Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1713

Bang! In the cave passes on together the fierce explosive sound. A handsome and beautiful man flew from the cave, when he comes out, on the face the green, the red, the purple is transforming. Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth. He at cultivation most critical moment, but had been terminated by him forcefully, now he is suffering backlash. Prestige eating delicacies Sir.” That ominous beast shouts hurriedly. I am all right.” Opposite that man light saying of: Small glass how?” Prestige eating delicacies Sir, I am discovered that today the glass princess does not see, but he should disappear for several days, before I called her, she was not, I think that she does not dare to disturb her in cultivation, but now many days, by the glass princess's disposition are impossible cultivation for a long time, I went in an inspection discovery glass princess radically not.” That wild beast anxious saying. I the cultivation critical moment, cannot move now.” The prestige eats delicacies to deep frown, afterward he has lifted the head. ! A great roar shouted from his mouth that this roar as if should not appear in his mouth, but should from a mouth of ominous beast, because his roar made nearby mountain vibrate, these small stone piles exploded instantaneously. Bang. The might of explosion scatters in all directions to go. ! Trees by disjunctions around the middle. That ominous beast frightened crawling does not dare on the ground. Imposing manner.

Within the body that the prestige eats delicacies spread the incomparable terrifying imposing manner. The sound spread over entire uncultivated land beast region, in the uncultivated land beast region some strength quite weak wild beasts has lain on the ground instantaneously does not dare to move, but the wild beast that at the same time ten closed up has all opened both eyes. Whiz whiz whiz! After one day, more than ten forms appear in the front that the prestige eats delicacies, each pants, obviously their this all the way laborious, hears the roar that the prestige eats delicacies, they do not have any to dare to delay, was at the maximum speed has caught up. Your several change into the human form to me, outside goes to look for small glass, has remembered, must protect her security, if small glass has an accident, I have killed your ten.” Prestige eating delicacies within the body flash emerged incomparably formidable killing intent. Sees such situation, their ten said hurriedly: Sir felt relieved that we princess will certainly look.” Goes!” The prestige eats delicacies to give a loud shout. In ten uncultivated land beast regions the strongest wild beast flushes away to outside directly. Small glass, do not have an accident.” The prestige ate delicacies saying that turned back in the cave directly. The wild beast of that circular dares to gain ground at this time, the matter regarding him was really too terrifying. The tiger leaps the city. At this time Xia Tian entered the tiger to leap city finally, how he still in wants to mix in the tiger to leap the city before, he did not have to think one were swaggering walks, moreover transmitted a guard also to him be respectful, because he was the subordinate of flame queen. However what makes Xia Tian surprised is, unexpectedly Queen Lian Huoyan need to pay that 50,000 low grade spirit stone. The flame queen handed over they several spirit stone. What Xia Tian is not clear, the flame queen obviously is very fierce figure, but her unexpectedly must observe this custom, actually thus it can be seen works out this well-mannered person is how terrifying. Then troubled.” In Xia Tian rest/breath secretly thought. Truly has troubled, can make the flame queens observe the well-mannered person not to be simple, although eight big entrance inside Expert are many, perhaps but such strong person did not have.” The day spirit second child said in the Xia Tian knowledge into the sea.

Is good because of being the association war, but does not fight personally, the probability that otherwise loses was bigger.” Xia Tian secretly thought. Em, now also can only implore this point.” The day spirit second child responded. Person who surroundings these see the flame queen, all hides is very far, the temperament of flame queen is not good, if offends her who became famous, that fate ratio dies is miserable, therefore Xia Tian their surrounding person does not have. Snort!” Flame queen cold snort , to continue afterward. Queen Sir, what has not pleasant?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. I came unexpectedly nobody to greet, I was not feeling well.” Saying that the flame queen is not feeling well. You, when you are, but also the important person meets, do you work as are really a hegemon?” The unharmonious sound presents in flame queen and the others very together, hears this sound time, the flame queen links not to return, gets rid instantaneously. Bang! The instance that they fight, a formidable strength erupts. Tie. Their unexpectedly is even, person unexpectedly that this just presented can fight to a draw with the flame queen, thus it can be seen, the status of this person absolutely is existence of flame queen same rank. But does not know that is actually. Frozen bastard, the old lady already looked that you are not pleasing to the eyes, today the old lady has killed you.” Flame queen angry shouting, her opposite is standing at this time frozen prince, in legend ****** one of the super Expert. Snort, your tigress, no wonder lived over 300 years old not to marry, the temperament was such irritable.” Frozen prince numerous snort said. Appeases anger, two Sirs appease anger, if you hit, destroys transmission not to be good.” Transmission there defending officer goes forward to say hurriedly. The flame queen and frozen prince may be super Expert, they get rid, the might that creates is unable to imagine, once they make war fully, that wanted to terminate is difficult. You went to kill him to me.” The flame queen was saying to Xia Tian.

Whiz! After his order is completed, Xia Tian directly flushed, sees such situation, the surrounding person hoodwinked, the will the personal servant of flame queen be fiercer than the flame queen? Otherwise why flame queen must call Xia Tian to get rid. Puff! In vision that all people all anticipate, Xia Tian has not disappointed everybody, his body frozen was lived directly. One round, he was given by the frozen prince directly frozen. Snort, your subordinate is the waste.” The frozen prince arrives at saying that the Xia Tian side disdains. You court death.” The flame queen looks angrily to the frozen prince. „Did I speak incorrectly? I did not believe your flame to break my frozen, in my eyes you is a waste, your subordinate is also the waste, cannot catch including my one move.” Frozen prince very self-confident saying. That tries, today I must burn break to pieces your head, the sediment not remaining that you burn.” The flame queen said above both hands to fill the flame, he has prepared to begin. Above the both hands of frozen prince also presented the cold ice attribute. They have prepared to hit one greatly. Bang! At this moment, the body of frozen prince flew directly, at the same time on his neck presented a sharp knife blade, this has half centimeter the neck of sharp knife blade distance frozen prince.