Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1730

After they arrive at City Lord Mansion, guard looked at frozen prince one eyes: Who are they?” My trusted friend.” The frozen prince said. Goes.” Here guard is very stern, except that ****** the demon teaches beside Expert of alliance, other people must accept questioning. Xia Tian thanks itself to dig tunnel skill at this time. Otherwise he wanted to rush yesterday hardly is impossible. Moreover these guards were really too strict, frozen prince such figure of they must investigate rigorously. Here quite strict.” Xia Tian said. That was natural, the hegemon lives here, if there is any matter to alarm the hegemon, they must die, therefore nobody dares to have careless of least bit.” The frozen prince answered, he said a moment ago intentionally Xia Tian was his trusted friend, this to buy the hearts of the people, Xia Tian also had helped after all his busy yesterday. Although Xia Tian Realm is not high, the strength is not strong, but Xia Tian can help his busy every so often. Was right, Prince, I heard that here does have an ultra-large prison?” Xia Tian exploratory asking. Em, there is detaining 100,000 Expert, if can subdue, that is also not a small strength.” The frozen prince said. Subdues? Will these people agree?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. They now in receiving suffering, if they did not agree that dies, so long as they agreed that at our meeting under the soul mark, when the time comes who dares to make a show, that is lives to might as well die.” The frozen prince answered. „.” Xia Tian had not asked again that he knows he asked again words that will cause the suspicion of frozen prince absolutely, therefore he has not said anything, but he also obtained jumped the clue. Receives the suffering. In the prison can also receive the suffering? Moreover is ten ten thousand Expert simultaneously receives the suffering. At this time a very important clue.

Their several went to lobby directly, the frozen prince sits on a nearby chair directly. Xia Tian and spirit stands in his. You also sit, take a seat by me on the line.” The frozen prince said. Has saying that the skill that the frozen prince buys the hearts of the people are very strong, he does not use spirit stone, does not use the treasure, but actually gives you face, gives you status, in the eyes of many person, this face and status by far is more important than spirit stone and treasure. Like the present, the person who one can come definitely is ****** figure of Expert that rank, their also possible belt under to come, but they will not let under sit absolutely, but the frozen prince lets Xia Tian and spirit sits. This has clarified to the Xia Tian face. Xia Tian not polite, drew spirit to sit in the side of frozen prince directly. Before long, the person who comes were getting more and more, arrived here person demon to teach the alliance ****** Expert, they knew Xia Tian at this time, because Xia Tian was too noticeable yesterday. The flame queen who he not only scolded does not dare to talk back, broke the life and death chessgame that left has protected buddhist law. These two matters make those present have to seriously treat. But they did not understand why the frozen prince must make a servant sit there. Snort, the master does not have the custom, the dog that raises does not have the custom.” The flame queen looked at an frozen prince to say. Who is your master?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the flame queen. Hears his words, the surrounding person stares immediately, they understood what is heard the Xia Tian words, the flame queen said that the master did not have the dog that the custom raised not to have the custom, Xia Tian asked that who the master of flame queen was. This probably was saying that the flame queen was that does not have the dog of custom. You..” The flame queen bickers with Xia Tian each time will lose.

I discovered that you are that type are all right to look oppressively, saw I do not hide distant, but also comes up to gesticulate, how, you thought that you were also good? This Tiantian, whom you give.” After Xia Tian this Earth northeast small double hit uses, the face that the flame queen is mad is red, is a few words cannot say. Really lively.” The sound conveys from outside together, all people looked to the entrance. Was left protector. Saw left to protect buddhist law, all people all set out to cup one hand in the other across the chest. This is the most minimum respect. At this time ****** Expert almost all arrived. Person arrive similar?” After Zuo Hufa arrives front, asked. Also misses the assassination black clothed.” Suddenly some people said. He is doing anything, such important day is also late.” Zuo Hufa very discontented saying: Comes the person, gives the place that I go to him to live to call him.” Yes!” black-clothed person said that vanished in directly same place. The surrounding person has not spoken, in their impressions, assassinates the black clothed is not likes the late person is right, but this time his unexpectedly has been late, this is makes everybody very puzzled. After 20 minutes. Whiz! Report protector, he possibly died.” That black-clothed person reported. What?” Hears these words time, the person is all startled. You said that he did die? What's the matter?” Zuo Hufa asked hurriedly, Xia Tian admired the performance ability that left protector, was he feared that Xia Tian killed to assassinate the black clothed with the frozen prince, anything that finally now his unexpectedly can install did not know to be the same.

This performing skill completely Insta-kill movie king in Hollywood. „The guards and servants of his family all died, moreover ground pile of hashed meat, have fought the trace on the spot.” That black-clothed person said. Hashed meat?” Left protector puzzled looks to black-clothed person. Looked from the attire that assassinates the corpse of black clothed, but is dies not entire corpse.” black-clothed person said. Heard the black-clothed person words, all people have all been shocked, died not entire corpse, assassinated black clothed unexpectedly to be killed, moreover died not entire corpse, this was also too terrifying, assassinated black clothed rank Expert very formidable, death not entire corpse that but his unexpectedly killed. Moreover a sound does not have. Normal, by this rank the words of Expert fight, that should make very big noise is right. Only if the opposite party strength is too strong, but in the tiger leaps in the city, there is this grade of strength should, only then three people, the hegemon, left protector with right protector. Thinks of here, the person complexion of scene changed, does the pledge mainly kill them? Knows that is who does?” Zuo Hufa asked. Does not know that the element fluctuation from scene looks like, should be three people, moreover is three honest Expert, because the scene leaves behind very formidable three elements, separately is the hot department, the wood is the soil series.” black-clothed person answered. „Did your meaning have honest Expert to mix?” Zuo Hufa pretends very surprised appearance. Right, either is ****** three in Expert were the person joins up to kill him together, otherwise was impossible not to have the indication.” black-clothed person said. Hears his words, scene that several has three elements person complexions immediately is changing. Do not talk nonsense.” At this moment, the dignified sound conveys from the back room together.