Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1715

The demon teaches the alliance. This time demon teaches the alliance's person like you to be many, is heard has the advantage blindly on flushed, actually these people were in our eyes the cannon fodder, why to let them on first, for so long as they a wee bit small advantages will act boldly regardless of one's safety take the lead, the place that finally they hit actually turned over to us ****** Expert management.” Flame queen the average of look is leaking disdaining, obviously she looks down upon these people. After these people enter a city, kills and burns to plunder, they think that this was the advantage, all that actually they snatched were only least. The true wealth lets ****** Expert robbing. „.” Xia Tian nodded. You , if not bump into me, you most are also a cannon fodder, any good matter not to covet on, the matter of deceased person will give you, on is not good, to harass the morale of troops the reputation to cut to kill you directly.” The meaning of flame queen was you preserves with my most minimum life. Many thanks queen Sir.” Xia Tian displays very sincerely. Now he must do wins the flame queen's trust, like this he worked is more convenient. Em, I am very satisfied your disposition, you enough are obedient, so long as you with me, the advantage naturally must have you.” Flame queen light saying. Subordinate certain 14 follows queen.” What Xia Tian said is 14, but does not pledge to fight to the death, this is playing the word game. Good, I told that you this demon teaches the composition of alliance.” The flame queen spoke in the subject finally. Xia Tian also carefully listened.

This is an understanding demon teaches the alliance the best opportunity. Said outside hear of others that will listen to a general idea, is actual and fictitious, but listened to the flame queen saying that was different, but the flame queen the demon taught ****** one of the Expert, therefore she said real. ****** The demon teaches Expert is the gate hosts of 18 entrances, these 18 people separately are I, the frozen old ghost, you also knew, frozen ten thousand li (0.5km) formidable of this old ghost, naturally definitely has not been very able the frozen ten thousand li (0.5km), but the most terrorist place is the false domain effect.” The flame queen answered. What thing is false domain?” Person who Xia Tian has the domain, he also first time hears false domain thing. Is the false domain, uses domain effect that the formidable strength creates, naturally, surely did not have the domain to be so fierce, but cannot be underestimated absolutely.” The flame queen said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. In us the strength strongest person is called the strength king, he can the hand lift the person of 9999 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, strength incomparable formidable, strength broken ten meetings.” The flame queen explained. 9999 jin (0.5 kg)!!” Xia Tian is startled immediately. Although he has held up ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, what he depends is the strength of small cauldron, but the opposite party obviously is not the small cauldron that depends on, otherwise absolutely is ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, what made Xia Tian more curious was: Cauldron not by least 500 jin (0.5 kg) definition? Which do that 99 jin (0.5 kg) come?” Is he finds the person to build specially, he had experimented, ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron cannot lift, but 9999 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron his just right can lift, although only misses one jin (0.5 kg), but this jin (0.5 kg) is actually the most terrorist strength, is short of that jin (0.5 kg) him is the present strength king, if were many that jin (0.5 kg), that was super Expert, even if our 17 added unable to defeat cauldron Expert.” The flame queen said. „.” Xia Tian has not thought that strength of unexpectedly cauldron is so terrorist, he has only used strength of the cauldron, that is previous time is stepped on by that ominous greatly beast in the under foot.

Besides the strength king, other people I did not fear that they separately are the blue seductive women, Niu Wang, the years emperor, the blue former Great Emperor, the jade sword emperor, the demon blade king, god (spear|gun), assassinates the black clothed, the golden fist tyrant, Black Gown, corpse king, soul Venerable, ghost Wang He turtle double variant.” The flame queen 11 said the names of these people. „The strengths of these people, what here is strongest is the hegemon, the hegemon he.” Yo yo yo, isn't this flame young married woman?” At this moment the sound conveyed together, has interrupted the words of flame queen. Wind, the woman of show walked from behind came, this woman walking whole body was turning . Moreover the scope was big, she probably wants to fling to fly to be the same that grandiose upper body. Paternal grandmother, critical moment unexpectedly was broken.” Xia Tian feels very speechless. Boss, you must be careful, from the titles of these people can know that generally their strengths, especially that strength king, 9999 jin (0.5 kg) strength is not humanity can contend, I estimated that is unable to defeat except for tripod above Expert, therefore that hegemon should be tripod Expert, in the entire serious famine does not have tripod Expert, no, has definitely has, but is the old monsters of some hidden worlds, does not come out to participate in the dispute.” The day spirit second child reminded. Relax, I have discretion.” Xia Tian also felt that left this group of demons to teach the Expert differences. Although in the spirit world has Nine cauldrons. But in Nine cauldrons is only a goal. Starts cultivation to get up truly, Xia Tian knows that Realm many are actually difficult to promote, otherwise he did not need the present to be a cauldron Rank 4 strength, the mountain of day Lingshan advocated peace these elders also to treat on two cauldron Rank 8 for 200 years, thus it can be seen, the strength will be more difficult to be increased in the future. Although they are do not promote to two cauldron Rank 9 intentionally, but wants to promote to the tripod also absolutely is impossible.

Therefore tripod Expert here absolutely is invincible existence. This person should be the blue seductive woman, his walking water element winds around, obviously is river system Expert.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. „The person who demon teaches is different from us, the person who the demon teaches thinks that the element is more unitary that cultivation the speed to be quicker, can the complete body and mind studies the strength of this same element . Moreover the demon teaches Expert cultivation method is also the rapid promotion.” The day spirit second child answered, he has fought with the person of demon teaching, the person who therefore taught to the demon understood. Old lady does not like your wind, the show vigor, to my distant point.” Flame queen very impolite saying. Flame young married woman, others bumped into a moment ago frozen old are clever, I heard that he planted in your hand, was this handsome fellow?” The blue seductive woman said that looked to Xia Tian, the coquettish look flew directly. This coquettish look flies, has almost not flown the eyeball. You give me the limelight, he is my subordinate.” The flame queen said. Also is having the imprisoned circle, is not a slave, I had a liking , do I buy how is it? 1 million low grade spirit stone.” The blue seductive woman has started out a high price directly.