Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1712

At this time Xia Tian front ground is lying two people. Two do not have the eye, without the person of four limbs, without tongue, ear poisonous deaf two, a man and a woman, this man and a woman correct use teeth worry the opposite party, but this a man and a woman clothes have revealed their status. City Lord and Madame City Lord of Banwolseong. This time two do not know that the status of opposite party, they each other are regarded as the personal enemies, using oneself to attack the method that only, worries the opposite party with the tooth. Cruel! The present all were really too cruel. Your highness, we look up news, the treasure possibly appear in the desolated big forest finally.” People in three people said. Desolated big forest, is really there, no wonder that old ghost will choose the tiger to leap the city as with the base, the tiger leaps the behind desolated big forest of city.” A flame queen foot stepped on directly on the body of City Lord, the mouth of City Lord opened big, obviously was very painful, but could not have said. „The meaning of this hegemon must convene all Expert, finally goes to the desolated big forest together, but I also look up a news, said that he sent out 80 demons to kill the guard to enter the inside of desolated big forest quietly, does not know that was does, but he to hide this matter intentionally, let other 19 people recently intentionally the high-sounding talk, this will appear the demon will kill the guards also.” Under the famous artisan continues to report. Really is an old fox.” The flame queen curled the lip to say. Your highness, what to do should we?” Under the famous artisan asked. First arrives in other city to pass on this matter, tomorrow I will lead several people to go to the tiger to leap the city set first, I must have a look at any medicine that actually in this old fox bottle gourd to sell but actually.” The flame queen said that a foot stepped on directly has exploded the head of City Lord, afterward she walked toward outside. „It is not good, is the position of my room.” Xia Tian hurriedly to returning to catch up, if makes the flame queen discover that he not, that spirit was miserable. Puff! At this moment, a Xia Tian silver needle projects, punctured directly on Madame City Lord head, Madame City Lord was killed violently at the scene, this was to help Madame City Lord extricates earlier, Madame City Lord lives now lives to might as well die, therefore Xia Tian has helped her.

Em?” Whiz! At this moment, the body of flame queen instantaneously to returning to run. Shouted, narrow squeak.” Xia Tian long expiration, a moment ago was really the narrow squeak, was good has not used any spiritual energy because of him, was responsible for the flame queen definitely being able to discover his. When the flame queen discovered Madame City Lord was killed, immediately angry shouting: Hateful, is , is actually who has killed this cheap person? Looks up to me, has sealed to me entire City Lord Mansion, I must hold this person, I must make him live to might as well die.” Whiz! Xia Tian sped up own footsteps, afterward he has run back the room through the dense [say / way] directly, dense [say / way] unusual hiding, in the corner of room, moreover Xia Tian has not destroyed the floor, fastens the floor. Xia Tian comes back, spirit is waiting for Xia Tian there, saw Xia Tian to come back, on face immediately one happy. Spirit, sleeps quickly.” Xia Tian held on spirit the bed hurriedly, afterward he also lay down on the floor disguises to sleep. After two minutes. Opens the door.” Drinks to transmit greatly. Xia Tian opened the door, meanwhile has rubbed the sleepy eyes: Queen Sir, do you ask me to have the matter?” A moment ago you continuously in room?” The flame queen asked. Em, was too recently tired, rests is a little early.” Xia Tian said.

Was right, tomorrow I must go to the tiger to leap the city, you went with me together, have remembered, anyone, so long as dares to disrespect to me, you have killed him to me.” The flame queen told. Yes!” Xia Tian said directly that he is understood a moment ago flame queen person, she absolutely is a super very ruthless person, if Xia Tian does not promise her, that Xia Tian fate absolutely. Em.” Reason that flame queen satisfied nod of, she rescues Xia Tian is because she settled on Xia Tian disposition, after her absolutely Xia Tian, definitely will have big using, therefore this time she plans to bring Xia Tian to go to the tiger to leap the city: Since you and your Little Sister relations are so good, that this time I can agree with you together with me.” Many thanks queen Sir.” On the Xia Tian mouth said thanks, actually he also understands that the idea of flame queen, she understands, has mystical powers, that Xia Tian certainly will listen her, before this point her, saw. Was good, the rest, has remembered well, this gate, otherwise your left leg exited, I cut your left leg, your right foot exited, I cut your right foot.” Flame queen saying of maliciously. Yes!” Xia Tian respectful saying, he does not think that the flame queen is joking with him. After the flame queen walked. Elder Brother Tian, I do not like this person.” Spirit said. I do not like her, but her strength was too strong, here everywhere is her subordinate, if offended her us dead, moreover I must close right up against her to go to the tiger to leap the city to handle matters.” Xia Tian said. Spirit knew.” Spirit honk mouth. I do not want to let you with me , because my this time mission bad risk I do not want to mix very you.” Xia Tian looks that spirit said. Spirit did not fear.” Spirit spits the snake head. Rests.” Xia Tian traces spirit the hair, spirit is so lovable, his how giving up makes spirit have an accident. Boss, this time matter is not perhaps simple, these demons teach the alliance to enter the serious famine to not to attack a city, but is in the serious famine must present any treasure probably, can bring in these many Expert, that most at least if also the thing of treasure rank, moreover absolutely is not ordinary treasure.” In the Xia Tian knowledge sea, the day spirit second child said.

Em, I am not clear, it seems like also needs well.” Xia Tian nodded to say. If the Boss you can obtain this treasure, you had the maintaining life skill, even if Abao cannot you be what kind of absolutely.” Saying that the day spirit second child anticipates. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Next morning. Thump! The Xia Tian door was sounded. Xia Tian opened the door. Your highness called you.” A person of Butler said directly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward looked shouts to spirit: Spirit, we embarked, goes to the tiger to leap the city.” Came.” Running over of spirit jumps for joy. In uncultivated land beast region. A wild beast fast is running, its speed is fast, moreover on the face is the startled looks. When he rushes to giant cave outside shouts loudly: Prestige eating delicacies Sir is not good, the glass princess disappears.”