Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1740

Xia Tian gently will imprison the circle to grasp in the hand. The vision of surrounding all people all centralized in the hand of Xia Tian, victory or defeat all in the palms of Xia Tian. If Xia Tian the victory, he avoids this tribulation, left will protect buddhist law with the frozen elder will not receive absolutely any implicates, once Xia Tian were defeated, that result will be inconceivable, Xia Tian died to decide. Left protector with the frozen elder also with meeting with a disaster. Has the skill to begin, how regardless of you delay the time to be useless.” The flame queen has recognized Xia Tian in the protracted time. Xia Tian has not spoken, at this moment, in his right hand one group of white flame ignite. Bang! The instance that the flame ignites, imprisons on circle to spread a ray of light wave. Formation was broken. What?” Sees on such situation flame queen face immediately one startled: This is impossible, this is impossible.” Flame queen whole face inconceivable looks at the right hand of Xia Tian, imprisons the circle most major function is inside detonation Formation, this detonates Formation to hide in the iron hoop, even if Formation Expert wants to break is not that easy. Because wants to break Formation to the imprisoned circle incision, can see inside Formation. However Xia Tian has achieved at this time, after not having Formation, imprisoned the circle not to use. I am a refiner master, your thing I can refine.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say.

The frozen elder snatched the imprisoned circle in Xia Tian hand to throw afterward to the front of flame queen, although imprisoned the circle not to separate at this time, but Xia Tian inside Formation breaking, therefore beforehand Xia Tian tore down should also be this means that the imprisoned circle used, did not have the Formation support, connection oneself that imprisoned the circle opened: Flame queen, I knows that has borne a grudge Wei Guang, because he was disobedient you, but this was not you wants to kill his reason again and again, even this time you protected inconsiderately, unexpectedly also framed his body the charge.” Saw the imprisonment to encircle, left protector also relaxed, afterward looked said to the flame queen: Tunnel that big sound, this tunnel definitely dug was very long, but your unexpectedly had not discovered that as soon as you Su hasn't gone to nose? The hegemons make you guard the dungeon to let you, when guards the door?” Hears the words that left protector, the complexion of flame queen turned into the sauce purple, truly so, because she enters to the dungeon is very uncomfortable, moreover enters the time is too long to the dungeon, her strength will also be suppressed, therefore she has defended in the entrance, she thinks, so long as defends the entrance, nobody can go. But she has not thought that some people will dig the tunnel to go. Shout! Xia Tian also relaxed, how he has been wanting to cut open this imprisoned circle a moment ago, but thinks it over only then the [gold/metal] blade can cut open, once the use saw that exposed. Thought in most crucial time Xia Tian, this imprisoned circle had the connection, this connection was used for the belt after the neck about in the same place, inside Formation will have when the time comes an effect, blocked the connection, but this was not material qualitative blocks, but was Formation blocks. Therefore so long as Xia Tian breaks Formation, connection can open naturally. But this Formation has hidden in the inside of imprisoned circle, even if he is Formation Expert, he is impossible to be away from the material to break through the enemy lines, what is main will be he cannot display to break through the enemy lines, because spirit stone was stolen away by Formation Expert, if he will show the strong Formation ability, he will plunge into another crisis from this crisis. Therefore he has used a day of fire. Day hot temperature is higher than the ordinary flame temperature, although he cannot boil in a short time this material, but Xia Tian can actually break through the enemy lines using the flame quietly, then he said that he was a refiner master is OK. Also nobody knows how in any case he breaks through the enemy lines. These also really got by under false pretences.

Flame, you said how I should handle you?” The hegemons looked that asked to the flame queen. He gave the flame queen to be most relaxed, simplest mission, is simpler than other people mission that relaxes, but this still by the flame queen screwing up, him must handle the flame queen. Hegemon, I.” The flame queen kneels on the ground directly. Read, in you taught the alliance to establish in many distinguished service shares for the demon, I did not kill you.” The hegemons said that the later body vanished in directly same place. Puff! Puff! Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of flame queen, afterward she kept swayed back and forth on the ground, her two arms on this stiffly by hegemon ripping, although Xia Tian is not first time sees his such method, but thought that the heart was startled. Strength formidable of hegemon, the technique is cruel. Ah! The cry of flame queen is pitiful, the arm was pulled and arm is cut completely is the different feelings. Looks at the pitiful condition of flame queen, the person all cannot help but swallowed a saliva. Right protector.” Hegemon saying of slowly. Subordinate knows the crime, the subordinate only asked the hegemon to look, in the subordinate took care in you many years of share to give the subordinate a happiness.” Right protector to ask, he has been cut off a arm, he does not want to be suffered again, that ache he does not want to experience again the second time.

„Does your what crime have?” The hegemons asked. Volume!” Right protector stares immediately. She guilty is because she shuts out in the dungeon the environment not to be good, therefore has not gone seriously to treat my mission, observing the situation Formation that but you actually keep, although the person ran away, but you have also fulfilled duty, even if I cannot think that the opposite party will use this means to escape, therefore you do not have the crime, most can only be your brain is not very flexible.” Hegemon light saying. Hears the words of hegemon, everybody thought that is reasonable, reason that the flame queen receives the punishment is because she does not have earnestly treats mission, but right protector differently, right protector observing the situation Formation that keeps, is not willing to leave half step, this explained that he has fulfilled duty. Thanked the hegemon, thanked the hegemon.” Right protector is knocking head that keeps, he is then called to be saved from death. Was the hegemon has given him the New Student opportunity. Strength king, I heard that your several did hold the elders of eight big entrance alliances?” The hegemons looked that directive force Wang asked. Yes, altogether six people, are the elders of some big entrances, I suspected that assassinates the death of black clothed to have the relations with them, moreover loss of spirit stone possibly is also related with them, these six people are two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, moreover reduces the strength.” Strength Wang said. Reduces the strength. Hears here time, Xia Tian at heart immediately one cold, these elders in day Lingshan are not reduces the strengths, was they are grasped?