what have not to be right?” Yuanyuan's angry shouting. Incurable, your crime has not been possible to forgive, but read in you truly has established merit this point for the school, I exempted you dead, but I must abandon your cultivation am, sent out day Lingshan.” Shan Zhu said.

I do not need your hypocritical manner.” Yuanyuan's angry shouting, regarding her, discarded cultivates for might as well to let her dies. If you want dead, I am not blocking you, but I will not make you die in day Lingshan.” Shan Zhu said that a palm patted in Yuanyuan's the place of dantian. Puff! A blood spouts from the Yuanyuan's mouth, afterward Yuanyuan fainted. Delivers to descend the mountain her, can not great power Lingshan, the body bring ten low grade spirit stone to him life-long.” Shan Zhu orders to say directly. Yes!” The white clothing disciples in day Lingshan lifted her. Mountain lord, the quota of this our taking carry back entire serious famine recruitment of students, 5000 quotas, this time our day Lingshan was also doomed to be hot.” Five elder excited saying. Em, this time is everybody merit, I decided that this going participating disciple nobody sends 50,000 contribution coins, Xia Tian 100,000, waits for Xia Tian to come back, makes him promote the scarlet disciple directly, replaces Yuanyuan's position.” Shan Zhu said. The white clothing disciple promotes for scarlet disciple directly, time those present who hears this news very surprised, this also too exaggerated. Perhaps since day Lingshan has founded did not have this matter to occur, the scarlet disciples in all day of Lingshan step by step rush, including Abao is also, but Xia Tian unexpectedly all of a sudden became the scarlet disciple, what is main is he now is also only less than a cauldron Rank 4 strength. Was right, Shan Zhu, my also matters wanted to say with you, about Boss.” Five elders open the mouth to say suddenly. Boss?” Hears this glossary time, Shan Zhu stares immediately.