Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1722

The tiger leaps the city very chaotically, no matter daytime or the dark night, here is full of the erosion. Also because of so, therefore Xia Tian can be more convenient, because he makes a noise to come the opposite party unable to hear. This is the so-called alliance. Without the unified management, that is a character, chaotic, very chaotic. More chaotic is better.” Xia Tian several days later mission creates the confusion, now these people are so chaotic, when the time comes his only needing enabled here to be OK randomly. Whiz! The Xia Tian speed is fast, he knows the City Lord Mansion position, therefore he only needs carefully not to be discovered was OK. This time City Lord Mansion guards sternly. „To enter City Lord Mansion is impossible from the front door, turns not to be impossible from the wall, here has Formation, once will move and explains is discovered by inside person, it seems like will want to enter City Lord Mansion also to need **** old profession.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Afterward he found a quite covert place. Seeks for the covert place to facilitate him digs. After having the [gold/metal] blade, Xia Tian most adept digs a hole, your is Formation strong, guards sternly? Is useless, the father digs a hole, your above defends fiercely under won't have the guard again? This is the Xia Tian way. Your where weak, father where.

Your above defensive power, father does not hit, studies underground. Xia Tian has chosen the most covert place, then starts to use the [gold/metal] blade to dig a hole, the speed that Xia Tian digs a hole is fast, moreover unusual specialty. Quick, Xia Tian entered the City Lord Mansion inner courtyard. The City Lord Mansion guard is two cauldron Rank 8 Expert cannot rush, but now Xia Tian such frank and upright walked from below, after walking, Xia Tian is swaggering strolled in inside. The City Lord Mansion guard majority in surrounding, they think that wants the surrounding is the impregnable bastion, that nobody can enter comes, therefore inside guard is lax. Here really will also enjoy.” Xia Tian discovered that the intemperate eating and drinking has reappeared, naturally this is not previous generation City Lord stays behind, these maidservants but who is the demon the hegemon who teaches to construct also wear very attractive clothes, the underwear and underpants do not put on. The Xia Tian innermost feelings are sigh with emotion: Here scenery is really good. However he that thoughts has not watched these beauties now, does not have the thoughts to enjoy the intemperate eating and drinking, now he must do found the position of prison, then quietly and here leader reached an agreement, waited for that the opportunity arrived, they at one fell swoop counter-attacked. At the speeds of eight big entrance allied armies perhaps should now hit has faced upwards fiery, moreover they are the armies fighting in a just cause, therefore definitely will have more people to join to their teams in all the way. This is reputation effect. Eight big entrance allied armies are lifting now the banner eliminates the demon to teach, defends the homeland, these member are certainly willing to join in such team, person who especially these homelands destroyed, they may hate the demon to teach. Therefore the team population of eight big entrance allied armies are increasing at this time unceasingly. Is less than 300,000-400,000 people that from most starts, at this time the population increased to 3,000,000-4,000,000 people, moreover this digit also in fast is increasing. Spirit world other are not many, are many on person.

A here casual city has at least several hundred thousand people, these big urban population are more, the city that at this time the demon teaches to seize adds to have over a thousand, in these many cities the population adds is a very terrifying figure. Although many people are unable to join the fight, so long as a little person of strength is willing to teach to resist with the demon. Because their this can save own life . Moreover the person fight that teaches with the demon is also the opportunity, they kill the person who the demon has taught, Chu Wudai is their, before spirit stone compounded drug merit law anything is not fond of playing jokes, but currently had the fight, that this type of thing can pick everywhere. Many people even specially do this business. But no matter out of any goal, these people joined in the allied armies of eight big entrances at this time. Hateful, prison where?” Xia Tian discovered that City Lord Mansion is very big, moreover he has not dared to wander about aimlessly, although here not anything guard, so long as hits the person, that absolutely is Expert. So long as some Expert discover him, he wants to run away not to be impossible. After all the surrounding has many Expert to protect there. Xia Tian opens the hidden rest/breath technique to go forward at this time. The black day wear travels by night the clothes to add on the hidden rest/breath technique, Xia Tian can very good hideaway own body, even if some people see him, will only think that was the vertigo. City Lord Mansion is very big. He strolled for two hours both not to discover the position of prison. shit, prison where?” Xia Tian thorough was speechless, he thinks will be very good to look, the result could not find: I today on such Bai to come?” Xia Tian now is very depressed, he walked for about four hours, had not found.

Yeah, today has been busy at work in vain, went back first, immediately dawn, in the evening continued to look.” Xia Tian after seeking for about ten hours, he must give up finally. Therefore when he always the road walks. Has the person!” At this moment Xia Tian suddenly starts retreat, afterward stood in same place motionless, hidden rest/breath technique hid his whole person. At this time more than ten people of teams are walking to his here. Yeah, my this whole life has not seen these many spirit stone, every day can receive several thousands of blocks, if this my good.” One of them said. Do not think blindly that this type of thing is not you should think, even if you take your dying to be also colored.” Another person reminded. I know that I said.” That person said. Truly, this also two days, over the two days in the person will be definitely more, when the time comes added perhaps is the astronomical figures, it is said these spirit stone had the big use, if who dares to move, the hegemon will make this person regret to live in this world.” Em, if when I the hegemon so were also fierce were good, no, so long as there are hegemon 50% strengths I to be well satisfied.” Saying of that person of incomparably anticipation. At this time hid in Xia Tian of hidden place was very excited, he was also a moment ago about to leave, but he has not thought that oneself unexpectedly hit has transported greatly, the person who detained had not found, found has deposited the spirit stone place. Demon teaches the hegemon this plundering spirit stone and their this times gathers spirit stone that places there, this is astronomical figures. Xia Tian now already poor dingdong has made a sound, spirit stone has made him use up. N , N , D, the father coveted wolf to take possession.” Xia Tian felt that a happy heart heads on.