Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1734
The demon teaches ****** the Expert summons strength is terrorist, at this time ****** Expert remaining 16, assassinated the black clothed dead, the flame queen guard prison went, these 16 people raised the arm shout, the subordinate of everyone built up several thousand Expert. These people may be the elites. This time tiger leapt in the city to have more than 60,000 to hand over 50,000 low grade spirit stone people, besides more than 60,000 people, other was large quantities of city Wei Jun and regular army. The strengths of these people may not be weak. Heard that is mission that the hegemon issues, those present went crazy the same start execution. Sweeping, sweeping from house to house started. So long as each has the appearance to be strange, or was injured wore the ring all by the rice shoot. Appearance strange person was killed directly, no matter killed is right, rather has killed 10,000, does not miss one. After the demon teaches the people of alliance to seize the tiger leapt the city, all others start to shut tightly the front door, the person who although some families will also be taught by the demon every day intrudes, but are not after all many, so long as these people take a walk, generally little by the person persecution that the demon will teach. Because this is hegemon's request, although these ordinary residents are also competent, however their strengths are not strong, did not arrive Heaven Grade. Although City Lord does not prevent to kill and burn to plunder, but so long as generally the opposite party is willing to draw cash, that this will be protected, person who the person who after all the demon teaches also likes this coordination. However today is different. Person who in the past had not suffered the persecution, today was taught Expert to start to devastate by these demons. These demons taught Expert taking advantage of this time name started wantonly to plunder, plundering from house to house, even was so long as saw that the woman started to be crazy. Wantonly killed and burnt to plunder to start.

The entire tiger leaps the city pitiful yell sound to rise from all directions. Yeah, this is Expert, an order can make others have great disturbance.” Xia Tian is listening to outside pitiful yell sound, he is helpless, if at this time he exits to save others, his status will expose. The night falls. Spirit, the elder brother leads you to go to an amusing place.” Xia Tian said. Good.” Spirit excited saying. Spirit truly was very recently bored, Xia Tian has not dared to make him exit, because here was too dangerous. At this time Xia Tian has inquired the position of prison, therefore this time he planned that saves others directly. Spirit, goes, but you must promise the elder brother, must pay attention to the security.” The Xia Tian reminder said that he most is worried is the spirit security. Relax, Elder brother, spirit is actually very fierce.” Spirit grasped pink / white fist to say. Good, spirit is fierce.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. Xia Tian also prepared one to travel by night the clothes to spirit, afterward they direct, under the dark night, Xia Tian and speed of spirit was fast, Xia Tian just started also intentionally wait / etc. spirit, but he discovered that spirit the speed was also quite fast . Moreover the movement of spirit was light. Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is one step steps five steps, movement unexpectedly some of spirit likely are the appearance of caper, the left leg forward, departs very afterward the right foot once more at a ground point, flies to be very far. Spirit, your movement is quite fierce.” Xia Tian said. Spirit mischievous spitting tongue.

After Xia Tian goes to the previous digging a hole place, he continues to dig that hole directly, now enters from above is impossible, because the flame queen is defending above, she did not leave the entrance of prison at this time, she sat under that tree directly starts to protect day and night. She does not want to leave again any was careless. Although before her, fears the hegemon, but she first time noticed that the hegemon is so terrorist, by him stiffly is ripped including the arm that right protector, she was considered as anything. Therefore she does not walk. Normal, there are her to sit above, that this time is absolute was absolutely safe, because who wants to enter the prison, must kill her to have the possibility, is strength very formidable of flame queen, wants to kill her, that is also the impossible matter. Also not far away had city Wei Jun Expert . Moreover the hegemon also lives here, if there is any big sound, they will immediately also catch up. But Xia Tian is not the storm, does not walk from the ground, but from underground walks. Previous Xia Tian had found has hidden the spirit stone place, therefore this time must first dig there the tunnel, there person did not have in any case now, in spirit stone did not put, was happen to cheap Xia Tian. Because that position from the prison was too near . Moreover the position was very big. Elder brother, are you mole beast? Did these stones make you eat?” Spirit saw Xia Tian unexpectedly can such easily digs under the place, very surprised asking . Moreover the stone that her more curious Xia Tian will cut where has put, Xia Tian toward leaving to transport. Elder brother is the person of genuine goods at reasonable prices, reason that can break these stones to depend on this in my hand the [gold/metal] blade, took in the Chu space as for the stone by me, after exiting, found a place to dump again is OK.” Xia Tian patient answered. This resilience is quite big, because the distance is far, after previous Xia Tian only enters City Lord Mansion, walks above, but this difference, this time he needs the complete set to walk from below. He made -and-a-half hour of holes to enter to storing up spirit stone that basement. Whistling!

Elder brother was tired, I give the elder brother to beat the thump.” Spirit said that starts to give Xia Tian to pound the back directly. Was good, spirit, we must continue to go forward.” Xia Tian has patted racket on stone wall, he sought for the position, afterward started to dig there, this Xia Tian has dug for ten minutes, the place that because he dug was very big. Bang! In the prison has transmitted a bang, hears this bang time, the person in prison has all been standing, here sound-insulated is good, therefore outside cannot hear, what is main is a here company guard does not have. Because this prison does not need to guard. The basket of prison with, cannot break, moreover at this time these person of any weapons that in prison the special material quality builds do not have, their Chu bag and Chu bangle was all received. At this time these people saw Xia Tian time all stares. „Who are you?” Immediately a person asked that this person of speech, other people were peaceful. Saves your people.” Xia Tian said. Saves us? Brother, considers as finished, thank you can save us, but we cannot exit, here basket builds with the diamond, hard incomparable, even if treasure cannot cut, moreover we a wee bit spiritual energy in the basket cannot use.” That person continues to say. Treasure can't cut?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.