Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1701

Volume! Saw Xia Tian hurriedly selected several types of results not to want, the people all hoodwinked. They do not understand that Xia Tian does not want it to do. Besides these types, remaining other all gives me to wrap on.” Xia Tian said directly. Fuck! hears Xia Tian these words, all people say with emotion. They also thought Xia Tian in teasing this group of sales clerks a moment ago, when they heard these words completely has been shocked, they understand finally anything was called the local tyrant. Volume!” The sales clerk who serves also hoodwinked: Sir, you said that all wanted?” Right, besides that several, other all wanted, I have calculated, just right 100,000 contribution coin coins.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, 100,000 contribution coins scatter directly in the hall. What?” The shop owners saw Xia Tian puts out 100,000 contribution coins time is surprised. I rush to time, installs to me.” Xia Tian said directly. „Does attire, stare is doing? A bit faster installs.” The shop owners ran to start to install personally. Saw that Xia Tian bought these many Pill Refining material those present to hoodwink, this were also too many, can actually Xia Tian do? The quick thing all installed, afterward Xia Tian returned to own mansion directly. Then starts to refine to attack pill. Outside serious famine. „Is your meaning you must help us take day Lingshan as temporarily residing?” An old man looks at Abao surprisedly. Right, I am the scarlet chief big disciple in day Lingshan, I have this skill.” Abao said. You said that you are the scarlet chief big disciple in day Lingshan, why do you want to help us?” That old man puzzled asking.

Because that old fogy started to fear me, reason that this time he sends me for the time to give that boy growing, I also never pay attention to the day Lingshan mountain main this small position in any case, happen to I work with you, takes day Lingshan, but has reached an agreement beforehand, day Lingshan all resources all turn over to me.” Abao vision solemn saying. Good, finalized.” That old man shows a faint smile. I have a condition!” Abao looks up to the old man. Said!” On the old man face presented the disgruntled facial expression. I want to know why many people turn toward the serious famine to go now.” Abao said. „, This, because in the serious famine will have the heavy treasure born immediately, this treasure is outstanding, the person who the institute hears the news all gathered to the serious famine.” The old men answered. Good, finalized.” Abao nodded. After Abao leaves, in the vision of old man divulged that a killing intent, but his side also presented a hardbound youth: „Does elder, you plan to kill him?” This person was too terrifying, his disposition extremely in overbearing, he does not allow anybody to be disobedient he, he will regard as is the child of God, who dares to be disobedient he, he kills anyone.” The old men said. Interesting, interesting, I heard he seven -year-old time has killed in the family 1708, Lian Jia li pet has not let off.” The youth said. Right, but the person he has not killed.” The old men said. „?” The youth gain ground slightly. What his cultivation swallows Divine Art greatly, is closes right up against swallows others' talent and bloodlines growth, moreover it is said this can also grow his destiny, he kills the person of oneself entire family, to swallow the outstanding genes of his family inside these people, the person who he has not killed is his blood brother, it is said now also in day Lingshan.” The old men answered. Then, his also a little conscience? Isn't his blood brother cruel enough to start?” The youth said. No, reason that he has not killed his blood brother , because after he must wait for his younger brother cultivation to two cauldrons, swallowed his younger brother exactly.” The old men shook the head to say. What? Does unexpectedly have such terrifying merit law?” The youth said. He has the big destiny to add the person of body, cannot remain.” The old men said.

In serious famine, in a Rank 2 city. This time can rest finally well.” Lin Bingbing long expiration. Found the feeling of city to be really good.” Yun Miao also very excited. Previous time they when encounter the danger, finally all erupted the terrifying strength, won, but their two this was all the way unsafe, can bump into frequently troublesome. Arrives at this Rank 2 city with great difficulty. Rests, I listened to these people saying that in these big cities had transmission, did we ride transmission unable to arrive in day Lingshan directly? In any case we now also many spirit stone.” Lin Bingbing said. Good, good Ah! Yun Miao to hear that can a bit faster arrive in day Lingshan, naturally specially excited, because they arrived in a day of Lingshan to see Xia Tian. They relaxed well for day, has slept calm and steady, but next morning. Bang! The huge explosive sound awakens them. What happened?” Lin Bingbing looks hurriedly to outside. Hit, hit, now outside thorough has made a mess, we a bit faster looked for transmission, must leave here immediately.” The Yun Miao complexion changes. In day Lingshan. Xia Tian has refined for seven days attacks pill, all materials have all used up, does not have remaining, he buys, before obtained, the Yuanyuan remaining, all made him use not to have. However he also obtained 1000 to attack pill, what was main, these 1000 is three Yuan attack that attacked in pill to compress. In other words, he throws afterward, can throw three Yuan to attack. After preparing all, Xia Tian rushed to the place of set.

At this time the enormous and powerful team has prepared completely. All disciples in day Lingshan obey orders.” Shan Zhu shouts loudly. In!” Defends traditional moral principles except the demon, defends hometown is the objective of our day Lingshan, now outside common people are suffering the slaughter of person of demon teaching, what to do did you say us should?” Shan Zhu shouts once more. Kills! Kill! Kills!” The imposing manner is immeasurable at once. Fights this war most mainly must have the imposing manner and goal. The goal not so is simple, because if you have stolen my family's electric rice-cooker, I must launch the words of war with you, then person under surely does not have that intense fight desire, the battle efficiency greatly will fall short. But if you said to defend the words of own family member and hometown. That all people can breakneck fights. In a day Lingshan city. Yuanyuan, how will you turn into this?” A man looks surprisedly Yuanyuan said that this man wears the scarlet, symbol day Lingshan above scarlet. You came back finally, you must help me revenge.” Saying of Yuanyuan whole face tears.