Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1724

These three person unexpectedly in his out of the door has arranged for three hours kills, their movements are truly light, what makes Xia Tian speechless is, unexpectedly that they arrange is Rank 2 kills. Paternal grandmother, Rank 2 kills. When Xia Tian sees Rank 2 Formation, almost soon collapsed. Opposite party unexpectedly sneak attacks him with Rank 2 Formation. This also laughed. Sneak attacks Xia Tian this Formation Master with Rank 2 Formation. However also really felt embarrassed these people, needs to arrange Formation in the Xia Tian entrance, but must be careful. Xia Tian has not worried at this time. He, waited for that the opposite party completes the Formation arrangement, no matter what others were also laborious half the night, his how possible midway to do the destruction. Finally, after a half hour, that several people of small Rank 2 killed to arrange to complete finally. Completed.” On that three people of face immediately one happy. Ha Ha, this time I thought how this boy dies, we hide side, he definitely cannot think that we will arrange Formation here, when the time comes Formation can definitely play the role, if can kill him to be best directly, even if cannot kill also can definitely injure him, once he is injured, we came up to kill him, then robbed his Chu bag, if were defeated, we were direct.” Before that the person instruction is said by Xia Tian has hit. Relax, when are we ominous have suffered a loss? Only then we take by force others, is not one's turn others to bully us absolutely.” Good, is ready.” Xia Tian hears their words, has almost not smiled, originally this group of people are specialized, the specialty takes by force, what a pity they elected mistakenly the object, if they chose ordinary cauldron Rank 4 Expert, they definitely will succeed, the goal that but they started was Xia Tian. Bang! When Xia Tian opens the door, in that several people of eye is looks there that anticipates. But, there uneventful, any matter has not occurred.

Em? What's all this about?” Saying that before was hit that person had doubts by Xia Tian. You elected mistakenly the match.” The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, the sound that afterward as if the devil arrived at together appeared in that person. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Four forms had been thrown from the window of corridor by Xia Tian directly, simultaneously these four people of Chu Wudai all fell in the hand of Xia Tian: „To take by force me?” Always is Xia Tian takes by force others, today some unexpectedly people take by force Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not gone to look that in four Chu bags of people have anything, has placed the bosom directly. Wei Guang, accompanies me to see a person.” The frozen prince happen to walked from the room. Em.” Xia Tian waved to spirit. The frozen prince knows that Xia Tian and relations of spirit were good, therefore he has not said anything. The frozen prince has direction that Xia Tian goes to is the City Lord Mansion direction, but has not arrived at City Lord Mansion to stop, this is also a house, but the house is not big, moreover around the house does not have any guard. It seems likely is not the place that any big figure lives. The frozen prince has not knocked on a door, but intrudes directly. Xia Tian and spirit follows in the frozen prince, his familiar and easy arrived at the backyard, at this time in the backyard an old man is sitting there plays weiqi, the old man under oneself, noticed that the frozen prince came, he has not gained ground. The frozen prince stood there anything had not said. Lost chess game or chess piece.” That old man helpless shaking the head of, he has lifted the head afterward: How you came, tomorrow can't meet?” Sir, I come to ask.” Frozen prince expression attack. Was needless saying that the concrete matter I will unify to say tomorrow.” The old men said.

But I do not tow bottom, counter-attacking of recent eight big entrance has hit, in less than half a month time he, they can project on our, although our person strength formidable, but is overwhelmed by sheer numbers after all, we altogether several million people, others add several billions people.” The frozen prince said. You want to ask is not this issue.” The old men spoke thoughtlessly to say. Gentleman understands me.” The frozen prince has raised up the thumb. Comes, broke this game of chess.” The old men said. Good.” The frozen prince hears the words of old man, excited sitting in the opposite of old man, this is the old man gives his opportunity, so long as he walked to break this aftermath, the old man can tell the matter that he he wants to know. This old man is not an average person. When the frozen prince sits down, the complete body and mind all invested into the Chinese chess in went, Xia Tian discovered that this Chinese chess was the expanded version on Earth, big four times of checkerboard on compared with Earth, in other words on this can below board game piece on many four times compared with Earth. This chessgame grand, big. At this time the board game piece on checkerboard is the hiding everywhere, the black everywhere encircles kills, white complete in dire straits. White already thorough did not have way out. On the entire chess sign more than 800 board game pieces, making the person seem probably are an earthshaking Dawei kill. The frozen prince takes up a white, this, his whole person sits there, sat for one hour, afterward his hand wants to search downward, but stopped in the midair, time little past. Two hours, three hours. The fourth hour time. In the courtyard came others. The flame queen also came, when she sees Xia Tian, immediately the anger of whole face, but she has not manifested suddenly, in a while, in courtyard the person were getting more and more. Besides Xia Tian and spirit, has 18 people.

In these 18 people Xia Tian knows several. Flame queen, blue seductive woman, Niu Wanghe Black Gown. At this time these 18 person demons teach the allied armies ****** Expert, this ****** Expert unexpectedly all gathered in this small courtyard. Who Xia Tian now a more curious old man was, why the demon taught the alliance ****** Expert all gathered here, was he so-called hegemon? dāng! The board game piece falls. The body of frozen prince goes directly backward but actually, at this time his whole body cold sweat. Whiz! Xia Tian caught the frozen prince hurriedly, afterward he wants to put out the compounded drug to help him therapy, finally took for quite a while not to take: Volume, has forgotten, small cauldron also in City Lord Mansion.” I cannot untie.” The frozen prince has stood firm his body, he as if fell into the chessgame a moment ago, the spirit of whole person is weak. The chess skill of frozen prince was good, but sees his fate, the surrounding person suddenly does not dare to go forward. If nobody goes forward, that walks, tomorrow will go to City Lord Mansion to say.” Old man light saying, he knows that these people come here goal. I come!”