Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1721

I elect the frozen prince!” Xia Tian said directly. He chooses the frozen prince to have reason, first, the frozen prince is a man, the temperament of man is generally very stable, not like flame queen cloudy clear uncertain, moreover his previous and frozen prince to war discovered that the frozen prince is an astute person, therefore Xia Tian has chosen him. Xia Tian wants to continue to complete own mission, that must attach after a formidable person, ****** Expert is he best choice. Boy, insightful.” The frozen prince said. Frozen old ghost, you courts death.” Shouting of flame queen eyeful anger, regarding her, Xia Tian are she must kill the person, who dares to give shelter to Xia Tian that unable to pass with her. Flame young married woman, you thinks that I feared you, if did not look that your woman is not willing to lower oneself to the same level with you, I already frozen became you ice piece took away to feed the fish, you ask that surrounding these people, which feared you really?” Saying that the frozen prince is not feeling well. They do not fear the flame queen, but is dislikes troublesome, will haggle over with a woman will fall in price, but this will not represent them to be able, whatever the flame queen will bully. Saw the look of Niu Wang and blue seductive woman, the flame queen understood, oneself this time unexpectedly was so distressed. You are waiting to me, I will not let off your.” The flame queen said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place. The flame queen could not treat, she stands there felt that everyone in looking down upon her, everyone probably in provoking she, since this has made she self-confidence fall into the valley directly, she is unable to endure this situation, therefore she seems clamping tail distressed escaping. Planted. The flame queen these time planted. She planted in her, but in a slave hand, what was main was she was unable to kill own slave, because this slave had the backer, the backer was that demon immortal kitchen, very mysterious figure. Ha Ha, I first time noticed that this insane young married woman such leaves.” The frozen prince said.

Whom usually the flame queen is that type sees to scold whose disposition, because he is a woman, therefore everybody is not willing to lower oneself to the same level with her, for after all curses at people dies to spell with flame queen person also is really unworthy, the time is long, the flame queen thinks that all people had feared she, she scolded these people not to dare to talk back. Does not need to pay attention to this young married woman, she is a lunatic.” The frozen prince opens the mouth to say. Many thanks prince.” Xia Tian did not need to work as slave finally again, wears that imprisoned circle to make him have not a very good feeling, now this thing does not need to wear finally again. Was good, first looks for a rest the place, two days later and other Expert enter City Lord Mansion together.” The frozen prince said. Em!” Xia Tian said. They looked for one to move from City Lord Mansion very near hotel, before the service personnel in this hotel all were , the tiger leapt the person in city, at this time they very distressed, the body everywhere was the wound. Bang! A service personnel were kicked. M , D, your outcastes unexpectedly dares to look straight ahead me, courting death?” Person angry saying of an demon teaches, said that beats to that service personnel. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, afterward his left hand held the neck of person of that demon teaching directly, person of this that demon teaching stiffly was given to carry by him. You. Do you want to do?” Person of facial color that demon teaching panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian. I thought that you are not feeling well very much, wants to hit you to be good?” Xia Tian said directly person of pounding of that demon teaching maliciously above the ground.

That service personnel look silently has not spoken. You, one will come to my room to make the pot tea to me.” Xia Tian looked that said to that service personnel. Here sound-insulated is very good, therefore the frozen prince has not heard outside situation in the room, this time frozen prince is resting. Yes, yes!” That service personnel said hurriedly. He not only thanks Xia Tian now, and is afraid Xia Tian. That was hit the person of demon teaching looks at the Xia Tian back wickedly, but his anything does not dare saying that after all he is not the Xia Tian match, saw after Xia Tian returned to the room, he said in a low voice: I will not let off your.” Before long the service personnel came to the Xia Tian room to make tea, Xia Tian has inspected with the X-Ray Vision eye, discovered that did not have what difference. Sir, what tea do you want to drink?” Service personnel respectful asking. From now on, I ask you to answer, moreover I ask your words anybody do not tell.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at that service personnel. Yes. Yes.” The service personnel said hurriedly. Now where does tiger leap city Expert originally to close?” Xia Tian asked. „The City Lord Mansion prison, there prison is very big, now all Expert by the seal there, there are the special prisons that the past City Lord life person built, was used to detain the heavy suspect, has not thought that finally all closed Expert in city, the structure of there prison was special, moreover there is super Formation to siege, did not have the words of key, was impossible to walk from inside, was right, had few people by the seal in the east, there was a trap, at that time the tiger leapt the main force of city to be directed to there, finally these person all by seal there, It is not able to come out, soon they while still alive will starve to death.” The service personnel said. How will you know these many?” Xia Tian is very curious, why this service personnel can know is so clear.

This tiger leaps city all people to know that is not the secret.” The service personnel said hurriedly. Was good, you can walk, remember, I asked a moment ago your matter cannot tell anybody, otherwise I will certainly make you die unusual is ugly.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, at the same time, murderous aura of his within the body covers on the body of service personnel directly. Falling that the service personnel frighten directly in place. Xia Tian this is uses both kindness and severity, he rescued this service personnel one time is the graciousness, he threatened this service personnel is the prestige, he such did can cast the shadow in the innermost feelings of this service personnel. Does not dare to divulge this time absolutely. Spirit, after a meeting elder brother exits, you well is treating at home, who knocks on a door do not open, knows?” Xia Tian looked that asked to spirit. Knew.” Spirit spits the tongue. The night falls, Xia Tian exchanged one to travel by night the clothes, wear this type of clothes to conveniently, will not be discovered. City Lord Mansion? I came.” In the Xia Tian eye bright light dodges. Afterward he flew from the window directly, his speed is quick . Moreover the place that shuttles back and forth is the place of darkness, basic discovers his trail on nobody.