Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1708

Xia Tian turns the head to look. His whole person stares immediately. Before these people are not just , and does Yuanyuan collude to kill his group of people? Is that person Xia Tian impression of head is profound, is two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, five elders and he have not asked to the war to a point small advantage, thus it can be seen this person is not only ordinary two cauldron Rank 8 Expert. This person is the demon person, why therefore Xia Tian is not curious he to present here, what he is more curious why spirit will know these people, he does not remember one escape has seen spirit. Spirit, how you know that these people have chased down me?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. I see with one's own eyes.” Spirit very optional saying. Where sees?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, at this moment, he suddenly discovered that team of people worry very startled: Spirit, we will say from now on again that first with has a look.” Em.” Spirit very clever saying. Xia Tian after coming up discovered that these people go to transmission, Xia Tian happen to also wants to look for transmission, but he had not planned temporarily transmits directly, because he has not made clear the tiger to leap the condition in city, moreover who transmits definitely is not wants to sit can sit. Here is leaps the city recent city from the tiger, here person is definitely different, therefore I also are more discrete.” Xia Tian understands that the plan inquires the news first. Where regardless of inquires the news best place is the taverns.

Because that place is liveliest, moreover drank the person most liked discussing was this trivial matter, jumped over Eight Trigrams matter everybody more to like listening, the matter that there heard although cannot all believe that but also has no alternative but to believe. After Xia Tian and spirit arrives at the tavern, discovered that here everywhere is fishy. Spirit does not like here obviously. Xia Tian found a place to sit directly has gotten down, but nobody entertained him, Xia Tian anything has not wanted, sat there directly. You said is not right, what 18 demons teach, doesn't the demon kill the guard to be strongest?” A person patted the liquor table to say directly. You said isn't idle talk? The demon killed the guard naturally is most, I heard that these people all were two cauldron Rank 5 above Expert, although only then 99 people, but they were the symbols of perfection, we said had most pointed out the demon killed the person beside guard.” In person hand that an demon teaches took liquor of pot to drink inside that said. I think what is strongest is the frozen prince is strongest, his subordinate each is Expert, moreover it is said his frozen world is the group fights the invincible skill.” No, I think the one who is strongest is the flame queen, her flame is not the ordinary flame, but is the purple flame, it is said the temperature of that type of flame can fire the sediment a person instantaneously.” You said is not right, I think that the strongest person is the strength king, I personally have seen him, as soon as fought with the fists but actually a city wall in Rank 2 city.” These people started to argue, talked, Xia Tian that listened to is very bored. Snort, you said that these topics are most bored, I hear a matter, it is said the recent tiger leaps the city to hold a grand meeting, so long as when the time comes is thinks that the strength formidable people can go, no matter your anything entrance the knight of sovereign holding a sword world, so long as you thought that own skill can participate, it is said this time grand meeting has the important matter to discuss.” In this time, Xia Tian opposite that table of man cold snort of said.

Hears his words, these noisy noisy people all stopped the movement in oneself hand, looked to him. You boasted? The tiger leaps the city is not casual can go.” Some people said. Hears here time Xia Tian at present one brightly, topic when he finally wants to listen. Usually the tiger leaps the city truly unable to enter casually, even if ****** the person who the demon teaches cannot pass and out casually, but this difference, transmission of all cities will open, so long as the competent people can enter the tiger to leap the city, but there is a condition.” That person said. What condition?” The people anticipate looked to that person. 50,000 low grade spirit stone, this is the basic expense.” That person answered. „? This was also too black, whose so many spirit stone?” Saying that the people are not feeling well. These 50,000 low grade spirit stone also to prove you are whether competent, the competent person is truly impossible not to get so far as 50,000 low grade spirit stone, if you do not have 50,000 low grade spirit stone, that showed that you do not have that skill, you do not have the qualifications to go to the tiger to leap the city.” That person answered. Heard a that person of such saying, everybody thought that was reasonable. Paternal grandmother, wants spirit stone, one person of 50,000, I and spirit is 100,000, it seems like thinks that means made to select spirit stone, however, a person took 50,000 low grade spirit stone, the people of demon alliance little saying that also several millions, these many person inside several thousand, over ten thousand individuals definitely had, one person 50,000, this in addition was an incomparable terrifying digit.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. The person who these demons teach has attacked these many cities, they little have not killed and burnt to plunder, obtained that many treasures their this time perhaps to obtain more wealth.

Paternal grandmother, if made me discover where your treasure house was , the father directly all evacuated your treasure houses.” The person who Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, these demons teach but has not plundered little, the wealth that they save at this time certainly is a terrifying digit. 50,000 low grade spirit stone, can take perhaps also only then the eldest children of these entrances . Moreover the wealth that must plunder Shanmenli all disciples all receives to have these much money.” Person feeling being incapable in tavern. You do not have money do not despise others, I told you demon to teach in the alliance to put out 50,000 low grade spirit stone people no less than 50,000 people, this time congress interested party were definitely many, I estimated how finally to say must have 10,000 people to participate.” That person said. 10,000 people, person of 50,000 low grade spirit stone, that is 500 million quick low grade spirit stone Ah! hear this digit the time, all people have all been shocked, this was also too terrifying, this digit they have not heard. Treads! At this moment, the lithe sound of footsteps transmits together, although this sound of footsteps is very light, but actually captured the attention of people, because the clothing of opposite party makes them have to pay attention. Demon kills the guard.” The person complexion that these made noise simultaneously changes. Treads! That demon killed the guard to walk directly, his vision has placed that to speak this tiger to leap on to everybody that person of city matter a moment ago, but he has not sat in that person of that table directly, but arrived at Xia Tian the table, looked continually has not looked at Xia Tian one, saying of coldly: Go away.”