Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1703

„Are you rabbit spirit? Happen to I am the timber wolf, eats the small white rabbit specially.” Xia Tian frightens the rabbit to work intentionally, but the rabbit has not been afraid spirit, has looked at Xia Tian with a smile. But Xia Tian. „Don't with me, be good?” Xia Tian thorough was speechless. I bump into with great difficulty your, I.” The rabbit is smart rigid. I am the big bastard, big pervert, you did not fear that I bring to give to a dark place you you..” Xia Tian has revealed intentionally obscenely, the smiling face of swinging. How is it?” Rabbit spirit naive looks at Xia Tian. Sees him on this day the real appearance, Xia Tian thorough was helpless. You said that how you can not with me? I give you spirit stone, gives you compounded drug to be good.” Xia Tian looked that said to the rabbit spirit. What is spirit stone? What is the compounded drug?” Why the rabbit spirit probably is one 100,000 is the same, hears anything to think curious. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, he as if in looking at monster same looks at the rabbit to work, some spirit world unexpectedly people do not know that spirit stone and compounded drug, this was also too strange, did the rabbit run away spirit secretly from some mountain? Saw Xia Tian that rabbit spirit on that day the real appearance, does not know at once should say anything, he was clear, if the rabbit bumped into a person of not having one's heart in right place spirit, she was miserable. Good, I let you, but you must anything listen my.” Xia Tian has not seen the so naive female, he does not hope that this female was persecuted, therefore he can only bring the rabbit to work first. „, Many thanks odd person.” The rabbit spits the tongue spirit, mischievous saying. You cannot call my odd person again, you later called me Elder Brother Tian, I called you spirit, understood?” Xia Tian looked that said to the rabbit spirit. Elder Brother Tian.” Rabbit spirit very happy shouting. Yeah, always took me not to have the means that person who your first makes me not have the means.” Xia Tian helpless saying.

The rabbit spirit looks like a chaste busy white paper, clean, if bumps into the good person, she can for a lifetime live happily, but if runs into an unprincipled person, she will become horrible to look, finally the probability of death was 99%. Xia Tian this whole life has not seen the so chaste busy person, therefore he is not cruel enough to look that the rabbit spirit was persecuted. After arriving at the City Lord Mansion entrance. Troublesome help circular, said that the day Lingshan disciples seek an interview.” Xia Tian gave two to guard person of two low grade spirit stone. Sees to have the advantage, these guards naturally are very willing to notify. City Lord is invited.” Guard of notification. Many thanks.” Xia Tian walked directly. Goes in the later some people to guide. Xia Tian and spirit went to the reception room directly, spirit this is all the way curious to any matter, looks around. Xia Tian and spirit sits there, City Lord has not arrived. Spirit looks in the room everywhere. After crossing for a half hour, finally the person walked from behind: Made the outstanding disciples in day Lingshan wait for a long time.” Where where, but must trouble Sir City Lord!” Xia Tian sets out hurriedly, the present is he needs help from the person, must therefore be respectful. Little brother seems young, is really the young hero.” City Lord exploratory asking. Em, just joined shortly.” Xia Tian said.

„, It is not I do not want this certificate to you actually, is only outside the present the way of the world is too chaotic, any people have, therefore this.” The meaning of City Lord does not believe the Xia Tian status. Moreover in his opinion just joined day Lingshan a half year, looks is the ordinary white clothing disciple, although day Lingshan is very famous, but is not a white clothing disciple needs the person to respect. You want to obtain others big respect, that needs others to respect your chip. Day Lingshan small white clothing disciple also being insufficient lets the City Lord respect of Rank 3 city. „Is City Lord your meaning?” Xia Tian looked that asked to City Lord. My meaning is to let you waits, when the crest of wave passed then with transmission.” City Lord said directly that City Lord clarified is afraid the danger, therefore does not want to open transmission, but was also worried that Xia Tian was really the outstanding disciple in day Lingshan, therefore this was also the persuasive words rejects. I have the important matter to do, must therefore sit transmission to leave.” Xia Tian said. That perhaps or has felt all right, you can only go to other cities to sit.” The City Lord facial color stares, direct rejection, this is comes first softly, soft is not good comes again hardly. After Xia Tian hears the City Lord words, has stood directly: Sir City Lord, said that wants how much money agree to help me cross.” 10,000 low grade spirit stone.” City Lord said directly. What? 10,000 low grade spirit stone?” Xia Tian hears City Lord lion big opened mouth to stare immediately, although he really has many spirit stone, but this also too exaggerated. Did not agree, I have not wanted to open, what to do if opened transmission to be transmitted by the person reversion that the demon taught?” City Lord said directly. Hears his words, Xia Tian was thoroughly understood, the opposite party this was wants to be black obvious he, transmission wanted the reversion transmission not so to be simple . Moreover the person who one time transmitted cannot be too many, even if had the demon to teach Expert to come, to transmit these Expert that around guarded, the person who also will teach the demon absolutely directly cut to kill. Good, 10,000 10,000.” Xia Tian also can only recognize, after all here is the opposite party domain: Spirit, we walk.” Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, City Lord shouts directly.

„Are you what kind of?” Xia Tian asked. 10,000 low grade spirit stone that I said are an expense of person, you have two people, altogether needs 20,000 low grade spirit stone.” City Lord stretched out two fingers. 20,000 low grade spirit stone! This digit is terrorist, usually sits transmission only to need several low grade spirit stone generally, most needs 20-30 low grade spirit stone, but this City Lord unexpectedly one time wanted their 20,000 low grade spirit stone. Good, I give.” Xia Tian said directly. „The person in big school is rich, is the wealthy family young masters, today sees really outstandingly.” City Lord shows a faint smile. Can ask us to leave? I rush to time.” Xia Tian impatient saying. Good, I deliver you to walk personally.” City Lord greatly has gained one on the body of Xia Tian, 20,000 low grade spirit stone to anyone is not the small number. That troubled.” Xia Tian said. City Lord brings Xia Tian they to move toward a transmission position directly, Xia Tian, although is not feeling well, but does not have the means that others have not let, he cannot the storm , he if the real storm, that biography may not be good. Enemy raids!” At this moment, suddenly has the People sound to shout. Bang! In the entire city transmits the explosion everywhere the sound.