Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1709

This leave the character exit / to speak at the same time, formidable air current raids. Xia Tian pulled up spirit to go to retreat instantaneously. This is the demon kills the guard. The entire demon teaches in the allied armies the strongest guard team, the strength is immeasurably deep, it is said everyone is two cauldron Rank 5 above Expert, they only obey this demon to teach the hegemon direction of alliance. Regardless of where each of them arrives at to be worshipped. Because their enough. Meanwhile they are also very overbearing. At this time and nobody pays attention to Xia Tian, because in their eyes, Xia Tian is just the green leaf, serves as contrast the demon to kill the green leaf of guard, sat the person there a moment ago is not Xia Tian, is others' words, finally is also same. Therefore they respond Xia Tian on nobody radically. After that demon kills the guard sits down, vision still stubbornly is staring that person. All people understood, this demon killed the guard to tell that them a moment ago the tiger leapt the person of city matter to come. Their vision interwove in one. The flames of war as if instantaneously must light are the same, at this time on the spot static fearfulness. Hey, you frightened my Little Sister.” At this moment, the sound broke together tranquilly, all people all is a face strange looked to Xia Tian, because the words were Xia Tian said that was Xia Tian kills the guard to say to the demon. All people think that he died, his unexpectedly dares such to kill the guard to speak with the demon. Moreover in this situation. That demon kills the guard is also a face strange looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought that some unexpectedly also people under this situation dares such to speak to him, this is courting death without doubt, moreover that type does. The demon kills guard opposite that person as if very interested to look at Xia Tian.

Your deaf person, I spoke to you, you frightened my Little Sister.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Death! The demon killed a guard fist to hit directly to Xia Tian. Bang! Xia Tian transports the both arms to resist hurriedly, a formidable strength hit to fly him directly, his behind wall also shaken smashing, the body of Xia Tian stopped finally above the street. Elder Brother Tian!” Spirit ran hurriedly to Xia Tian. Spirit, other inconsiderately shout.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Broad elder brother, are you all right?” Spirit asked. I am all right.” Xia Tian stands up. Bang! Meanwhile, that wall collapses directly, was killed the guard to overthrow by that demon stiffly. M , D, you dare to hit me.” Xia Tian complexion immediately one cold, afterward he flushes away to the opposite party directly, at the same time, his fist rumbles. That demon kills the guard also similarly to fight with the fists. Bang! The body of Xia Tian has flown upside down once more. Although his human body formidable, but most can also to fighting two cauldron Rank 2 Expert, at this time in front of him the demon kills the guard is two cauldron Rank 5 Expert . Moreover the person majority that the demon teaches are to build up the body, their meat stamina quantity very formidable. At this time the person in tavern also all ran to see a play, they were also very surprised looks at Xia Tian, although Xia Tian was killed the guard to hit to fly by the demon twice, what made their surprised was Xia Tian unexpectedly has not been injured.

Met the demon to kill guard two fist unexpectedly not injured continuously. When everybody is surprised, Xia Tian third time flushed. Once more and demon killed the guard right a fist. Bang! The body of Xia Tian has still flown upside down, but he in the airborne tuck dive, falls to the ground steadily, in instantaneously directly is a fist that he falls to the ground. This all people hoodwinked. Xia Tian knows obviously one are not the match who demon kills the guard, unexpectedly also such youth same keeping of forward clashes, this simply with bringing death to be the same. The slight suspense, Xia Tian had not been hit to fly again. However this demon killed on the face of guard also to have puzzled: Stop, you are not my match.” I make you give me the Little Sister apology.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. At this time all talented people understand why Xia Tian must kill the guard dead to shoulder with the demon, his unexpectedly wanted the demon to kill the guard Little Sister to apologize to him, this was how possible, the demon killed the guard, but the demon taught in the alliance the strongest army, how possibly to give others to apologize. However they also looked, Xia Tian was an unyielding person. Is impossible.” The demon kills on the guard face not to have any fluctuation. Whiz! At this moment, Xia Tian flushed again. Bang! Xia Tian fate such, he is still not the match who this demon kills the guard, with ease playing to fly by the match.

Paternal grandmother, father if now can use the strength not to need to be so aggrieved casually.” Xia Tian criticizes to say. Boss, you do not impulse, although your strengths powerful force, but uses definitely to reveal the secret, said again, in front of you this demon kills the guard not to be simple, he is not ordinary two cauldron Rank 5 Expert, if I have not misread, his body should practice from the shopkeeper's children, uses various raw material for medicine immersion bodies to discipline since childhood, therefore his human body intensity is fearful, has not thought that this time match unexpectedly is so fierce, but does not know that other demons kill the guard also to look like his such terrifying.” The day spirit second child reminded in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. Bang! Xia Tian unceasing clashes forward, but time and time again was returned, the surroundings had the people of many watching the fun at this time, city Wei Jun who the demon teaches, but city Wei Jun saw is the demon kills the guard time does not dare to go forward. Boy, such gets down you dead.” Before that narrated that the tiger leapt the men in city to open the mouth to say. I did not fear.” Xia Tian vision firm saying. Is strip man.” That man has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. Xia Tian standing up slowly, afterward vision stubbornly stares to be bewitched to kill the guard: Gives me the Little Sister apology.” „Are you compelling me to kill you?” The demon kills saying of guard coldly, reason that under he before did not have Assassins is because he looked at Xia Tian is also an unyielding person, therefore a little meaning of appreciation. But he is the demon kills guard after all, did not allow that anybody challenges his dignity, otherwise, also has any person to fear that their demon kills the guard. I make you give me the Little Sister apology.” Xia Tian clenches teeth saying that his anger this time has come up, he may, no matter any demon kills the guard, so long as his head one is hot, his anything can do. You court death.” The demon killed on the fist of guard to cover entirely a black aura, afterward his within the body erupted incomparable terrifying murderous aura. His time moved really has killed the heart. All people all think that Xia Tian this time was dead, the challenge demon killed the dignity of guard, must pay the blood same price. My T , M , D makes you give me the Little Sister apology.” The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretching out, at the same time Xia Tian within the body erupted a terrifying strength, this strength came from the place of his dantian: Small insect, lends me your strength.”