Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1719

The anger of flame queen has achieved is highest. Her temperament is not good, in her eyes, Xia Tian is only a slave, regardless of Xia Tian has made anything, he is a slave, slave who oneself can kill afterward. But this slave a moment ago unexpectedly said that must cut off her hand, unexpectedly added he must go all out with. The shame, this regarding the flame queen is the shame. Her unexpectedly was provoked by a slave. If this matter passes on, after her, mixes? All people can laugh at her slave unable to control. Actually when the subordinate of Xia Tian discovery flame queen is lacks arm few legs, he understands that sooner or later on the day of will have, therefore he had already completed for day that and flame queen got angry, but he has not thought on this day was so quick. Snort!” Demon immortal kitchen cold snort. After the flame queen stared Xia Tian one, has not said anything again. I remember that was you said the meal that a moment ago I made wasn't good? Why said?” The demon immortal kitchen opened subject finally, he a moment ago also because this matter comes out. A moment ago what I said that your hand has definitely been injured, therefore this dish does disappoints me very much, how how to pass on as for them, I could not manage, the gossipy on their faces, they are willing to regard the fart in any case, the stock uses, I do not have the means.” Has saying that the Xia Tian words said is truly coarse. The surrounding these people listened to Xia Tian are scolding them, but they did not have any means that after all they truly were the biographies unusual strange. „, How you know that my hand was injured?” The demon immortal kitchen has lifted the head slightly, probably came the interest to be the same suddenly, he started to size up Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian unexpectedly through the vegetable discovered that he is injured. Is very simple, vegetable thick or thin, although is the same, but left is obviously narrow, obviously is you make an effort left the hand control not good effort, chef in a legend is impossible to violate this type preliminarily wrong.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, on the face of demon immortal kitchen some surprised expressions: „Are you also a chef?” Slightly understands.” Xia Tian slightly smiles.

Cuts to me this TV dinner, I can guarantee you not dead.” The demon immortal kitchen is pointing in front of flame queen the TV dinner with the hand, at this time this TV dinner has done ripe, the material quality was soft, moreover unusual sliding, without any point of application. To cut size this TV dinner evenly radically is the impossible matter. On the surrounding face had the happy expression, Xia Tian scolded their matters them still to remember a moment ago, but demon immortal kitchen nobody dares to begin here, but met the demon immortal kitchen to have a such difficult problem to Xia Tian now. Let Xia Tian fired ripe Nakiri even, this was impossible to complete, such demon immortal kitchen will not manage him. Waits for the demon immortal kitchen, no matter his time, that flame queen certainly will kill by mistreatment him. Because he had provoked a moment ago flame queen. No person dares to provoke the flame queen, say nothing was the slave of flame queen, the flame queen will certainly use the cruelest method to kill Xia Tian, when the time comes they only needed to see a play are good. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, how he was worrying a moment ago still one to cope with the flame queen, now the demon immortal kitchen has opened the mouth, so long as he can complete, that demon immortal kitchen naturally will guarantee him not dead. Xia Tian from the matter can see the status of demon immortal kitchen absolutely is very high. Has him to guarantee itself not dead, that absolutely nobody dares to kill them. Snort!” The flame queen snort, anything had not said that she was waiting for killed Xia Tian. The blue seductive woman had not spoken, seems is seeing a play to be the same. The Xia Tian right hand flings, a dagger appears in his hands. With dagger? I made one to make a cutting-off tool to you, the dagger was too thick.” The demon immortal kitchen said. The thickness of dagger has surpassed the dish itself, therefore does not control easily. Does not use.” Xia Tian said.

Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person thinks that Xia Tian completely gave up, otherwise he will not put out the dagger, cuts the vegetable strip with the dagger, this is hears something never heard of before simply. Above the dagger place tray in Xia Tian right hand gently. Shout! His long expiration , the blade in his hand moved afterward. ! The cold glow rises from all directions, the dagger in Xia Tian hand brandishes the speed to be quick, he cuts the material each time time, the material can fly, but he will cut the material only to reduce one millimeter each time. Sees this millimeter time, the demon immortal kitchen was shocked. He saw the most inconceivable matter, cuts one millimeter thickness with the dagger, this simply is impossible, even if he cannot achieve. He has been 500 years of chef, but is he will be impossible to fire ripe Nakiri becomes one millimeter. Such several, Xia Tian repaired one, afterward he continued to next slices. After five minutes. The material size in tray is even, completely is exactly the same, saw such situation, the flame queen and blue seductive woman by thorough hoodwinking, they have not seen this blade skill. What blade skill is this?” Demon immortal kitchen puzzled asking. Dismantles blade skill.” Xia Tian said. Good fierce blade skill.” The demon immortal kitchen whole person was shocked. „Can I walk?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

Was OK.” The demon immortal kitchen said that afterward he looked said to the flame queen: You, if dares to begin to him, I will not let off you.” Afterward demon immortal kitchen turned back kitchen, he seemed wants to experiment a moment ago Xia Tian blade skill. Xia Tian stands up directly toward outside walks. After Xia Tian walks shortly. Whiz! When flame queen also with, blue seductive woman same gate pulse. Xia Tian just went out of the hotel about two kilometers. Wei Guang, you halt to me.” The flame queen appears in the Xia Tian front directly, at the same time, these people in hotel also ran over to watch the fun a moment ago, they know that the flame queen is impossible to let off Xia Tian, although the flame queen complies with the demon immortal kitchen not to get rid to Xia Tian, but she does not get rid, some of her still many means kill Xia Tian. Does? I do not owe you now anything.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Right, you did not owe me anything, but I must kill you.” The flame queen remembered the matter feeling is the shame, her unexpectedly by own slave teasing. Kills, begins, will kill my demon immortal kitchen not to let off you in any case.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. I promise him not to get rid to you, but I had not said that I cannot use other methods to kill you, did you forget on your neck also to have the imprisonment to encircle?” In the look of flame queen is the look that teased.