Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1737

The flame queen opened the entrance of prison directly. Her tight spirit must relax finally has gotten down, although her mission is very simple, but that night is also one suffers regarding her, she knows, once after mission appeared, she ended. Is good is uneventful because of that night, any matter has not occurred. In prison very cloudy and cold, she does not like entering here, the prison that because the diamond builds will make her also produce ill. When she enters the prison, gives a loud shout directly: Today was your final time, I asked finally your, surrenders, did not surrender dies.” Treads! Her downward walking step by step, she does not worry at this time, because she knows that under her staircase process regarding the criminal is the suffering, waits for death forever directly dies is more frightening. She has not heard the echo. The hegemons have not given her mission saying that makes her probably persuade many people, so long as these people do not surrender, she can all kill. Since your nobody surrenders, good, I deliver you a regulation.” The flame queen said that the body vanished in directly same place. Whiz! When appears again, she fell in the prison, when she falls to the ground, her whole person is dumbfounded, she is unable to believe the present all: How is this possible?” In a flash, she felt that the sky collapsed. Ended, this time all ended.” The flame queen felt own thorough ending. Run! Her first response runs, she must run City Lord Mansion, runs the tiger to leap the city, the farther the better of running, runs the sphere of influence of hegemon.

Looks at the gap on basket, she suddenly has as if thought of anything. Her imprisoned circle is the material quality of similar diamond builds, her imprisoned circle was destroyed by Xia Tian, although she does not know that actually Xia Tian how destroys, but she can determine that Xia Tian has to destroy this material the ability. Is he, certainly is he does.” The flame queen determined very that certainly is Xia Tian does. She does not want to become a fugitive, once becomes a fugitive, the family property that she saves all did not have, when the time comes her influence and also all will under disintegrate, moreover she must run away to a nobody knew that her place, the status suffers a disastrous decline. She does not give up all that oneself present has. She discovered a moment ago the person did not have time, she truly has thought must run away, but she will not run away now, because she knows that is who does. Whiz! Her body vanished in directly same place. This time Xia Tian with left is protecting buddhist law to play chess, they have gotten down were very long, last night after Xia Tian came back shortly , the frozen prince looked for him, said that left protector to with him play chess. Boy, what under your chess is really good.” Saying that Zuo Hufa appreciates. Many thanks left protector the commendation.” Xia Tian said. ! Subpoenaed Fu Luo together in the hand of frozen prince. Left protector, perhaps was coincidence, strength Wang Nali also really discovers the intruder, moreover was the elders of eight big entrances.” The frozen prince will pass on message the content of symbol to read. This is not very good, the hegemon most did not like the civil strife, if made him know that was we kills has assassinated the black clothed, our several must be punished, therefore the appearances of these people happen to helped our thorough to cleanse suspicions.” Zuo Hufa nodded.

Steals away the spirit stone person not to discover, if not discover these people, hegemon there.” Hegemon there has me, more than 300 million low grade spirit stone, that is all wealth that we plunder, the hegemon planned blasts out the forest region with more than 300 million spirit stone forcefully, but looked like cannot succeed now, can be quietly stole away that many spirit stone, you think that can be the average person? So long as we catch the scapegoats of these eight big entrances, that this matter passed.” Zuo Hufa said. When the elder who hears eight big entrances was grasped, the brow of Xia Tian a wrinkle, can the elders of eight big entrances, have a elders in day of Lingshan or great Fengshan immediately? If there are these people, that Xia Tian cannot sit by and do nothing absolutely. At this time he has been trying to find the solution, actually has a look how to save these people to come out. Bang! At this moment, the bang transmits together. Hears this bang time, several people are also on the rise, the vertigo has shot from City Lord Mansion together. Emergency muster command.” A brow wrinkle that left protector. Emergency muster, definitely has important matter to occur, Wei Guang, we walk.” The frozen prince said. Em, spirit, do not go, hegemon there atmosphere is too depressing.” Xia Tian has caused a look to spirit, spirit nod of silently. Xia Tian understands that definitely was the matter of prison is discovered that the continuous matter occurrence, no one could guarantee that the hegemon will make any crazy matter today, Xia Tian does not want also to affect spirit, moreover had any mistake he also well to escape accidentally. He gave the spirit look a moment ago the meaning is to let spirit goes to him to dig the good dense Daoist canon first first. Was good, walks quickly, this is the urgent call-up, cannot delay.” The frozen prince reminded, he worked liked the Xia Tian belt in the side, because he discovered that Xia Tian had the special method, these methods can add on him in the most crucial time generally. Xia Tian hears the words of frozen prince, followed directly. Won't have an accident?” Saying that Zuo Hufa thought aloud.

The emergency muster made, but hegemon most Advanced convening token, so long as were two cauldron Rank 8 above Expert regardless of were making anything, must go to the City Lord Mansion set at the maximum speed. Perhaps has had an accident, our matters soon have almost been solved, was flame that or right protector there to have an accident?” Frozen prince puzzled saying. Unreasonable, their mission are the hegemon gives in vain, to comfort them uses, to have how possibly an accident, ok, have not thought blindly, the first passing set said again.” Zuo Hufa said. Xia Tian discovered that at this time some formidable aura to the City Lord Mansion gathering. Two cauldron Rank 8 above Expert. The demon teaches the alliance inside two cauldron Rank 8 above Expert to be absolutely many. After Xia Tian they arrived at City Lord Mansion inside, here gathered over a hundred people, moreover population also in fast is increasing. unexpectedly has these many two cauldron Rank 8 Expert!” Xia Tian surprised saying. Makes mission not to have outside, or in addition two cauldron Rank 8 person altogether 350 people, this is the person who had to meet the accidental death, otherwise the population was 400 people.” The frozen prince answered in a low voice. This matter is not perhaps small.” Zuo Hufa a brow wrinkle. Em?” At this moment Xia Tian saw a familiar form: Is he.”