Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1723

If not these people guides, Xia Tian had not discovered that really here has mechanism, following of his cautious and solemn in that several people, his footsteps are very light are very light, these people are about two cauldron Rank 2 Expert. Xia Tian does not want to be discovered by them. This basement is very deep, walked more than 30 meters to arrive below, after Xia Tian walked, he discovered that here was very big, moreover most made his surprised was blotting out the sky spirit stone. All is low grade spirit stone. Arrives here to think that each time shocked.” Escorts person surprised saying of spirit stone. spirit stone puts down, you leave.” At this moment, the sound of vicissitudes presents, hears this sound the time together, that more than ten people all are the whole body tremble, afterward they spirit stone from the Chu bag, have installed more than 100 Chu bags hurriedly but actually. Xia Tian thinks, can all carry off these spirit stone, but he has not thought of here unexpectedly some people of guards, moreover guarded person strength here to be too terrorist, even if were the flame queen and frozen prince Expert before him is not anything. Expert of this rank is not Xia Tian can resist. Saw that front several billions low grade spirit stone place there, Xia Tian cannot take away, this mood was very uncomfortable. This probably is looks that peerless beauty light the body is lying down before you, but you actually cannot bump into her are the same feeling, worries. Hateful, what to do can this? I cannot think so that otherwise I will be irritated while still alive.” Xia Tian depressed saying, looks at present these many spirit stone, he was really excited. If cannot take away these spirit stone, perhaps he continually thinks that could not fall asleep. Hateful, must try to find a solution.” In the Xia Tian mind is thinking fast, this is not a small number, several billions low grade spirit stone, so long as he can obtain these spirit stone, he can reach the sky in a single bound. These many spirit stone, he can become in the serious famine the richest person. When the time comes his strength can use spirit stone pile stiffly. Saw that these guards must walk, the Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably worry.

What means has?” In the Xia Tian mind is thinking fast. Tranquil! Xia Tian discovered that here very tranquil, he does not know that sound hoarse person hides there, if he directly gathers spirit stone now, he will be struck to kill by the opposite party. Small cauldron, was right, small cauldron.” Xia Tian has thought suddenly the small cauldron, he can place here the small cauldron directly, the small cauldron and his regard are interlinked, when the time comes he only needs to receive the small cauldron. Regardless of the small cauldron is away from him to be far, so long as his mind moves, the small cauldron can returning to his side. Another matter that now he needs to do arranges info clerk Formation, this Formation can inhale in the small cauldron spirit stone completely, but this Formation does not become effective immediately, it needs to take shape slowly, the process of this formation needs two to three days. This technique is broken day one in Ancient technique, belongs to special Formation, that is the first Formation compression is several Ancient big hand imprints, then lays out directly, such this Formation arranged, although was arranges, but wanted formed also needs few two to three days of times, this is simplest Rank 1 Formation, if were Rank 2 Formation, that took about ten days. The method that this type arranges Formation costs the time, moreover is also very big to own spiritual energy consumption, therefore the broken day to the Xia Tian memory in related to many Ancient big hand imprints, Xia Tian only cannot use the Ancient big hand imprint to arrange Rank 1 Formation. But at this time Xia Tian needs also as well as Formation. Buys in Formation is only most common Rank 1 Formation. Usually is used to receive the trash and cleans to use, but unexpectedly is used by Xia Tian here now. Xia Tian both hands are transforming fast, afterward his left hand throws, the small cauldron has fallen into the spirit stone pile directly. What person?” The sound of that vicissitudes appears again, although this Formation, only then one group of hand imprints, very simple, but will still have spiritual energy to fluctuate, had spiritual energy to fluctuate he to belong has exposed own status. Whiz! A formidable sense of crisis killed directly to Xia Tian.

Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Escaping that Xia Tian does not return. Fled instantaneously that more than ten individual front. After jumping over that ten people, Xia Tian runs directly the tunnel, and at the maximum speed depends in the place of darkness, motionless. Puff! That ten just went out of the person of tunnel to be dismembered instantaneously. Is that the person who comes out from the tunnel kills. That person thinks that definitely is in these five people have a person is mixes, therefore he rather kills wrong, does not let off, after he more than ten individuals all kill, had not felt relieved that the vision looked in the surroundings, finally anything had not discovered. Treads! That person turned back in the tunnel. Comes out after that person, Xia Tian shuts tightly both eyes, has restrained all aura, he does not dare to look at the opposite party, because by the opposite party strength, so long as is realized that a faint trace the clues can trace. He one looks at the opposite party, the opposite party can definitely feel that some people gaze at him, then Xia Tian could not be inescapable. Shouted!” Saw that person returned to the tunnel, Xia Tian relaxed finally, that all a moment ago occurred was too quick, although altogether less than ten seconds, but he as if experienced a life and death, so long as he has a hesitation of faint trace, then a moment ago his death cannot die again. Xia Tian present is happy, although he had not found the prison, but he has discovered spirit stone.

Several billions spirit stone. Ha Ha, my luck came, had these spirit stone, after me, where arrived at not to need to fear.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. The sky was about to have shone, Xia Tian does not dare to delay. He walks toward outside directly. Comes from the tunnel, he still exits from the tunnel, as for City Lord Mansion these guards Expert, exists in name only regarding him simply, has with is different, cannot surround him in any case. Whiz! Whiz! Xia Tian fast is shuttling back and forth in the corner, when he returns to the hotel, flew from the window once more. Elder Brother Tian, you came back finally.” Spirit puts in great inconvenience looks at Xia Tian. How, spirit?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. Outside has the bastard, came 2-3 double-hour.” Spirit said. Em?” After Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, looks directly to out of the door that at this time out of the door has four people, yesterday had been hit by him that person, other three people are cautious and solemn arranges Formation there, kills.