Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1725

Black Gown is one thinks very astute person, therefore he plans to give a try. The surrounding person also nodded, if wicked idea are many, the person is sly, that belonged to Black Gown. At this time a Black Gown start to talk, everybody all looked to Black Gown. Although in front of them is only a chessgame. But everybody understands that this is a problem that the old man gives them to set, whom this writes to answer, who can know matter that one want to know. Naturally, they have not hoped that at this time Black Gown can win, otherwise they did not have the opportunity. Whiz! Black Gown sits in the position that the frozen prince sat a moment ago directly. He takes up a white directly, begins fast, he looked in behind a moment ago was very long, he thinks that this board game piece falls, should be right, therefore he not slightly hesitant, gets rid directly. The hesitation of frozen prince made them see the fate a moment ago. This chessgame consumes Spiritual Force, drags longer is bigger to own burden. Therefore Black Gown decisively will get rid. Bang! That moment when Black Gown begins, his body has flown upside down directly. Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth. The chessgame like the life, begins regretless. How can like this? How can like this?” This time Black Gown seems went crazy to be the same, this time he has not restored to come from the illussion. Bang! Niu Wang a foot trampled on his waist, trampled him to directly in the place.

Whistling! After one minute, Black Gown has stood, he has wiped the sweat on forehead, all were too terrorist. Sees the frozen prince and fate of Black Gown Venerable, the surrounding person was peaceful immediately, everybody understood, this chessgame is not simple, once will play chess will enter in the illussion, once will be defeated, that will experience own innermost feelings most terrorist matter. I come.” The flame queen sat there directly, how she has remembered Black Gown lose, therefore she absolutely not board game piece under that position. She sits after there, again carefully observed, had determined after one next, slowly places in own board game piece that position. Without the sound! She not before them is injured directly, but is in the eye is the tears. Cried. Flame queen unexpectedly has cried, no one knows that she fell into any illussion, but everybody understands, so long as enters the illussion, that definitely by illussion puncture innermost feelings most frightened side. I feared that I quite feared.” The flame queen has held in the arms her body. Was defeated. The flame queen was also defeated, sees her distressed type, at this time many people started to back down, because they understand that under they compared with others many, at this time here do not play chess lost the person very much to lose face. Ah! in the mouth of flame queen has sent out a pitiful yell, afterward her whole person lay on the ground. She restored to come from the illussion. The demon teaches ****** Expert each is the Spiritual Force very formidable person, but is they, inescapable illussion. I try.” A person of gloomy terrifying appeared, the body of this person is light, complexion pale yellow, on the body does not have the meat probably, has a skin. Soul Venerable. Here only majors in the Spiritual Force person. „Under I advised politely you to be best to leave.” The old men reminded.

„? I also very much have self-confidently.” Soul Venerable shows a faint smile. At will.” The old men have not said anything again. Soul Venerable sits after stone stool, started the soul defense directly, reason that he thought a moment ago these people are injured, reason that fell into the illussion, was because own strength in meditation was insufficient, Spiritual Force defended insufficient formidable. Therefore so long as he defends his soul, that can look through the illussion, breaks this chessgame. Soul Venerable takes up a board game piece directly, afterward the eye is searching on the entire checkerboard, at this moment, his at present one bright, afterward the board game piece in his hand fell in the top left-hand corner position directly. When he begins, smiling face thorough disappearance on his face. Ah! Ah! the pitiful yells of gloomy terrors send out from his mouth, cry very frigid, probably is he by the person ice, was late same. Saw his appearance, the people hoodwinks. Everybody noticed a moment ago he used the method of defense to protect his soul, but why hasn't this succeeded? This chessgame illussion actually fearful. Ah! Ah! the eyeball of soul Venerable sticks out suddenly, his both hands dig directly to their eye. Bang! At this moment a body grandiose man fought with the fists directly he in the place of his both hands joint. Ka! His bone breaks directly, fought with the fists by this man. This has also preserved his both eyes. Big strength.” Xia Tian surprised saying. He is the strength king, ****** in Expert most terrorist person.” The frozen prince said in a low voice. Strength king, he is the strength king.” Xia Tian remembers that flame queen had told him this person, can hold up the person of 9999 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, only misses one jin (0.5 kg) to break through existence of strength of cauldron.

Some people had said that even if other 17 super Expert add not necessarily is the matches of strength king. Because strength broken ten meetings. At this time Xia Tian was the true experience the fierce place of strength king. Soul Venerable is two cauldron Rank 9 Expert, his skeleton was early hard, may so, still by a strength king fist breaking. Thanks.” Soul Venerable difficult saying , his soul caused heavy losses at this time. The strength king has not paid attention to him, but has arrived at front of checkerboard directly, he has not sat down, but has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the old man slightly. „Do you join in the fun?” The old men have doubts looks at the directive force king, the strength king in this is special existence, his anything does not want to know that but his unexpectedly must play chess. I want to try.” Person who the strength king is one has lofty character, he to oneself very self-confident, at any matter, he thinks to be able strength broken ten meetings, even if at this life and death chessgame is also same. The strength king takes up a white directly, point that afterward makes an effort above checkerboard. When the board game piece falls on checkerboard that moment, the board game piece changed into the flying ash directly, but the strength king was also enough retreat three steps, afterward he was shutting tightly both eyes, after one minute, he has opened both eyes. He failed. Although is defeated, but his beforehand several people are not distressed. I cannot untie.” The strength king returned in crowd directly. unexpectedly Lian Liwang were defeated, presents the people who these have not gone forward not to plan to attempt, they understood at this time, this checkerboard is the old man is used to refuse them to use, the old man knows that they want to ask that matter, he is also embarrassed the direct rejection, therefore has used this life and death chessgame. When all people plan to leave. Does not know that I can try?” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said.