Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1698

After five elders and the others came back third day, Xia Tian came back. Xia Tian comes back, the day Lingshan people who receives news all arrive, all people welcome the return of Xia Tian together, advocates peace other elders also to arrive on Lianshan, such scene can say that is magnificent. Even if were past Abao does not have this treatment. All white clothing disciples, all black clothing disciples, all yellow clothes disciples, the scarlet disciple in entrance, the elder by the disciple lord, stand there completely welcome Xia Tian. Volume!” Sees such scene, Xia Tian also slightly stares: What does?” Xia Tian, welcome back, this time entrance greatly has made very big contribution compared with you for the entrance, moreover you also lead away the person of demon teaching for other entrance the safety of elders and disciples, these are the entrance should thank your.” Shan Zhu said directly. „, They are my friend, I cannot visit them dead.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. No matter what, you have saved the elite in our day Lingshan, moreover you also truly when the entrance big ratio performs well, now I announced that you officially become the day Lingshan scarlet disciple, the substitution Yuanyuan's position, becomes the scarlet list fifth.” Shan Zhu said loudly. What? Do I become scarlet disciple?” Xia Tian heard time thorough hoodwinking of these words, he was also only a white clothing disciple, but his unexpectedly becomes the scarlet disciple now, this was also too inconceivable. In day Lingshan. The scarlet disciple is best existence. Wants into the scarlet disciple to from the white clothing disciple start diligently, then to turn into the black clothing disciple, turns into the yellow clothes disciple from the black clothing disciple again, this inside wants to turn into the yellow clothes disciple from the black clothing disciple is a very difficult process, because is not you have the strength to become the yellow clothes disciple, wanting into the yellow clothes disciple to have very high talent. Finally is the scarlet disciple, only then in the yellow clothes disciple the most outstanding person, may becomes the scarlet disciple, this also merely has the possibility. However Xia Tian white clothing disciple unexpectedly leaps became the scarlet disciple, this was also too inconceivable. His unexpectedly one turned into the scarlet disciple from a white clothing disciple, this is the leap-style growth. In the entire day Lingshan has not presented matter.

Surroundings these people all with envying the vision of envy look at Xia Tian, Xia Tian white clothing disciple unexpectedly has soared all of a sudden, turned into a scarlet disciple, from now he was one of the day Lingshan noblest these people. Right, starting today, you are the scarlet disciple.” The mountain principal point the nod, continued to say afterward: Moreover, this entrance is very more prominent than you, therefore I decide to reward everyone 50,000 contribution coins.” Attract! Hears 50,000 contribution coins time, all people have all held breath cold air, especially these white clothing disciples, 50,000 regarding them are astronomical figures. Because they for usually that ten eight contribution coins must snatch the broken head. But this time, everyone unexpectedly can obtain 50,000 contribution coins. 50,000 are their, discussed the decision after us, you will obtain 100,000 contribution coins.” Shan Zhu said again. 100,000! At this time all people on the scene do not know that the surprised these two characters were any meanings, they only know the digit that at this time they heard has surpassed their cognition completely. Envy. An entrance big ratio, Xia Tian turned into the scarlet disciple from the white clothing disciple directly, moreover obtained 100,000 contribution coins. This is the big digit. It can be said that Xia Tian got rid of poverty to become prosperous to rush all of a sudden well-off. Local tyrants. Xia Tian understood the feeling of local tyrant finally.

You go back the recuperation first one, tonight all goes to the main hall set in the scarlet disciple of entrance.” Shan Zhu said. Yes!” People response. Whiz! After Shan Zhu looked at Xia Tian one, leaves directly. keep it up.” Five elders patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. Several other elders all leave. Xia Tian hoodwinked. Although he has truly performed very big merit, but is also insufficient to reward such richly, he thought that was too inconceivable, such rich reward makes him a little feel helpless. Boss, you are receiving, they such make their goal.” Xia Tian knows the culmination of spirit second child sea to say. What goal?” Xia Tian asked. Although they value the value, but you involved that person, therefore their several have to attach great importance.” The day spirit second child said. „Did you speak so are strange? Has anything to speak frankly.” Xia Tian hear blurry. Said simply, although before , the talent that you display is very strong, but in the eyes of their several old fogies, supports Abao, the so-called mountain does not accommodate two tigers, you and Abao can only leave behind one, if I, I also choose Abao, because Abao is ready-made Expert, but you need the time evolution, if midway die young, then regarding day Lingshan can be a massive loss, therefore they do not dare to detain the note on you.” The day spirit second child answered. That present?” Xia Tian asked. Now was different, after the fifth child comes back, definitely will tell your matter to the third child, you can Finger of Consonance this news, but the important matter, after the third child hears this news, that must make the choice.” The day spirit second child said.

Why?” Xia Tian asked again. Because Finger of Consonance was Boss' past becoming famous Unique Skill, several of us owed Boss many of too, therefore he suspected at this time you were Boss' posterity, he must seriously treat, otherwise he was criminal for a lifetime.” The day spirit second child said. Is that Xia Yun.” Who Xia Tian understands that Boss in his mouth is, is so-called day spirit seven child in that Boss Xia said that figure in legend. Xia Tian, Xia Tian!!” At this moment, Xia Tian was awakened. „, How?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. „Was your how god, too tired, the tired words went back to rest, in the evening must go to the main hall.” Saying that Xiao zither cares about. „, I first went back, was a little truly tired.” Xia Tian said. After Xia Tian and the others left, the disciples in day Lingshan dispersed. After arriving at the fourth institute, Xia Tian arrives at Yuanyuan's beforehand mansion. His Rank 4 Formation also stands upright now here. Destroyed had been a pity strangely, then opened on the general's family.” Xia Tian said that directly place of de-archiving front door, afterward entered this mansion, from now henceforth, this turned over to him. In day Lingshan main hall. Mountain lord, did you decide?” Six elders asked. Em, if before, I definitely choose Abao, but was now different, he has the relations with the Boss, I must choose him, as for Abao, kills.” Shan Zhu clenched teeth to say.