Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1738

That person who Xia Tian sees initially colluded to encircle with Yuanyuan kills his demon to teach Expert, that pursues him to the demon of uncultivated land beast region teaches Expert, at this time he also arrived at City Lord Mansion. Moreover his unexpectedly is the subordinate of frozen prince. Prince, left protector!” That person of respectful saying. Em, Little tall, gives you under the introduction, he called Wei Guang, was my trusted friend.” The prince teaches Expert to say with that demon directly. Hears the frozen prince's introduction, that demon taught Expert to size up Xia Tian surprisedly, although he has not seen Xia Tian is any Realm, what he can affirm was Xia Tian has not arrived at two cauldrons absolutely. Person unexpectedly that two cauldrons do not arrive is the trusted friend of prince. Even if this two cauldron Rank 8 Expert also merely is the efficient subordinate of frozen prince. Mr. Wei is good.” That Little tall respectful saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. „Had Mr. Wei, where we seen before?” That Little tall looked that asked to Xia Tian. Where I have seen probably also you.” Xia Tian said that his is calm, his such saying actually gave that Little tall to say was shocked, but Little tall thinks afterward that after all they from the same place, have seen also normally, he has not thought that after all now the Xia Tian status and status be higher than him. The quick all people have almost arrived in full completely, left protector stands in the first row, another 18 Expert stand in the second row, other Xia Tian and two cauldron Rank 8 Expert stands in the third row. The difference of standing position is representing the difference of their status. Quick, City Lord was leading flame queen and right protector. Sees them to follow, when side City Lord, other 18 Expert understood, was definitely related with these two. Xia Tian discovered that the flame queen from coming out to start stubbornly continuously is staring at herself, in the look has the anger, has to kill intent, an excitement of faint trace, saw her look, Xia Tian understood, today the flames of war will definitely light on own body, therefore he started to ponder fast worked to have the careless mistake.

Has thought for quite a while, he had not discovered that any link has the situation of mistake. Said that looks.” Hegemon expression light saying. The expression of hegemon is lighter, everybody thinks restless, because this probably is tranquility before the storm gather. Prison was robbed.” The flame queen opens the mouth to say. Whish! Hears this news time, all people were all shocked, this regarding them simply is the impossible matter, will the prison possibly be robbed? The entrance of prison only then one, is in City Lord Mansion, the flame queen should defend there one night yesterday is right. Moreover inside basket does not have the key unable to open, the key only then hegemon there has, can some people also steal away the key from hegemon there? Is impossible! This regarding the people are the impossible news. But they looked appearance that flame queen is not cracking a joke likely. Was dug the tunnel to rescue . Moreover the basket was all used the special technique to break.” The flame queen said again. Tunnel. Hears this news time, the people think that the flame queen was insane. Possibly how some people will dig tunnel, wants to move away 20,000-30,000 people, how long does this need dig? One year, two years? Are the people of hegemon a fool? Looks that they toward leaving to transport the grit 1-2 years not to discover? Moreover basket can unexpectedly be used the special method to break? They do not believe.

You do not need not to believe that now the tunnel in that the hegemon had looked, moreover basket also by sharp thing incision, therefore this will definitely not have the mistake.” The flame queen said directly. Hears the words of flame queen, people understood, this matter absolutely, but what person can be quietly digs a tunnel? Also is who can break the basket that Lian Baoqi cannot cut? You will certainly think very absurd, first did not say the tunnel digs, solely is some basket impossible people to cut opens right? However I told you this matter I am not first time saw that you know I had the imprisoned circle, knows that my imprisoned circle built with the special material quality, actually my imprisoned circle used the material quality and this dungeon material quality is similar, I saw some people breaking my imprisoned circle before.” The flame queen said loudly. Hears the words of flame queen, the people on the scene look very puzzled to the flame queen. They want to know that actually the person in flame female Wangkou is, actually this person how breaks the dungeon the imprisoned circle of basket and flame queen. At this moment. Whiz! The form fell before the people together. Hegemon Sir, the east all prisoners also confirmed all not.” black-clothed person was reporting. Gets down.” The hegemons have not gotten angry, is still calm. At this time everybody felt constraining of atmosphere. The brow of frozen prince was also the tight wrinkle in the same place, because he knows that who that person in flame female Wangkou was, was Xia Tian, they saw with one's own eyes Xia Tian to take the imprisoned circle of flame queen. But he thinks to think that possibly is not Xia Tian, Xia Tian for these days almost with him in the same place, exited to stroll a meeting on yesterday and spirit, how long time did not have, the computation from the time was also the impossible matter. The person in dungeon was all rescued, now the priceless eastern prisoner is also rescued. Actually these waste do not have any use regarding me, do I kill them not to matter, but I am very curious, is actually who has such big skill, leaps being in chaotic situation that the tiger the city makes.” The City Lord vision on the scene 11 has swept in these people.

Nobody dares with vision looking at each other of City Lord. All people all understood, City Lord this time definitely was angry, who regardless of finally the discovery is, perhaps that this person dies like a dog. The matter that for these days had were really many, just started is assassinates the black clothed to be killed, afterward was spirit stone is robbed, now the person and east person of unexpectedly in including dungeon was also rescued. All these occur was too quick. Then merely is several days. If not clutch these people, no one is able to guarantee that then what happened. Told me, was that person who you said who?” The hegemons looked that said to the flame queen, what he asked was in flame female Wangkou that can open the imprisoned circle the person. At this time this person is the suspicion is biggest. Hegemon, this person is he!” The flame queen directly aims at Xia Tian, all people all followed her finger to look to Xia Tian. New face! Regarding the people, Xia Tian is a new face.