Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1742

Scud! Before is, in tavern narrated that person who the tiger leaps the city big convergence, that was killed that person who the guard tracks by the demon. The scene knew that his person are not obviously many. But about protector knows this person. Before Xia Tian, saw this person time also thinks that was this person steals the demon to kill the guard anything thing, therefore has not cared, but he has not thought that this person unexpectedly can talk with the hegemon same rank. Dares to kill the toys of hegemon. This simply is the challenge to the hegemon. But hegemon unexpectedly has not begun to him, moreover what is main, he a moment ago what used is Finger of Consonance, is false Finger of Consonance, although the contour resembles Finger of Consonance, but in fact is not. When Finger of Consonance also rotten avenue?” Xia Tian innermost feelings puzzled asking. Boss, Finger of Consonance does not have the rotten avenue, who I remembered this person probably am.” The day spirit second child said. „? Do you know him?” Xia Tian asked. Has not seen, I heard that the Boss, you cannot say you to be surnamed Xia, otherwise he will certainly kill you.” The day spirit second child reminded. What situation?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. The hegemons looked at a scud: You remember, I have the limit to your tolerance, if also dares to have next time, I same will tear into shreds you.” You know that I am never serious your words, I do not think that you can kill me.” Scud very optional saying, his manner is indifferent. Perhaps also only then he dares by this approach hegemon.

Whiz! At this moment, the hegemon gets rid suddenly. The scud right hand double refers to ejecting, direct in the palm of hegemon. They simultaneously retreat. The control of hegemon has some shivering obviously, but few people note this point, those present all were also shocked by the powerful strength of scud, although he only to fighting has struck with the hegemon, but his unexpectedly has not dropped the wind slightly. Thus it can be seen, actually this scud is how terrifying existence. Did not accompany you to play.” The scud said that vanished in directly same place. Actually is he who?” Xia Tian in knowing the sea asked. Although I do not know that you and our day old Boss has any relations, but I can affirm that you definitely have the relations, because you are surnamed Xia, can Finger of Consonance, Finger of Consonance was I sees strongest Martial Skill, the Boss once had spoken to us, Xia Family once was a respected family, because probably any reason vanished from this world suddenly, it is said Xia Family branch probably remaining this, but for these years, one group of person wishes have made Xia Family vanish from this world thoroughly, they on were fly, this was a code number of organization, the goal that they had on was. Thoroughly eliminated the Xia Family person, Boss hid to be possible not to bring the disaster in the past to day Lingshan very much.” The day spirit second child answered. Flies? Is they make Xia Family vanish?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. This I do not know that only if some day you can find our eldest children, otherwise this is a riddle.” The day spirit second child said. Xia Yun, 200 years ago is becomes famous Expert, before this him , the relations should not be big, after all his father to the present over 40 years old, his grandfather also more than 80, these people, in Xia clouds that front should only be the child.” Xia Tian had pondered after meeting, restored the reality. This time hegemon looked at the people on the scene to say afterward. This time matter did not need to look up again, I will try to find the solution, now you must do was helps me cut back the military strength, was used to resist the allied armies of eight big entrances, the opportunity arrives at us to embark to treasure hunt.” The hegemons said loudly. Yes!” Audiences Expert said.

This time disturbance very passed finally. The hegemons did not investigate this matter, everybody can relax finally, rested well. Before the hegemon had mission, all people were all tying tight the spirit, at this time the hegemon has cancelled mission, they naturally can relax. Wei Guang, plays chess with me.” Zuo Hufa said. Protector the Sir, I meet my Little Sister first, then arrives at your.” Xia Tian said. Good.” Zuo Hufa said. Before Xia Tian, fears to have an accident, therefore he gave spirit to prepare the escaping secret room specially, at this time the matter passed, he must spirit meeting, when spirit saw Xia Tian, quickly cried, big extension of tears in eye socket. Was good, spirit, the matter passed.” The Xia Tian comfort said. Volume.” Spirit nodded. Elder brother must go left to protect buddhist law there to play chess, goes together.” Xia Tian said. Em!” Spirit numerous nods. When Xia Tian arrives left protector there, the frozen prince also, Xia Tian understands that playing chess is only a pretence, left protector definitely has the matter to say. Wei Guang, you thought that the tour of this buried treasure is what kind of?” Zuo Hufa asked. I too did not understand that said again that is you and matter of hegemon like this big figure care, does not have anything to relate with me.” Xia Tian said. „Not corrupt is the good deed, but cannot do without the desire, if no desire, you definitely have other goal.” Left protector expression light saying.

I have the desire, but has, the buried treasure of this rank I cannot mix.” Xia Tian answered. „The person who actually last night the demon killed the guard came back, died three, severely wounded more than 20.” Zuo Hufa said. „Is casualty so serious?” Xia Tian knows the demon kills the guard fierce, he has not thought that the demon will kill guard unexpectedly so to be fierce. Really with is the same, as long as the buried treasure that the hegemon expects is born, must have the foreign matter to exist.” What Zuo Hufa said before is the hegemon, planned that blasts out the trim forest with more than 300 million low grade spirit stone directly. Sir, is actually what foreign matter?” The frozen prince asked. Two foreign matters, first is a corpse, died for over a thousand years, but the mortal body is not spoiled, another is the ominous beast, ominous beast as if not in protection buried treasure, but protects that corpse, I guessed that corpse should be the owner of ominous beast.” Zuo Hufa said. Died for over a thousand years, mortal body is not spoiled.” Xia Tian surprised saying, died over a thousand years of mortal body not to be spoiled, actually did this achieve? That ominous beast definitely is thinks that its master can also live, therefore on the day and night protection there, lived over a thousand years of ominous beast, is not definitely simple. However what Xia Tian is interested is that not spoiled corpse, this absolutely is a Expert mortal body, but he has been looking for a mortal body for the day spirit second child now, this corpse obviously is most appropriate. Boss, I knows that you are best, when keeps thinking about me.” Day spirit second child excited saying. When?” Xia Tian asked. Two days later.” The day spirit second child looks at Xia Tian saying: Before embarking, my also matter needs you to be done.”