Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1731

Hears this sound time, 18 Expert of scene also set out, is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the position of back room, Xia Tian the spirit hideaway in oneself behind, is studying their appearance. He understands that the lord must come out finally. The so-called demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. The object who makes all people all feel the terrifying. The demon teaches the alliance ****** Expert also fears to this person, only then his such Expert can suppress this group of demons to teach super Expert of alliance. See hegemon.” All people cup one hand in the other across the chest to say together. The cool breeze pulls the sleeves, the years do not keep the war casualty. That moment when the man presents, Xia Tian does not know how really should describe at this time his front man, he had a dream cannot think in that legend made all people frightened, said that whom killed to kill whose hegemon unexpectedly is a gentle youth. This with the Xia Tian imagination is different. In Xia Tian imagination he should be a guy, or the old man, the dignified old man, stares can scary that. But the situation and he imagined the difference to be too many. This so-called hegemon unexpectedly is an elegant young man. You get down.” The hegemons waved to that black-clothed person, afterward looks to the people on the scene: You did not need to think, should have the honest member to rush, this I had already thought that you did not need to suspect mutually, was three people besieges him by your strengths, will not have any sound.” Hears the words of hegemon, these have three people of elements to relax. Their spirits had tied a moment ago tight, if their several plotted together to kill to assassinate the black clothed, that matter may probably become troubles. This time calls everybody to come for the matter that to discuss the buried treasure is published.” The hegemons sat above the seat of honor, afterward waved to the people, the meaning was you can sit at will.

The people then once more sat. Nobody spoke, because the present is the speech time of hegemon, if the hegemon had not asked that they, they cannot speak. Buried treasure is published, person who now registers already over 60,000 people, I estimated that this is the limit, the exploration of this treasure together is conducted by these 60,000 people, other people can not participate, person who if there is fishing in troubled waters, kills directly.” Killing of hegemon said very optional, but all people understand that his killing must kill. „The subordinates other places all called, the contraction military strength, defended the tiger to leap the city together, after searching the treasure started, the tiger leaps the city is the last defense line, cannot lose.” Hegemon expression very serious saying. Within seven days, I, no matter they use any method, must feed in the tiger to leap the city to me, to me burns down as for the city that they detain now, transmission also destroyed after the use.” The words of hegemon are very simple, he spoke is generally quiet, did not have any mighty waves, like others, did not speak I to destroy completely your anything city. The words that he, he will not say order, he these words had dozens characters a moment ago, but actually must die the minimum tens of millions people, over a hundred cities will be destroyed. This is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. His words order, dead order. Left protector, did the east person die quickly certainly?” The hegemons looked that protector to ask toward left. Two days should all escape the strength again, three days almost died certainly.” Zuo Hufa said. Good, these person of do not remain, the person in prison, gives them day to consider, before tomorrow this time, if has not surrendered all has killed, does not remain, in order to avoid a long delay usually means many problems.” The hegemons said. Yes!” Zuo Hufa said. Opened the buddhist commandment against taking life. All people have understood what is heard, hegemon this time must slaughter. His several words must kill countless people, just started kills in the major urban captives, and burns down the entire city, must leap these Expert captives in city to kill the tiger.

This is a hegemon. Although his appearance is not cut-throat, but his procedure is truly cut-throat enough, Xia Tian understands finally why before , the flame queen will fear such him. Inquired about buried treasure time, you are divided into several parts to me the pusher type advance, the tribe in ominous beast or the forest, sees kills off to me, does not remain.” The hegemons said again. Xia Tian a few words do not dare to say at this time that he was experiences to anything is called true very ruthless, the demon taught the hegemons of alliance to open the mouth to kill people, moreover he did not say absolutely. He says some people to do, each time kills is also a group of people, but is not a person. Xia Tian has seen many overbearing people, person who also sees has the skill much, but the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance absolutely is an exceptional case, in his eye as if only then slaughters, this slaughtering has not let that he begins. Flame.” At this moment the hegemon shouts suddenly. Hears the hegemon called own time, the flame queen hurriedly has stood, Xia Tian can the body of obvious seeing flame queen cannot help but shiver. ! The clear palm of the hand sound transmits together, afterward the body of flame queen flew directly. The hegemons got rid. Quick! A moment ago was really too quick, in again the situation that Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye also only saw a remnant shade, this was the demon teaches the alliance the strength of hegemon, incomparable terrifying. Puff! A blood spouts from the mouth of flame queen, that anger is usually big, the unusual rude and unreasonable flame queen a few words does not dare to say at this time, such honest pouring on the ground.

Has remembered, this is a lesson, if you also dare to act smart with me next time, I have killed you.” The hegemons said that turned back own position slowly, everybody understands the meaning in his words, before the flame queen thought oneself clever, looks up the demon to have killed the guard, when the hegemon sat after the position said again: „, Do not provoke the demon immortal kitchen.” Demon immortal kitchen name Xia Tian is familiar. Because initially the demon immortal kitchen had preserved own life, is because the demon immortal kitchen therefore flame queen does not dare to kill him, now mentioned this name including the hegemons. The demon teaches the hegemon very terrifying person of alliance, but is he mentions the demon immortal kitchen, obviously the demon immortal kitchen has mystically how. At this moment, Xia Tian at present suddenly one bright. Absorbed Formation to complete.” Xia Tian can induce to absorbing completion of Formation. Attract! Meanwhile, in City Lord Mansion underground spirit stone treasure house. Em?” Is guarding spirit stone that person to stare suddenly, spirit stone unexpectedly is vanishing, saw that such scene he hoodwinked, he started to inspect hurriedly, but anything had not discovered. After three minutes, all spirit stone vanished completely, more than 300 million low grade spirit stone, do not remain together. How is this possible?” That form fast disappearance in same place.