Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1729

Bang! That moment when wine pot breaks to pieces, dozens three Yuan attack pounded to assassinate the body of black clothed directly. Although small cauldron not on Xia Tian, but Xia Tian along had more than 30 to attack pill, at this time these attacked pill to use, more than 30 attacked pill to explode instantaneously, moreover in the situation in assassinating the black clothed completely not having guarded against. Inside three Yuan attack exploded more than ten wounds his body directly, this was because of his strength formidable reason, perhaps otherwise the strength low point person, will directly be sneak attacked. Frozen old monster, you dare to be cloudy I.” Assassinates the black clothed angrily looks to the frozen prince. Assassinates black clothed disguising to stand in same place, probably cannot move. Ha Ha Ha Ha, assassinates the black clothed, today you died.” The frozen prince said that fired into directly has assassinated the black clothed, in his hand presented a dagger, he has not used the strength of any element. In the dagger of frozen prince must pierce assassinates the chest of black clothed, assassinates the body of black clothed suddenly to move. Puff! Afterward a wound appears in frozen prince the place of shoulder. Frozen old ghost, you were too negligent, you think that I can't move?” Assassinated the black clothed saying that the body vanished instantaneously, presented again time, his another blade punctured in frozen prince place of the right shoulder. He attacks the way of person is to attack vital point, attacks the joint, making the opposite party lose the combat capability. He is a stabber, his forms of defensive action get sick to want you to assign while you, as soon as after he strikes goes well, had not planned that to opportunity that the frozen prince pants for breath. Frozen prince immediately on face one startled! How is this possible?” Anything is impossible, my forms of combat originally grow perceptibly by the speed and sneak attack, but you are the strength of ice element, such near distance, your ice element without enough time attacks me radically, but I can display the strongest strength, must blame only to blame you too being a moment ago negligent.” Assassinated the black clothed to say the dagger in hand to the abdomen of frozen prince to puncture once more. Whiz!

The frozen prince opens directly runs away. Where runs away.” Assassinates the black clothed to see that the frozen prince must run away, will he possibly make the frozen prince run away? Has the enemy to raid.” At this moment, the convoy guard and male servant flushed, sees the convoy guard to clash, assassinates the black clothed to cut to kill their several directly, homicide own convoy guard, because this secondary cuts to kill the frozen prince, this matter cannot disclose the least bit rumor absolutely, therefore he also gave to kill his guard. Afterward he calls to mind the frozen prince once more. His speed compared with the rapidness of frozen prince, therefore he has the confidence to strike to kill the frozen prince. Whiz! The frozen prince keeps is running, but assassinated the black clothed and between him the distance was getting more and more near. You could not be inescapable.” At this moment, assassinated on the face of black clothed to present the information expression, because he overtook the frozen prince. Cold ice defense. The frozen prince used ice element, but was not the attack, but was the defense uses. Snort, useless, but can delay for two seconds.” Assassinates saying that the black clothed disdains. Two seconds, were enough.” At this moment frozen prince light saying. Assassinates the black clothed suddenly one unlucky premonitions, he wants retreat hurriedly, was already late. Technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi, attraction. Bang! Assassinated the body of black clothed to be flung to fly directly, this sudden outbreak let assassinate the black clothed immediately one startled, but has not discovered any danger in him well, his body in the airborne tuck dive, was direct afterward falls to the ground calmly and steadily.

Bang! In the instance that he falls to the ground, his under foot explodes suddenly, afterward he saw Gold Thread, around his body suddenly presented many Gold Thread. Kill! Xia Tian right hand. Puff! One generation of Expert assassination choroids like this by living dismembering. If personally does not see, the frozen prince cannot believe that this is real, at that time Xia Tian let he pledged, he has not thought that but he finally understands why now Xia Tian must make him pledge at that time. Because this Gold Thread was really too sharp. Assassinates the black clothed is two cauldron Rank 9 Expert, but this stiffly was dismembered. Succeeded.” They simultaneously smile. This combat is successful, the flawlessness that they coordinate, the frozen prince does not need the cold ice attribute attack for not to leave behind any evidence intentionally, moreover he just started also intentionally to expose weaknesses, because the disposition of stabber gets sick while you, wants you to assign, therefore assassinates the black clothed, when will seize the opportunity is will not drop absolutely. Because of this disposition, assassinates the black clothed to meet the intermediate total, only accidental happy was assassinates black clothed to kill own servant, has omitted Xia Tian and frozen prince troubles much. But the frozen prince final cold ice protection to cannot block to assassinate the black clothed, but is delays for two seconds. Two seconds used technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi on enough Xia Tian. Finally is Rank 1 Formation explodes to break through the enemy lines with Gold Thread, Xia Tian puts Gold Thread that position ground, this will not cause to assassinate the suspicion of black clothed, when assassinated the black clothed fell to the ground detonates directly has exploded breaks through the enemy lines, the expand with heat and contract with cold principle of flash, inflated directly Gold Thread. Gold Thread inflates can assassinate the black clothed to cover in instantaneously completely.

Afterward is Gold Thread Suo Ming, Gold Thread and [gold/metal] Dao can easily cut open including the rock, say nothing was the flesh and blood. It can be said that assassinates is not injust, frozen prince who their jointly attacking of Xia Tian and black clothed dies and plan it can be said that perfect. Thing tidied up, our two went back to report on accomplishments.” The frozen prince full was the necklace and Chu of bangle blood has picked the ground. Em, I do not go, you, I always felt carefully left protector is not simple.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Relax, the boy, you looked, how I will unable to look, but sometimes worked as a fool the live time longer, I was that fool, but the fool also had the temperament, if he wants to kill me, I will be impolite.” The frozen prince said directly. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Afterward his form disappears directly is in-situ. Next morning, their early tidied up, afterward the frozen prince led him directly and spirit walks toward City Lord Mansion. Today can see the hegemon, you may probably be careful, cannot offend the hegemon, once offends the hegemon, no one could save you.” The frozen prince reminded. Em.” Xia Tian discovered, regardless of arrive makes others not feel relieved probably, before was to go to the Rank 5 city sounds of nature city time, five elders reminded him on Tiantian, now the frozen prince starts to remind him. However he also a little anticipated at this time. Because he can see Expert in legend immediately, this demon teaches the hegemon Sir of alliance.