Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1707

Em?” Hears the Xia Tian words, the vision of these guards ice-cold looks to Xia Tian: „Do you want to fight?” Bang! The voice of that guard just fell, he fought with the fists to fly by Xia Tian, other guards saw that are pressed with overwork anxiously to Xia Tian. mob.” Xia Tian disdain said that afterward the double fist grips tightly. Bang! Their bodies were hit to fly by Xia Tian directly. The strengths of these guards are about cauldron Rank 7, in the ordinary people eyes, they were considered as on is Expert, but Xia Tian solely is the meat stamina quantity can strike to kill ordinary two cauldron Expert now. The person majority that although the demon teaches build up the body, but Xia Tian copes with several cauldron Rank 7 is also not the issue. Has saying that Xia Tian truly listened to the words of day spirit second child, coming up a few words not to be feeling well to hit, here sound has also brought in the people of many watching the fun. Boss, I take you.” In Xia Tian knowledge sea day of spirit second child helpless saying. Was not you said that made me look who was not feeling well hits whose?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You cannot hit city Wei Jun, then has troubled, if city Wei Jun can say that hits hits, that here who will also listen to city Wei Jun.” The day spirit second child said hurriedly.

„, You said also is very seemingly reasonable.” Xia Tian nodded, truly so, this group of city Wei Jun strength, although is good, but are definitely more than their powerful people. But others do not dare to hit Xia Tian. That showed that this group of people definitely cannot casual hit. At this moment, Xia Tian saw that in the first team people flushed in a threatening manner, sees time Xia Tian head one revolutions of these people, has put out three Chu bags directly: Here has 90,000 low grade spirit stone, is used to give you to look at the wound, if refuses to accept, goes to the city to ask me to revenge, I called Wei Guang.” Hears the Xia Tian words, that three guard examines Chu Wudai hurriedly, they looked that in had 90,000 low grade spirit stone, on the face has piled up with the smiling face immediately, can casual throw 90,000 low grade spirit stone people able to be small figure? Moreover Xia Tian this was clarifies must reduce big problems into little problems, although they by Xia Tian hitting, but they may not have unable to pass with money. Where, where.” Three people said hurriedly. Here what happened?” Chief of that team of people asked directly. All right, all right, any matter has not happened.” Guards said hurriedly that he does not want to say the spirit stone matter, otherwise must slice. Is all right you to draw the warning to do?” That Chief very discontented saying. Excuse me, ghost Captain, is he does not bump into carefully.” That guard has pushed the guard of oneself side that god hurriedly: Has not given the ghost quickly the Captain apology.”

Ghost Captain, excuse me, I am not intentionally.” That guards answers hurriedly. Ghost Captain, troubled you to run one, this money inadequate respect, with drank.” That guarded a moment ago puts out 1000 low grade spirit stone to give ghost Captain directly. Em, next time limelight.” Ghost Captain satisfied nod. Sounds warning matter to be possible falsely to be small greatly, looked how this ghost Captain has processed, therefore they will take the money-shop scale matter. Our number and route plates.” Xia Tian has put out two number and route plates directly. Does not use, does not use, but also looks at anything to look, Brother, catches up to be bright I to ask you to drink.” That guard said hurriedly that his eye has cast aside one on the Xia Tian number and route plate, he guarded to see various types of number and route plates here, so long as took a quick look around, he knew really or false. Xia Tian has not spoken, entered Banwolseong directly. This world is this, rich, you hit the opposite party, the opposite party have also smiled to you, but if did not have money, then to will only then not manage your many, made city Wei Jun get rid you to cut directly to kill. In any case this matter is not the first occurrence. Why must use the Wei Guang name as for Xia Tian , because his name now was too resounding, serious famine inside many people had heard he puts the honored matter on the sounds of nature city greatly, the person impossible news that the demon teaches not to hear, if he called Xia Tian, the person who that outside these demons taught a moment ago definitely like will be will see the meat carving up Xia Tian. Boss, I take you, really frightened me to jump a moment ago, but you also really gave up, 90,000 low grade spirit stone on cheap these guards.” Saying that the day spirit second child admires.

„Compared with the life, money anything does not consider as finished, the person this whole life biggest pitifulness was the person died, money has not spent.” Xia Tian said. Penetrating, was too penetrating.” The day spirit second child admired Xia Tian more and more. This Banwolseong, although after the baptism of flames of war, but has the scale.” Xia Tian looked at the surrounding situation to say. The person who demon teaches is also a person, they are impossible to massacre city, only if encounters very intense resistance, after they seize this city, will enjoy this city, making this city inside person serve for them, but at this time Patriarch of various City Lord and respected families of this city should die, other Expert should be closed, after all after these Expert train, can become their people, does not agree, they can also use these Expert to exercise martial arts, in the average people as for this city will be confined to barracks, forbids to go out.” Day spirit second child family answered. Fortunately, has not died well.” Xia Tian said. They are not good, although said, they will be good, the person but who absolutely, these demons have taught now is not the good person, the city that they just captured will definitely meet with a disaster, kills and burns to plunder will not be few, they are only the demon teach the allied armies after all, Chief of allied armies to buy the hearts of the people, definitely also will tolerate their, therefore these women should be most miserable, the person who especially these respected family and City Lord Mansion inside princess, these demons teaches most likes devastating these usually to keep aloof the person.” Day spirit second child patient saying. It seems like the demon taught to completely eradicate.” Xia Tian clenched teeth. Person temperament mental disposition that demon teaches is strange, the previous second they are possibly on intimate terms with you, but the next second, their knife will directly jab into your back of the body, in the past we and cloudy Yangzong the People wartime of could be said as the rivers of blood, cloudy Yangzong just started to present time also good, everybody has not cared, after all they had the unified management, therefore few people caused trouble, but afterward gradually, their greedy dispositions appeared, finally their cloudy Yangzong was given to extinguish by us.” Day spirit second child very proud saying. Elder Brother Tian, you looked that person was before chases down your group of people?” At this moment worked two to draw the Xia Tian clothes.