Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1702

Exactly what happened?” The scarlet disciples in that day Lingshan are Yuanyuan's cohabitants, altogether water. Is the mountain advocates their one to pass on the disciple, he had a liking for me, I did not agree, then he. He.” Yuanyuan spoke of here time has cried directly. His what? He you how?” The water shouts hurriedly. He gives me. I do not live.” Yuanyuan said that hits like pillar. The water has held on Yuanyuan hurriedly: Yuanyuan, you leaves me to help you revenge like this, I must look for Shan Zhu, I must want this justice.” Do not go, do not look for Shan Zhu, Shan Zhu to protect him, abandoned my cultivation directly is, moreover announced that to the outside I was a rebel, but also has destroyed my reputation.” On the Yuanyuan's face is the tears. Hateful, hateful, you have performed that many merit for the entrance, but the mountain advocates unexpectedly, for a boy abandoned your cultivation is, the mountain was main.” Altogether water angry shouting. You made me die, I was insulted by him, I did not have the face to go on living.” Yuanyuan said that must hit the pillar. Yuanyuan, no matter what I loves you, I now do not go to revenge for you like this.” The water stands up angry saying, he could not control his anger. Do not go, you will die, now the mountain advocating peace elder all regards as important him, dares with the person who he resists to be Abao only, but also by mountain main sending.” Yuanyuan shouts hurriedly. Hateful.” Altogether water angry saying. Do not walk first, are hugging me, I feared that he is impossible to treat for a lifetime in day Lingshan.” Yuanyuan holds altogether the water to say. In day Lingshan. This is the call-up, when is most dangerous can use, once uses, nearby nearest all people, the people of any entrance must the earliest possible time catch up, if some people delay or the feelings on the road delay, their call-ups explode, sounds of nature City Lord there will have when the time comes the demonstration, they naturally will be punished.” Shan Zhu said. Mountain lord, my?” Xia Tian asked. Your is the special communication command, your I poly in five kilometers time can use, but also can only use three times, must therefore use discretely.” Shan Zhu reminded.

Knew.” Xia Tian said. Em, all people obey orders, according to stipulation line.” Shan Zhu shouts loudly. Meanwhile. The eight big entrances in serious famine simultaneously, their march the route way to be all same, master line attack, subsidiary wire sneak attack. Embarked, in day Lingshan enormous and powerful team such. Three master lines attack, four subsidiary wires sneak attack, last is the trump card. Xia Tian is that trump card. Boy, well diligently, this time is an opportunity, after having succeeded, your reputation will spread over the entire entire serious famine, well treasures this opportunity.” Five elders patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. I knew.” Xia Tian nodded. Although this time mission is difficult, once has succeeded, he is the hero of entire serious famine. Xia Tian looked at own route. My destination is the Rank 4 city tiger leaps the city, wants to arrive there is not that simple, moreover now there everywhere is the person who the demon teaches, I want to mix to disguise as the person who the demon teaches.” Xia Tian started to analyze the situation, now he must do first killed the person who several demons taught, then clarified their situations, has a look the person who the demon taught is actually a matter. Xia Tian visited three talents the first city, here had not been taught to attack by the demon, therefore Xia Tian slightly has made the rest here. „To go to the tiger to leap the city to sit transmission, the words that otherwise depends on, walk ten years unable to arrive.” After Xia Tian rest, moves toward transmission of this Rank 3 city directly. When Xia Tian arrives at a transmission position, he discovered that here defends very strictly.

What person?” Guarded blocks Xia Tian directly. I must ride transmission.” Xia Tian said. „It is not good, the present is the special period, does not have City Lord allows anybody not to ride transmission.” The guards said. I have the important matter.” Xia Tian impatient saying. At this time he early has changed the clothes of average person, therefore these people do not know him. That is not good, wants to sit transmission to look for City Lord.” The guards said. Really troublesome.” Xia Tian turns the head directly, he looked, if did not have the agreement of City Lord, these people were impossible to allow to pass. When Xia Tian turned head, he saw a female suddenly, the female appearance is lovable, at this time a female face pleasantly surprised looks at Xia Tian: Odd person, is you!!” Odd person?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the female, he does not remember one know this female. However he has felt immediately relaxed, possibly was he grows gracefully, therefore the woman noticed that he approached to say something to smooth things over. Right, the odd person, I have seen you.” Lovable female excited saying. I have not seen you, were you admitting mistakes person?” Xia Tian also thinks a moment ago is own charming the female attracts, but looked now that this female knows him obviously. Ha Ha, the person who finally bumps into a understanding, I must follow you.” Female excited saying. „Do I walk? The girls, were you too direct?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the female. I, no matter, I must follow you.” The females run up to saying that the Xia Tian side acts like a spoiled brat.

I have the matter to do, has no free time to play with you.” Xia Tian said that turns toward the City Lord Mansion direction to walk directly. The females have followed in the Xia Tian side. Whiz! Whiz! The Xia Tian direct acceleration, the speed is fast, moreover he shuttles back and forth in various types of tracks, finally goes around. This threw off you finally.” Xia Tian has patted clapping, afterward turns head, when he turned head, happen to sees the female to stand before his body: shit, how are you with?” I heard you saying that a moment ago must go to City Lord Mansion, this road leads to City Lord Mansion.” On the face of female has been full of smiling face. Great-aunt, with me, I do not have very important matter to do.” Xia Tian said. What is great-aunt?” The females look puzzled to Xia Tian. I took you not to have means, your family Sir?” Xia Tian discovered that this female very silly is very naive, Xia Tian saw from her face the smiling face of not having doped any concern. Normal, a person arrived over 15-16 years old not to be impossible not to have the concern, but her unexpectedly can smile such naively. What is my family Sir?” The females look at Xia Tian confusedly. „Do you name?” Xia Tian this time is thorough was helpless. I called the spirit rabbit.” The smiling face of female is that naive.