Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1741

Xia Tian has avoided a tribulation, this matter some people will again not suspect from now on Xia Tian. Xia Tian also thinks one have avoided a tribulation. When elder who but when he hears eight big entrances, is the heart one tight, especially when he hears the compression strength, Xia Tian is at heart is more anxious, the elders in day Lingshan compress Realm, the compression strength in their mouth should compresses Realm. Not, if the four elder their words, I absolutely cannot sit by and do nothing.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Boss, leaves is too tense, should not be the fourth child they, since the third child has made you come, he will again not send , the third child is an astute person, he will not make this mistake, the person who this time comes hammers certainly the big entrance that Jinshan their this wish saves face, because you not being able to gain ground that when the entrance big ratio suppresses them, therefore they want to send for coming to collaborate from outside with the inside, snatches a merit.” The day spirit second child reminded. „!” Hears the words of day of spirit second child, Xia Tian relaxed finally. If the person in great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng, Xia Tian may also get rid to help, but if hammers the disciple in Jinshan and wonderful Danshan, meaning that Xia Tian slightly has not helped, he is not a softy. Hammered the disciples in Jinshan and wonderful Danshan had coped with him, he was not the prime minister, in the belly can also pole a boat, did not have that big mind. Brings.” Hegemon saying of slowly. Hears the words of hegemon, one line of six people were brought directly, when Xia Tian sees these six people helpless shaking the head, he understands at this time finally anything was called the enemies often cross each other's path. In these people who sneak attacks has four people he to know. Initially the entrance greatly hammered Jinshan compared with inside separately, wonderful Danshan, belt Captain of god mountains and few room of mountains were old, another two people looked to be from the clothes wonderful Danshan, one was a god mountain. Their six people are in an extremely difficult situation at this time. They before the entrance big ratio lost completely the honor, therefore they planned that took this opportunity to struggle the face, but they have not thought that unexpectedly has become the Xia Tian scapegoat, they hated Xia Tian before. At this time is because Xia Tian killed to assassinate the black clothed to be hunted down grasping by the entire city greatly. If they know that they were grasped because of Xia Tian, perhaps that will directly irritate. Sees surrounding these many Expert time, the elders of few room of mountains have instigated obviously somewhat, but several other elders have the demeanor. Assassinates the black clothed is you kills?” Hegemon saying of slowly.

Bah! Hammers that elder in Jinshan wants to have the imposing manner very stared a hegemon. Puff! At this moment made all person shocking matters of appear again. Rips! Hegemon unexpectedly tore to pieces that to hammer the mouth of Jinshan elder stiffly. Ah! Ah! The intense pain makes that hammer the elders in Jinshan almost to faint, the pitiful yell sound keeps shouted from his mouth that saw such scene, other five elders frightened the face to be green, the elders of few room of mountains directly fell on the ground. Frightened! They never have so frightened, at present this person is a devil, is their nightmares for a lifetime, they are afraid, before they can also maintain certain style, they think that they are figure of elder rank, the opposite party can negotiate with them, but they move now do not dare to move. Your mouth is very rotten.” On the face of hegemon has shown the terrifying smiling face. Ah! Ah! That hammers the elders in Jinshan still to call out pitifully there. I dislike your cry.” The hegemons said hammering Jinshan elder honor that a foot has been pounding directly tumble. Puff! All of a sudden, hammered that elder entire head of Jinshan to turn into the sediment directly.

Bang! The elders of few room of mountains frightened directly fall on the ground. My spirit stone?” The hegemons looked that hammers the elders in Jinshan to ask to second. I, I do not know.” That hammers the elders in Jinshan to look at the hegemon frightened. Puff! The both hands of hegemon pat directly, in that has hammered on the head furnace of Jinshan elder, his fate and first hammer the elders in Jinshan to be exactly the same, the head was patted by the hegemon directly crushes, blood and brain fluid sputtering on the body of periphery that several person. My spirit stone?” The hegemons looked that elders to wonderful Danshan asked. On me all spirit stone give you, no, my Chu bangle all gives you, I have three, inside all things.” The long proverb of wonderful Danshan had not said that he saw his heart, at this time his heart in the hand of hegemon, the hegemon seems is holding appreciatively a toy to be the same: Your reply I am unsatisfied.” Puff! The hand of hegemon makes an effort to pinch, the elder in that wonderful Danshan dies a violent death directly. Good terrifying person.” The day spirit second child said in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. If I expose, my fate should be more miserable than them.” The Xia Tian response said. Is the armies of alliance attacks not to be impossible to win by his strength.” The day spirit second child said. When the time comes uses in the population to suppress, moreover he does not remember here, but buried treasure in forest.” Xia Tian said. Serious famine was chaotic.” The day spirit second child said. At this time the hegemon moved toward in front of the elder of god mountain: My spirit stone?”

After that elder sees the first several people of pitiful conditions, already infinite fear: spirit stone was hidden by me.” Puff! His words just said that Xia Tian has closed the eye, because the following pitiful condition he has not wanted to look, the hegemon is killing by mistreatment them completely, the elder whole piece skin of this god mountain had been ripped by him directly. The whole person turned into the blood person. Although Xia Tian and this elder have a grudge, but he noticed that such situation does not have the heart. I dislike others to play the mind with me.” The hegemons said that looked to the elder of another god mountain. At this moment! Puff! Puff! The form presents in that god mountain elders and few room of elders together, the speed of this person is fast, but the flash directly penetrated the back of the body of these two elders. Any person!” Zuo Hufa gives a loud shout, all people must flush away to that person. At this moment City Lord lifted the hand, saw City Lord to lift the hand, the people have stopped the footsteps.. Scud, you dare to manage my other people's business!” The hegemons look that the present person said. I do not dare to manage your other people's business, your technique was too just cruel, I was unable to continue watching.” Scud very optional saying. Hears the words of scud, the people thinks that he died, his unexpectedly dares such to speak to the hegemon. This person of Xia Tian knew, before is, that scud in Banwolseong, but made Xia Tian surprised time, the scud struck unexpectedly that the deicide mountain elders and few room of mountain elders used a moment ago is Finger of Consonance, no, should say that was false Finger of Consonance.