Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1736

Saw time that team of people walk, City Lord and the others have completed the combat readiness immediately. We are the subordinates of strength king, comes the search honest intruder.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Snort, your strength Wang likes minding others'business, today the several time, quickly walked, here does not have the intruder, you did not walk me please right to protect buddhist law come personally.” That team of person very discontented saying. Xia Tian already inquired that 16 demons have taught the super Expert search the region, edge that here strength king searches, therefore he has carried out the reputation of strength king directly. The opposite party hears is the person of strength king has not thought. Well good, our walks, do not tell right protector the Sir.” Xia Tian shouts. Em.” These person very proud nods. After they right protector mixes, the status clearly increased, they also know that the recent tiger leapt in the city to come many Expert, these people spent 50,000 low grade spirit stone to come. Usually has keen eyesight in Ding, does not pay attention to them, but is now different. Now so long as they proposed the name that right protector, that these people will frighten dingy running away. They thought that has the face. Shout! Xia Tian relaxed. Mr. City Lord, troubles you to inform, cannot cause any sound again, although here is very good to hide, so long as the opposite party comes the search, our these 20,000-30,000 people definitely will expose.” Xia Tian said. Good.” City Lord nodded. Xia Tian has not wasted the time, excavates directly, these 20,000-30,000 people will stop over here will have an accident sooner or later, now therefore he must do will be quickly digs out a large space to come to these people under the place, will all hide these people here.

At this time Xia Tian must thank the China revolutionary comrades, was their tunnel warfare to oneself this idea. Otherwise lets words that he thinks, perhaps could not have thought that really digs a hole this means. In spirit world, besides Xia Tian, does not have any person to use this tactic. The Xia Tian means are defeating the enemy without fighting, he has not led the person to clash hardly, has not rushed hardly, but he has actually served his purpose, naturally, he to cannot flush hardly, rushes unable to rush hardly. After all he when steals spirit stone to hit right protector, tribulations the prison time cannot hit the flame queen, now is to hit right protector with these city Wei Jun, therefore he can only dig a hole to go forward. Tunnel warfare. In the spirit world, Xia Tian displayed Pinnacle tunnel warfare once more. At this time besides the east, other places is bustling about, searching for from house to house, so long as occurred to have the situation special person, that kills, moreover saw that wears the person of ring to chop the finger, regardless of men and women. Before the hegemon ordered try not to go to many harassment average people, but this time is different, this group early stared at the people of these ordinarily residents to be possible found the opportunity, their this was receives orders to kill and burn to rob. Now idlest was the flame queen. Other ****** Expert everywhere is busy at work, but she can actually calm and steady sitting here, moreover she will not have the sorrow of any life, because after she only needed early tomorrow morning to the time, asks that also who surrendered has been OK, direct massacring that did not surrender. Simple, she does not believe that some people can break into a jail, because the prison has an entrance. This entrance under her body. Moreover after is goes, also nobody can the person save, overbearing that here prison became famous, needs the key no one unable to open, but key on the body of hegemon, who can rob the key from the hegemon? That without doubt in dream of a fool.

Therefore she thinks that own here is most relaxed, moreover does not need to consider that outside person can hold the intruder. Although she has suffered a hegemon palm of the hand, but she felt this palm of the hand too value at this time. Because outside this palm of the hand made her not need to go to rush about with these people. At this time the tiger leapt City Lord of city and his these under all looks silly, Xia Tian such was in front of their to start to dig, this speed was simply shocking, he had heard dug a hole the fierce animal, but had not heard dug a hole the fierce person. Elder Brother Tian, I help you.” Spirit very interested asking. Does not use, quick that I dig.” Xia Tian said that has to say digs a hole is also stamina lives, although there is [gold/metal] Dao, [gold/metal] Dao also very sharp, but [gold/metal] blade was too after all small, the stone quantity that a time can dig is limited. Xia Tian has dug for two hours, under digs one fully to hold that 20,000-30,000 people of tunnel, saw such big tunnel, City Lord has been shocked completely, he had a dream cannot think that also had Xia Tian such person to exist. Had Xia Tian such person, is that city wall useful? The words that later who must invade, dug a trench to be good directly. Outside that high city wall decorates simply. However he one wants also to feel relaxed afterward. Besides Xia Tian this anomaly, but also who can dig a hole such quickly? Others want outside the city to dig, most at least must dig several months, moreover is impossible to dig the Xia Tian such big space, several months were already discovered by city Wei Jun. So long as does not bump into Xia Tian, city wall is useful. Here do not move, I go to Formation to save others.” Xia Tian said. Be careful.” City Lord said. Afterward Xia Tian continued to start to dig.

At this time the tiger leaps these Expert of city to worship Xia Tian simply, they worship and respect Xia Tian now, on the body of Xia Tian, they saw too many inconceivable, although before , they have heard the Xia Tian reputation. But at that time they had not cared. After all Xia Tian suddenly becomes famous, shines the brilliance in the entrance compared in greatly greatly. Is considered as is the super talent, but in their eyes the talent is only the talent, is not true Expert, they entered the Expert ranks, therefore does not care about Xia Tian this super talent. When they see with one's own eyes the Xia Tian skill is clear, terrifying of Xia Tian in compared with legend are many. Make their these true Expert panic-stricken. In the morning, solar raising gradually, the flame queen has opened both eyes slowly, that night she does not dare to have slight careless, at this time the dawn, had shown that her mission must complete: This time must complete finally, after completing this mission, I was relaxed, how when the time comes will have a look at these fellows to complete mission.” The flame queen thinks that these people definitely are trying to find the solution, after all within two days hold three intruder not to be easy, steal the spirit stone person, therefore she thinks that these people will certainly find the way to deceive City Lord, when the time comes she can see a play. She likes this feeling, after oneself complete mission, smiles to look at other people. Bang! She opened the front door of prison.