Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1732

The flame queen does not dare to have any discontented, he knows that hegemon this is very to her the face, otherwise now she is a deceased person. Plans the hegemon, this is the capital crime. „Since the city mixed spy, that looked up to me, within three days I hoped to see that three honest Expert number of people.” Hegemon light saying. He is a hegemon, he only needs to issue the order, completes to need the subordinate. Hegemon, is not good.” At this moment, the form fell in the hall together. Hears this sound time, Xia Tian thinks very familiar-sounding, but he determined that he has not seen this person. Right protector, how will you come to here?” Brow collecting of hegemon slightly in one. Right protector, this person is right-hand of right protector hegemon, with left protector the status to be equal. Hegemon, spirit stone disappears!” Right protector to kneel on the ground said. Hears these words time, Xia Tian is clear, originally this person is that super Expert of protection in spirit stone pile. What did you say? Also.” Hegemon calm saying. spirit stone disappears.” Right protector anxious saying. „.” Hegemon nod of slightly. Ah! At this moment, a pitiful yell the mouth that from right protector shouts, but he shut up immediately, is covering the left arm that bleeds unceasingly, at this time on his forehead is the sweat. Most panic-stricken appeared, Xia Tian has covered the spirit eye hurriedly.

Left arm that at this time right protector in the hand of hegemon, the left arm that the hegemon probably is eating between-meal snack same eats right is protecting buddhist law, the left arm that right protector a moment ago was entrained stiffly by him. The status that about protector is very high. Alliance ****** Expert must respect them, but hegemon unexpectedly tears up an arm that right has protected buddhist law at this time stiffly, and has eaten. Cruel. Bloody. Xia Tian finally understood now, the flame queen such will fear why the hegemon, at this time presents all people not to be afraid, because the hegemon was really too cruel. Moreover his unexpectedly including the subordinates of oneself most trusted friend can being able to get down hand. Right protector full Tou the cold sweat, but he does not dare to make noise, and kneels does not dare to look at the hegemon on the ground. Said what's the matter.” Hegemon expression light saying, he as if not get angry, in the expression that most at least he spoke will not get angry. spirit stone vanished in me at present stiffly, little disappearance, probably suction by any thing was the same, I radically helpless.” Right protector answers hurriedly. He knows that hegemon this is to him the opportunity, to opportunity that he goes on living, therefore he must quickly all say the process of matter. What special condition for these days had?” The hegemons asked. Has, two days ago delivers in spirit stone that group of people to be mixes deceitfully, was thin, because I felt the fluctuation of spiritual energy, therefore I will deliver spirit stone that group of people to kill.” Right protector to say. spiritual energy fluctuates, walks, has a look together.” Saying of hegemon coldly. Hears the words of hegemon, all people have all stood, runs together to the direction of that basement with the hegemon, Xia Tian has followed in the side of frozen prince, has not spoken.

This hegemon was extremely strong, Xia Tian does not want to offend such person. Hegemons including own right-hand can say that kills kills, thus it can be seen, this person absolutely is a super ruthless role. The people all entered have preserved the spirit stone basement. At this time basement inside spirit stone does not have, clean. How many spirit stone for these days altogether received?” The hegemons asked. 365 million low grade spirit stone.” Right protector to cover also in the left arm of bleeding. The hegemons arrived at the front ground, with hand tracing ground gently: Rank 1 Formation, buys, some unexpectedly people can arrange Formation in you at present, this person is not simple.” Hears the words of hegemon, all people are one startled, the strength that right protector they are very clear. But some unexpectedly people arrange Formation in front of right protector, has not made right protector the discovery. Is impossible, I only felt that one second of spiritual energy fluctuation, wanted to arrange Rank 1 Formation most at least also to take more than ten minutes.” Right protector does not believe some people can arrange Formation before him, but was not discovered by him. Is the Ancient technique, you said two days ago has spiritual energy to fluctuate, but spirit stone is today vanishes, in other words some people have arranged a base with the Ancient technique, then a base has formed Formation in two days automatically, finally Formation forms at that moment all suction all spirit stone.” The hegemons answered. Xia Tian hears his words, admired him really more and more, this hegemon not only method very ruthless, but also experienced, his unexpectedly also knew the Ancient technique, but also according to the residual aura knows that buys. This point is others is impossible to achieve. Therefore Xia Tian gives the definition of this person is dangerous figure, extremely dangerous figure. Strength, method very ruthless, but also knows very many matters.

Boss, you carefully, this person is tripod Expert, moreover I felt that this person is not absolutely simple.” The day spirit second child said in the Xia Tian mind. Tripod! Hears this digit time, Xia Tian is also startled. In the serious famine does not have tripod Expert. This time attacks unexpectedly of serious famine is tripod Expert. This person can the lineup succeed I not to be curious, what I am most curious is why you are unable to discover him, after you will kill that several have delivered the spirit stone person, definitely will inspect, that person absolutely will also run away not far, actually will he how evade your eye?” The hegemons had pondered a meeting, his unexpectedly has the matter of not being able to think through, this regarding him absolutely is a challenge. Hegemon, can that person with assassinating the black clothed is the same, has the special hideaway method?” The frozen prince said. Em, you said right, should be this.” Although the hegemon punished right has protected buddhist law, but he also absolutely believes strength that right protector. „Can hegemon, be concerned with the honest public figure who that three mix?” Zuo Hufa said hurriedly, the goal that he said is to let all people believes really has existence of honest public figure, this people will not suspect that assassinated the death of black clothed to be related with him. The hegemons nodded, afterward stands up takes the lead to walk toward outside directly, other people followed hurriedly, after all people all walk, the body of hegemon emerged boundless killing intent, felt this to kill intent, all people all lowered the head. Within two days, must kill the honest public figure who that three mixed to me not at any cost, two days later, I hope to see the number of people, either is that three people, either is your.” The hegemons turn head suddenly, the vision 11 has swept on the body of people.