Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1728
Many thanks left protector the Sir.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. The frozen prince said the status of this person a moment ago, Xia Tian understands finally why company ****** Expert so respected this person, originally he was left protector, although he does not know strength that left protector, but can hear from this title, he should be Zuo Pang who the demon taught the alliance the hegemon. But right protector should also to exist, that person is the demon teaches the alliance the right arm of hegemon. Do not worry to thank me, if you cannot complete this time mission, I will also kill you.” Left protector saying of coldly. Left protector the speed of turning hostile to be quick, but Xia Tian not surprised, the demon teaches is looks at the strength the place, if you do not have the strength, why others do want to think highly of you? The disposition of left protector is so, he only appreciates the able person, as for the waste, he will remove. Zuo Hufa felt relieved that you said whom kills.” The frozen prince strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Assassinates the black clothed.” Left protector light saying. Assassinates the black clothed! The demon teaches the alliance ****** one of the Expert. Is he!” On the frozen prince face presented some surprised. Has remembered, must do clean, to know that is you do, otherwise you will also die, moreover after having killed him, bangle his neck the necklace and Chu on takes carry back to me.” Zuo Hufa told. Good, when begins?” The frozen prince complied happily. „Before tomorrow City Lord Mansion set.” Zuo Hufa said. Is so anxious!” The frozen prince has not thought that left protector unexpectedly such to worry. „Can't you achieve?” Facial color that left protector one cold. Can achieve.” The frozen prince said hurriedly.

Good, I wait to hear your good news.” On the face that left protector restored the smiling face. The speed that he turns hostile was really too quick, a moment ago murderous aura four dew, but vanishes now without a trace, can see the mood of this person from this point absolutely is cloudy clear uncertain. Said goodbye, left protector.” The frozen prince does not want to lose the time, because left protector has only given this half-day time, was away from the darkness, only then several hours, he must assassinate the black clothed to kill before early tomorrow morning. But wants in such a short time to strike to kill to assassinate black clothed, moreover cannot make the big move, this is not absolutely simple. After all they are the demon teach ****** Expert, the strength differs is not big. Wants only to be able silently with the sneak attack, but others assassinate the black clothed to carry out the assassination specially, he how possibly others' assassination. Yeah! Troubled.” The frozen prince sighed to say. Although he has met this mission, has guaranteed, but he did not have what good means at once. „The prince should not be worried.” Xia Tian looked that said to the frozen prince. „? Do you have the means?” After the frozen prince hears the Xia Tian words, puzzled looks to Xia Tian. „Did the prince forget initially our two how to know?” Xia Tian asked. Volume, this matter passed, I will not pursue, you feel relieved.” The frozen prince thinks that Xia Tian was worried he haggles over this matter, therefore has given a Xia Tian reassuring medicine directly. Prince, you have misunderstood, you think, our two first meeting.” Xia Tian said. Em?” The frozen prince looks puzzled to Xia Tian, afterward he is suddenly enlighted: „, The sneak attack, initially I almost planted in the hand of your boy, your sneak attack skill assassinating the black clothed is weaker.” Wants silently kills a that high-grade person to with the assassination, other means cannot achieve, want to assassinate that to be ready.” Xia Tian said. Needs anything to prepare, you said.” The frozen prince asked.

Prince, I need you to fight injured against him, then directs me beforehand the prepare place, the time place cannot be wrong, so long as presents one second of mistake to waste all previous efforts.” Xia Tian looked that said to the frozen prince. Good, listens your, so long as can complete this time mission, I will definitely not treat unjustly you.” The frozen prince pledged. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. He sent back spirit first, afterward he started to study the combat to capture with the frozen prince, hears the Xia Tian method, the frozen prince has been simply shocked, he has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly so many wicked idea. Good, all listens your.” Frozen prince excited saying. The night falls. The frozen prince raised pot liquor to arrive has assassinated the out of the door of black clothed, he specially looked for a mansion here, for enjoyment well. What opening the door is the servant. Whom do you look for?” The servants do not know the frozen prince obviously. Finds your Patriarch person, said that frozen raised the nice wine to come.” The frozen prince said. My Patriarch person was you said that saw can see?” Saying that servant disdains, he saw the person who too has come this to give a present many, but has not seen has raised the person who pot liquor was catching up with. But his Patriarch person the demon teaches alliance ****** of Expert Expert, wants to climb the relations was really too many. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The frozen prince had been smiled to the lane by this servant, his unexpectedly was regarded is gives a present to climb the relations. What do you smile to smile?” That servant discontented saying. Others called me the frozen prince, have you heard?” The frozen prince smiling looks at that servant. What extraordinary the frozen prince has, frozen prince? What? Frozen prince?” That servant had a scare, afterward he took a look at the frozen prince hurriedly up and down, at this time he discovered that front person was the legend is possessed by a demon to teach the alliance probably really ****** of an frozen prince Expert: Prince, you wait a bit, I urge to go faster return.”

Yeah, what a pity this mansion, immediately here all people must be buried along with the dead.” The frozen prince sighed to say. After five minutes. Whiz! A shadow appeared in the front of frozen prince. How you come also to knock on a door, asked me not to be good directly.” Assassinates the voice of black clothed to be hoarse. I am afraid you to regard the enemy me, sneak attacks me directly, that may go bad.” The frozen prince said. You are the safe do not ascend Buddhist temples, what matter today asks me to have?” Assassinates the black clothed not to think that the frozen prince is asks him to talk about old days, because he and frozen prince are not ripe. Went to say that you won't enter do not make me enter?” The frozen prince asked. Please.” Assassinates the black clothed to say. Afterward they have arrived at the front courtyard directly. Said that what matter asks me to have?” Assassinates the black clothed to ask. I want to borrow the same thing with you.” The frozen prince on placing has assassinated the front of black clothed, afterward earnest saying. What thing?” Assassinates black clothed very optional asking. Your head.” The frozen prince said that the direct racket has broken to pieces wine pot.