Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1727

Board game piece not broken. Xia Tian does not have retreat, has not spat blood. When all people think Xia Tian will not have any response. Ah! drinks to shout greatly from the Xia Tian mouth that this drank greatly has drawn back two steps the surrounding people secondary earthquake directly again, the people had not discovered that stood had not moved in following spirit. From just started not to have retreat to the present. If lets the surrounding person discovery this matter, that will be certainly surprised, because of old man retreat, the strength king does not have the exception. First strength all person retreat two steps, the Xia Tian roar again had let a moment ago people retreat two steps. But spirit as if has not received any repel to be the same. All people all strange looks to Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian seems the King of keeping aloof, the board game piece in his hand fell on the checkerboard, more was the black surrounds the strictest place, sees place people who he began all very puzzled. Because Xia Tian the issue seems probably brings death to be the same in oneself. However they carefully look actually discovered that this board game piece falls, the entire white as if lived, this board game piece unexpectedly has achieved unexpectedly finding a way out, this is in the true riches and honor danger strives. Only the genuine King dares such to do. Solitarily, falls into the hostile camp, all links up into a single stretch all board game pieces. Ha Ha, the strength of King, this boy was successful.” On the face of old man had smiling face.

Succeeded! Hears the words of old man, the surrounding person has all been shocked, they had a dream have not thought of the Xia Tian unexpectedly really success. Succeeded? Really success?” On the face of frozen prince presented the excited look, he was really feels now to then his decision wisely, he at that time when the Xia Tian danger put out a hand. If normal, he is plants in Xia Tian, if helps Xia Tian again is very aggrieved matter. But he actually gave shelter to Xia Tian. Because he gave shelter to Xia Tian, will therefore have today's repayment. He can definitely feel periphery these to envy the vision that the envy hates now, he enjoys this vision, he likes others using this vision to visit him, because the present is Xia Tian successful broke the life and death chessgame. Xia Tian is his person. On his naturally face had up . Moreover the old man can answer his issue finally. Hateful, hateful!” The flame queen was angry at this time, she soon exploded with rage, all these should be her, this honor should be her, this final opportunity should also be her, because before Xia Tian, is her slave, but all are given profiting in vain by the frozen prince now. She is is not very really willingly. She has been completely soon wild with rage at this time. Hateful!” Flame queen angry shouting, he ran out of the courtyard afterward directly. Blue seductive woman and the others naturally can realize that she so was why angry.

All these should are the flame queen, but all turns over to the frozen prince now. „Do you name?” The old men looked that asked to Xia Tian. Wei Guang.” Xia Tian continues to use this name. Em, good, is a talented person.” The old men nodded, afterward he looks to the people: Now the chessgame broke, you can walk.” Old man this was pointed to the door. At this time those present may be the demon teach the alliance great super Expert, but old man unexpectedly dares their order for a guest to leave under now, thus it can be seen the status of old man actually how different. That several people have arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest with old man separately, afterward went out of the courtyard. I also exit.” Xia Tian knows, the matter that the frozen prince must ask definitely is very important, at this time he avoided can not cause the suspicion of frozen prince. Does not need, you and spirit in this.” The frozen prince said directly. Hears the words of frozen prince, Xia Tian also stares, afterward he understood, frozen prince this is buying the hearts of the people. However Xia Tian has not said anything. Sir.” The frozen prince looks to the old man. What you want to ask is the buried treasure issue, good, since I promised you, I well said this buried treasure matter to you.” The old men sat above stone stool directly, and waved to their several, the meaning was to let them sits down, then must say well. Xia Tian and the others not polite, sat on nearby stone stool directly.

This time buried treasure, it can be said that the unrivalled buried treasure, as far as I know, the rank of this buried treasure should be only worse than the illusion on.” The old men put out the illusion to regard the contrast. Illusion. Xia Tian has heard this buried treasure, moreover in his hand has a key. „Is this possible? Big will such buried treasure appear how possibly in serious famine preliminary place?” Frozen prince surprised saying. Do not despise spirit world any place, in the spirit world, any place may have the buried treasure, although the serious famine is only a Earth Grade region, but here is also having existence of treasure, the news that this time we inquire is the peerless buried treasure.” The old men explained patiently: Buried treasure, once opens, that inside treasure naturally was needless saying that when the time comes the treasure of treasure rank must have, even might have the high-grade treasure.” Actually this is any big buried treasure, unexpectedly so will be terrorist.” The frozen prince was shocked completely. I heard that was extraordinary Expert before the buried treasure all seal of entire family got up at the point of death, finally has formed this time unrivalled buried treasure, according to map guide, buried treasure in the tiger leapt behind in the city forest, the hegemon removed the demon to kill the guard to inquire the news, for these days should have the news, we must beginning at the maximum speed, outside Expert while serious famine not realize before this time, opened the buried treasure, and obtained inside buried treasure.” The old men have grasped their fist. That joint khaki cloth?” Frozen prince puzzled asking. Allied armies, although large number of elderly persons, but our goals do not continue to invade, but enters in the forest to take the buried treasure, they are willing to hit to make them hit, here has many cannon fodders to suffer to death in any case, when they come time, the genuine elite had been taken away by us.” The old men said. Unrivalled buried treasure, too extraordinary, Sir, what need has I to help?” The frozen prince asked hurriedly. Alliance ****** in Expert has ulterior motives one by one, person who I can trust besides strength king, was you, hopes that do not disappoint me, so long as with the hegemon, he naturally cannot treat unjustly your.” The old men show a faint smile. Many thanks left protector adult's trust, frozen fulfils expectations surely.” The frozen prince said. You called Wei Guang was right, your boy was also good, can break the life and death chessgame, now I give you an opportunity, thinking the means assistance frozen to kill several people for me.” The old men looked that said to Xia Tian.