Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1699

After Xia Tian arrives at Yuanyuan's mansion, finally understands why Yuanyuan hated him. Yuanyuan's all family belongings all here. She accumulated these many years things now to turn over to Xia Tian. Efficacious medicine, the spirit grass, spirit stone, Yuanyuan may not have when really in vain scarlet disciple.” Xia Tian saw everywhere is the treasure time is excited. Afterward he turned on a Chu bangle, this Chu bangle was Shan Zhu gave him a moment ago. Crash-bang! 100,000 contribution coins scatter in the Xia Tian front. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the father was also a local tyrant.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying, 100,000 contribution coins, he still remembers now when one are taking several hundred contribution coins the trading market appearance, at that time nobody responded him radically. And other tonight crosses, I must buy the material, buys many materials, then refines to attack pill, this type of thing fights has in a big way uses.” Xia Tian knows that attacks pill's fierce place, if previous time to fighting the demon teaches Expert time, he has 100 to attack pill to be used to sneak attack, that tactical situation immediately dumps tray. Moreover he also wants to continue to break through oneself present Realm. Although his present battle efficiency is very strong, but his Realm is too throughout low. First all plundered these materials, happen to was keeping Pill Refining and refiner uses.” Xia Tian Yuanyuan's all materials all will receive.

Afterward he sits cross-legged on the ground starts cultivation. In day Lingshan main hall. Kills Abao? It is not easy, Abao has the big destiny to add the person of body, moreover his strength is exquisite, wants to kill him not to be easy.” Five elders said. I had considered before, Abao this person cold blood, if lets him, when Shan Zhu, that either day Lingshan thoroughly moves toward magnificently, either day Lingshan destroys in his hands, before I in gambling, because of not compared with he more appropriate candidate, but is now different, the Xia Tian talent must go against heaven's will compared with Abao, moreover Xia Tian this person does not advocate to slaughter, the personal connection is very good, moreover he is pays for day Lingshan wholeheartedly, such person is the best candidate, but a mountain does not accommodate two tigers, Xia Tian and Abao can only live, Wish makes Xia Tian defeat Abao to be a little difficult, the words that but several of us get rid, Abao must die without doubt.” In Shan Zhu the look revealed murderous aura. Yeah, what a pity.” Four elders sighed to say. Truly was a pity that after all for these years, we have spent he too many painstaking care on his body, but you also saw, to Abao this way, then some day he also will kill our several old fogies.” Shan Zhu very understood that Abao's disposition, Abao is the wild ambition. Good, after that and other Abao came back, our several same places get rid to cut to kill him, avoid this also he escapes.” Six elders nodded to say. Was right, how does this time demon teach to rise you to see?” Shan Zhu asked. Demon taught to hide these many years not with no reason at all sudden, their this direct hits the entire serious famine, such large-scale demon has not taught simply, I suspected that this time demon taught is came from outside the serious famine.” Five elders guessed. With I guess, these many Expert, if has hidden in the serious famine must be discovered that the only explanation is they come from beside the serious famine.” Mountain principal point nod. Why large-scale does such demon teach to the hand extend to our serious famine?” Six elders asked.

If I guess right, in the serious famine will have the treasure present world, moreover this time treasure is continually outside the serious famine super has the treasure that can move, therefore they will extend the hand to our serious famine.” Shan Zhu said. Including the treasure that these fellows do move? What is that?” Four elders are startled. I do not know, but is not simple, this Xia Tian won alliance hegemon position for us, this regarding us was the excellent matter, we can while this opportunity well, have a look are any treasure soon will be born.” Mountain main vision firm saying, regarding them, the serious famine was unable to make them promote to the strength to be higher. Crosses again dozens years, they must leave the serious famine, but in the serious famine unexpectedly must have the treasure present world at this time. This absolutely is an opportunity. If they can obtain the treasure, perhaps then they can directly high of strength promotion. Xia Tian has sat cross-legged in ground cultivation, falls until the night, secure and the others looked for him. Master, you escape from these people chases down? Has used the previous time one on that ability of stealth?” secure incomparably anticipation looks to Xia Tian. You want to be many, that many people chase down me, my where has the opportunity.” Xia Tian said. You run away? Said quickly makes us also study one study, later bumps into such situation we also to have the means of escaping accidentally.” secure asked again. You should better or prayed one do not bump into such situation.” But Xia Tian a narrow escape, if not quick, then that giant ominous beast that he runs can want his assigning.

Was good, your words are many, first goes to the main hall to have a look at Shan Zhu to have any matter, I estimated that is not the minor matter.” pill said spirit. „.” secure nodded. Afterward the people moved toward the main hall directly. Although day Lingshan has 20 scarlet disciples, but at this time in day Lingshan, only then eight people, other 12 people all make mission outside. When they arrive at the main hall, the mountain advocated peace several elders to sit there. See Shan Zhu, elder.” Several people of respectful saying. Em, since the person were in attendance, I said that proper business, I have informed, eight mountain goalkeepers counter-attack seven days later together, I give you a route chart, this is route that our day Lingshan counter-attacks.” Shan Zhu threw to their map directly, what map above labelled was some different color arrows, there are three red arrows, four yellow color arrows, a purple arrow. This time counter-attacking scale is big, besides five guard entrances, other elders will send out, pill spirits, you with me \; Jade, you with four elders \; Xiao zither, you with six elders \; Various your four belt 30 yellow clothes disciples walk the position of yellow line, these positions are the auxiliary lines, your people are few, but is the elites, I want you to sneak attack the throat of enemy side, coordinating our three main army to battle, yes?” Shan Zhu the vision looked that said to that four scarlet disciples. Yes.” That four scarlet disciples said. I?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, Shan Zhu has all arranged other scarlet disciples, missed him.