Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1711

You dare to be disobedient I, you did not fear that I have killed you now?” The flame queen threatens to say. Kills my line, kills my Little Sister not to be good.” Xia Tian firm saying, he looked at imprisoned circle in a hand saying: „To make me wear its line, but you must pledge that not good has illegal attempt to my Little Sister.” Em?” Heard the Xia Tian words, flame queen has as if thought of anything, her brow immediately a wrinkle. Saw that the flame queen knits the brows, everybody thinks that Xia Tian died. But flame queen actually nod of slightly: This time, if there are next time, I have killed you.” The words meaning of flame queen was to let off Xia Tian, moreover did not need the rabbit to wear such dangerous thing spirit. The flame queen remembered she was young the time a moment ago, her also elder brother, her elder brother also so maintained her, what was afterward unfortunate, her elder brother died, dying was very miserable, to protect her died. Also because this point she has let off Xia Tian, otherwise by her crabby, Xia Tian now already was a corpse. Xia Tian followed the flame queen. The flame queen has seized City Lord Mansion, now City Lord Mansion is her. You live in that side that small house, has remembered, without my allows you to leave door one step, otherwise I have killed immediately you.” The flame queen said. Her temperament is really irritable. It seems like this flame queen does not believe me.” Xia Tian understands that the flame queen does not allow him to leave the door , because the flame queen does not believe him. Elder Brother Tian!” Spirit worries looks to Xia Tian. I am all right, spirit has remembered, later cannot be impulsive, otherwise all wasted all previous efforts.” The Xia Tian reminder said. But.” The vision of spirit looked to the imprisoned circle on Xia Tian neck.

You said it, the thing that this simplicity, others cannot break does not represent me unable to break.” Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, imprisons circle to cut off from the middle by him directly. Ka! The imprisoned circle separated. Even if the thing that treasure does not cut off, Xia Tian can also cut off, because he has [gold/metal] Dao, [gold/metal] Dao can cut off all things, even if treasure does not cut off, [gold/metal] Dao also similarly can cut off. After the imprisoned circle cut off, Xia Tian starts to study this thing. Originally is this.” Xia Tian had discovered imprisoned circle inside secret, in this imprisoned circle was mounted exploded Formation, so long as the flame queen is away from his two kilometers to start this to explode Formation, explodes his head directly flies \; Here is away from her residence, only then one kilometer, in other words she now momentarily can want my life, is really old enchantress that can plan.” Xia Tian broke imprisoned circle inside explosion Formation directly, afterward will imprison the circle to wear. Spirit, you go to that side to rest, some elder brother matters are busy.” Xia Tian said. Spirit helps Elder Brother Tian.” Spirit said hurriedly. Does not use, simple, the elder brother must dig a hole on the ground, now out is Formation, so long as I as soon as exits, that old enchantress definitely knows that I leave the room, has troubled when the time comes, therefore I must from underground exit.” Xia Tian believe under does not have her Formation. Spirit has not rested, but is a face curious looks at the Xia Tian action. Xia Tian like this started to dig a hole, after having the [gold/metal] blade, Xia Tian digging a hole speed that was the mole is simply quick. Spirit, waits for me here, I one will come back.” Xia Tian wants to vent anger to inquire news. Em!” Spirit nodded. Xia Tian runs hurriedly to outside, he opened the hidden rest/breath technique directly, when he arrives at outside, he discovered that present entire City Lord Mansion seems the human purgatory, 18 hells here perfect was shown.

The person who on many necks wears the imprisoned circle was being punished at this time. Makes you not be obedient.” One group of guards keep suffers these to wear the imprisoned circle the person. Before these people should be this urban Expert, but at this time is horrible to look. shit, this enchantress was also too cruel.” The person who Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable surprised, these people should not listen to the enchantress words at this time, they were punished finally now. At this time Xia Tian remembers oneself disobedient enchantress time. At that time enchantress should be wants also such to cope with him, but afterward she as if had thought of anything, therefore has not felt embarrassed Xia Tian. Really is the luck is good, otherwise I must experience these.” Xia Tian saw suffering that these people receive thinks the terrifying. I could not bear, I must kill you.” At this moment person of crazy seeing, he has fired into the guard afterward directly. DDD! The imprisoned circle on his neck made three sounds to move directly. Bang! Afterward an explosive sound transmits, that person of head was exploded instantaneously crushes, the situation is horrible to look. Sees his cause of death, Xia Tian was shocked, he cannot help but traces the imprisoned circle on oneself neck, this cause of death was also too miserable, no wonder these people rather here endured the penalty not to dare to ask. Although their here many people do not fear death, but they do not want dead is so miserable. Paternal grandmother, this old enchantress is at heart abnormal.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he moved toward old enchantress residence afterward quietly, he wants to search the old enchantress details, actually having a look at old enchantress to do.

All the way Xia Tian walks is very careful, because here guard were too many, moreover these people are the same with old enchantress, is the anomaly. His entire journey opens the hidden rest/breath technique to go forward. Only needed one minute of distance, Xia Tian walked for a half hour, although was slow, but absolute safety. When he arrives at out old enchantress, in he heard has broadcast the strange sound, this sound was very monster, probably was two wild animals mutually is pinching to be the same: What situation is inside?” Xia Tian has not dared to go, otherwise is the fools can discover that the gate opened. He does not dare to open the X-Ray Vision eye, but or the strength of flame queen can definitely discover that Xia Tian is peeping she. At this moment, the out of the door of flame queen came three people, these three person countenances in a hurry, what is main, their three have been short of an eye, is a left eye, before their three arrived at the gate of flame queen, directly. Thump! Three people have sounded the door of flame queen. Comes.” Inside has broadcast the voice of flame queen. When they have shoved open that moment of door, Xia Tian saw inside situation, when he sees inside situation, the whole person has been shocked, at this time his front picture simply was too terrifying. He understands finally what was cruel. This old enchantress really damn.”