Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1726

When all people understand old man meaning, Xia Tian unexpectedly opened the mouth. On the scene has several people to know Xia Tian. Did not know that Xia Tian these people had not paid attention to Xia Tian a moment ago, because in their eyes can only see existence of same rank, the position that Xia Tian stood a moment ago obviously is the frozen prince, therefore he represents is the subordinate of frozen prince. They may be figure of big shot level, how to pay attention to a subordinate. However also several people on the scene know Xia Tian, for example to the flame queen who he hates to the marrow of the bones, blue seductive woman, Niu Wang and Black Gown Venerable these people. At this time hears Xia Tian to try, immediately has the big shot not to want. What thing you are, depends on you also to have the qualifications to play chess?” A whole face draws saying that the person of totem is disdaining. He is only a dog that others raise, this year dares to stand to speak including the dog.” How the flame queen possibly misses to shame the Xia Tian opportunity, in her opinion shames Xia Tian to be able the emergency the indignation of her innermost feelings. Yes, can stand to speak including the dog this year.” Xia Tian saying looking pensive, his expression is tranquil. Hears his words, flame queen cannot help but thinks that Xia Tian was saying her: You court death.” Is a dog . Moreover the mad dog, only dares to call, has the skill you to nip me.” Xia Tian looks that flame queen said directly, his those words had not said the flame queen a moment ago directly, but everybody also listened, but these words said to the flame queen. Servant unexpectedly dares such to speak to the flame queen. Surroundings these people think that Xia Tian was insane. Even if the frozen prince does not dare such to scold the flame queen. But subordinate unexpectedly of frozen prince such scolded. Surroundings these did not know that the Xia Tian people think Xia Tian this time died, the flame queen was impossible to let off his. You.” The flame queen clenched teeth.

What's wrong? Refuses to accept? Refuses to accept you to nip me, I stand this not to hit back, you come.” Xia Tian provocation looks at the flame queen. Root that the flame queen hates straight itchy, she was really wishes one could to kill Xia Tian now directly, but she has not dared, because the demon immortal kitchen warned her, she does not dare to move inviting the wrath of the emperor of demon immortal kitchen. Surroundings these people all puzzled looks to the flame queen. Should already begin by the disposition of flame queen is right, but her unexpectedly this stiffly is enduring, she does not dare the servant who probably begins to kill this frozen prince. The does the servant of frozen prince have to let the card in a hand that the flame queens do not dare to begin? What's wrong? Doesn't dare? Does not dare to narrow the eyes to me, I scolded you, you were listening, dares to scold your family the ancestral graves to brave the green smoke with me who I gesticulated again.” Xia Tian looks that flame queen said. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person all with amazement could not say incoming call. Perhaps he is first dares such to the person who the flame queen spoke. At this time flame queen red of face air/Qi, but she is a few words cannot say, she does not dare saying that because she believes she who Xia Tian can definitely scold also mouth, when the time comes is more embarrassed. Sir, can I?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the old man. Interesting, I first time noticed that some people dare such to scold the flame, good, makes you try, if you have succeeded, that frozen issue I can reply.” Old man light saying. Although the old man said that but the scene does not have any person to think that Xia Tian can be successful. After all this chessgame had many people to experiment, cannot explain. Strength king and the others also experimented, finally not only has not broken Formation, instead is led into by the imaginary institute. Xia Tian has put out a white board game piece directly. All people all vision centralized in his hand.

Snort, the boy, looked how you one will make a boner, is best you dead by imaginary backlash directly.” The flame queen cursed, she now most desired was the Xia Tian death, so long as Xia Tian died, her air/Qi can also disappear. Otherwise Xia Tian is living for day, she sleeps on pins and needles. At this time but those present the demon teach ****** Expert, these 18 people represent to be bewitched to teach strongly ****** strength, their strengths all are two cauldron Rank 9, but is so, they were also defeated, even many people do not dare to come up the experiment. Thus it can be seen this life and death chessgame actually terrifying. However now Xia Tian servant unexpectedly dares to go forward. Many people wait to look at his joke. After all these people may not think that Xia Tian can succeed, moreover they genuinely do not hope that Xia Tian can be successful, if Xia Tian has succeeded, that is hitting their faces simply. Their these so-called Expert either cannot succeed, either does not dare to challenge. If were been successful by a servant, their faces may lose completely. However here frozen prince was praying that Xia Tian must succeed, because Xia Tian, once has succeeded, he not only can know the important matter, but can also power and prestige well. After all Xia Tian now is his person. He and flame queen may be different, the flame queen all will regard under as is a slave, but if Xia Tian this time rendered meritorious service for him, he to Xia Tian certain status, most at least will make Xia Tian think one had the face very much. At this time Xia Tian has not worried to begin. All people are all staring at his hand, at this moment the surrounding people suddenly discovered they entered in a battlefield probably. What's all this about? This absolutely is the illussion, but why will present the illussion? Haven't we played chess obviously?” Damn, we had not moved absolutely, why will haul in the illussion by him.”

Is the finger, we stared at his finger to look a moment ago, will therefore be drawn by him, now we all in his imaginary technique.” Soul Venerable opens the mouth saying that hears the soul Venerable words, the people are startled they not to think that immediately this servant unexpectedly is imaginary technique Expert, unexpectedly can haul in the imaginary technique them. Hateful, how can we be able to exit from the imaginary technique?” You all look at my both hands, centralized spirit.” Soul Venerable shouts loudly. Hears his words, all people all looked that to both hands that he has been cut off, he has not worried to set a broken bone at this time. Solution! Soul Venerable gives a loud shout, afterward their several all restored in the reality, when they restored to come, they discovered the board game piece in Xia Tian hand to pat to the checkerboard. Began. Xia Tian must begin finally. The person holds the different manner to look at the Xia Tian result. Bang! In the board game piece falls on checkerboard that moment. Air/Qi of King erupts from checkerboard, surrounding person all retreat cannot help but two steps.