Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1716

1 million low grade spirit stone? Hears this digit time, Xia Tian have been shocked, he does not have to think own unexpectedly value these much money. In the serious famine, can put out 200,000 low grade spirit stone is major entrances figure of elder rank, 1 million low grade spirit stone this regarding anybody are astronomical figures. Does not sell.” The flame queen said directly. Hears the flame queen's reply, Xia Tian was more surprised, 1 million low grade spirit stone her unexpectedly does not sell, do in her compare 1 million low grade spirit stone to be valuable at heart? Xia Tian first time had this feeling. „Is old lady short of money? Although he is unworthy that much money, but the old lady does not want to see your self-satisfied appearance.” These words of flame queen made Xia Tian collapse directly, fell from the self-satisfied feeling all of a sudden. He a moment ago also in that very proud to oneself said one are valuable, but a few words have struck back by the flame queen now the reality, the flame queen does not sell his reason unexpectedly to set at the air/Qi. Handsome fellow, if thinks in the evening others have been able to look for others.” The blue seductive woman said that has given a Xia Tian big thrown kiss directly. You are very concerned about face.” Spirit was really unable to continue watching. Em?” The blue seductive woman turned the head to look to spirit. Has not looked, handsome fellow also has a girlfriend, you felt relieved that when I used up have given back to you.” The blue seductive woman turned the body to say. Broad elder brother, we pays no attention to her, looks is not the good person.” Spirit indignant saying. Little girl is very adorable.” The blue seductive woman has not been angry. I reminded your one, my slave had not a good custom, if who dares to have the idea of his Little Sister, he will breakneck, before the demon killed the guard he also to dare to hit.” The flame queen personally has seen Xia Tian and demon kills the guard to spell hardly.

The demon kills the guard is one group of formidable fellow, especially their meat stamina quantity. Xia Tian unexpectedly kills the guard with the demon to the fist. „? The young handsome fellow temperament is poor, I like, I like wildly.” Blue seductive woman is swaying from side to side the body while said. Do not send, show.” After the flame queen looked at Xia Tian, said: We walk.” Flame young married woman, walks together.” The blue seductive woman said that gathers up to come directly, she has not led the subordinate. You were really more and more repugnant.” The flame queen has not rejected, direct stand forth, the blue seductive woman is in that very good surface the person who is good to speak , not easy vitality, but Xia Tian knows that this person is not angry generally, once the vitality, that does not die absolutely continuous. Xia Tian has not spoken, spoke of that hegemon a moment ago time, had been broken by the blue seductive woman, Xia Tian cannot ask now, will otherwise certainly cause the suspicion of flame queen, the flame queen is an oversuspicious person. The tiger leaps the city is the demon teaches the supreme headquarters of alliance, at this time here everywhere is the demon teaches Expert, in this city Expert and person originally had all been closed, has only left behind some service personnel and joins the person who the demon teaches. Xia Tian discovered that here has been full of erosion. These people are enjoying the life completely. Recently for these days other people can also come, when they came us to enter City Lord Mansion again together.” The flame queen has not worried to enter City Lord Mansion, she as if not want to go, probably is the person who inside has her to be afraid. I also think.” The blue seductive woman said. Your boy has remembered, kills the guard to be able in the most demon of other place, once enters City Lord Mansion no matter how they bully you, not good and they do against, must endure, yes?” The flame queen asked. Yes.” Xia Tian nodded.

Heard the words of flame queen, Xia Tian confirmed that in City Lord Mansion is certainly occupied by a more terrifying person, let the flame queen and blue seductive women thinks the terrifying person. First goes to demon immortal kitchen there to sit.” The flame queen said. Good, I also was very happen to long have not eaten the meal that the demon immortal kitchen made.” The blue seductive woman said. When several people of turn around. Bang! Their front have two groups of people to fight, the both sides strength of fight is unusual formidable. Their unexpectedly has bumped into, hits is really intense.” The flame queen said. I heard that was Black Gown that old sex maniac insulted Niu Wang the wife, therefore they can meet to hit.” The blue seductive woman said. Niu Wang do so many wives, he also care about this?” Flame queen puzzled asking. It is said that wife is in his 1327 wives most likes, therefore he such will be angry.” The blue seductive woman said. 1327?” Xia Tian surprised saying. At this time the opposite two groups of people are these two Expert subordinates are fighting with them separately personally, in Niu Wang both hands is taking two great axes, the might of great axe is big, regardless of it will pound on any thing its destruction. His opposite Black Gown does not resist with him hardly, but closes right up against dodging that the movement keeps, afterward looks for the opportunity sneak attack. „The Black Gown old ghost, you is a good-for-nothing, everywhere will only hide, these many years, you have been hiding, met you also to hide.” The good king cannot project on Black Gown, verbal abuse of air/Qi.

Your strength is big, is the attack useful? Cannot project on me same not to have any use.” Saying that Black Gown disdains. Niu Wang attack truly very formidable, but he does not hit Black Gown, a Black Gown body is flexible, but Black Gown also takes Niu Wang not to have the means that because Niu Wang the attack was really too strong, he must attack Niu Wang each time immediately time, Niu Wang traded the life with him by the life, completely was a mutually wounded idea. He does not dare to spell with Niu Wangying, because of Niu Wang the human body also compared with his formidable , he if comes with Niu Wangying, his absolute fate compared with Niu Wangcan. Has the skill you not to hide, looked how I have killed you.” Niu Wang angry shouting. „Are you moron? Who told you to fight must hard anti-? Must say that the waste is also you, could not protect including own wives, however, your wife may suffice the vigor.” Stimulation Niu Wang who Black Gown keeps. Hears Black Gown words, Niu Wang was angry. Angry is launching the crazy attack good, his attack is getting quicker and quicker, moreover does not hide completely does not dodge, did not look that hits, saw that his appearance Black Gown is also dodging that keeps. Whiz! At this moment, Black Gown their here runs directly to the flame queen, but was good also directly to kill, has not seen flame queen and the others good, the direct axe laid out. At this moment, Black Gown direct shunt. The flame queen and blue seductive woman are also the instantaneous shunt, Xia Tian, although can also the shunt, but his shunt, his behind spirit must meet with a disaster.