Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1743

Gentleman please tell.” The frozen prince said. Helps me give right protector to deliver this.” Zuo Hufa put out a glittering and translucent carving small porcelain insulator to say. „Is this?” The frozen prince asked. Lived bone pill, the arm breaks in seven day to be long, although cannot with beforehand comparing, but was not most at least disabled.” Zuo Hufa said that hears fresh bone pill time, Xia Tian thinks that also lives bone pill, this lives bone pill apparently not to have own that effect to be good, but lives bone pill is not everyone can refine. unexpectedly has such mysterious compounded drug.” In the frozen prince looks to begin surprisedly the small porcelain insulator. Em, the person who this compounded drug can refine perhaps in entire spirit world also few, at least I only had heard that person will refine, although it is only the Rank 4 compounded drug, however its price is more expensive than nine levels of compounded drugs.” Zuo Hufa said. Xia Tian discovered that when he arrives at the spirit world later a lot specially skillful. First, Finger of Consonance beforehand Yin Nie told him is his father originally creates, but that any summer clouds that unexpectedly can also, currently have a scud to use false Finger of Consonance. This has an explanation, Finger of Consonance is not his father original, but is his father improves. Also, if Xia Tian has not guessed that wrong, he should be the apprentice who found pill emperor. Initially he obtained pill emperor inherited, once made the commitment, must revenge for pill emperor, at this time found some news with great difficulty, how he possibly returned to be concerned with: Protector the Sir, I want to ask, who this Pill Refining is Expert?” „Do you also want fresh bone pill? That is not easy, he is not casual lives bone pill on the refinement . Moreover the price is not low.” Zuo Hufa looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: If you need, I can help.” Left protector or compares to appreciate Xia Tian. „, I want to know that actually this rank Pill Refining Expert names, later does not appear with the words that others will mention will not have experienced.” Xia Tian said. He says pill emperor, lives in six levels of urban water semi-circular protective walls outside the main city gate, is Pill Refining Expert.” Zuo Hufa said.

Em.” Xia Tian remembered silently has remembered this person, when he heard pill emperor name completely confirmed that this person absolutely was the apprentice of pill emperor, that person who killed pill emperor, those who most let the Xia Tian vitality was his unexpectedly also dares to use the name of pill emperor. Has remembered, let alone is I delivers, said that is the hegemon makes you deliver.” Zuo Hufa said. Yes, Sir.” The frozen prince said. Afterward Xia Tian and spirit follows the house that the frozen prince moved toward directly right has protected buddhist law. Outside serious famine. Ha Ha Ha Ha! I have succeeded, I have succeeded finally, the day Lingshan Shan Zhu position was my, all of day Lingshan were my.” Abao sits in a cave crazy is laughing. At this time before Abao's aura, is completely different. One is the day, one is, present Abao completely is king general existence. „The old ghosts in day Lingshan, I know that you want to plan me, since you want to plan me, that do not blame me not being impolite, I must make you all die.” Abao's crazy shouting. In the allied armies of eight big entrances. Gate lord, recently the strength promotion of crown prince unusual is quick, moreover his talent is very strong.” Four elders said that at this time they merged greatly, leaps the city to set out to the tiger together. Em, the talent of this crown prince is truly high, in less than five years, he will be the second Abao, moreover I had thought his makings will look like with Abao very much.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. This boy is a good seedling.” Liu Elder nodded. The tiger leaps in the city.

Right protector the Sir, this is the hegemon lets us to fresh bone pill who you deliver.” The frozen prince called him to protector Sir, but called left protector is actually the gentleman, this first was representing the relational distance, moreover represented left is protecting buddhist law amiably. Thing puts down, you walk.” Right protector expression ice-cold saying. Xia Tian first time sees the temperament such strange person, others said puts out a hand not to hit to smile the dough figurine, giving a present toward leaving to catch up, especially received the gift also toward leaving to catch up the person, but this right protector unexpectedly to receive the gift also directly to point to the door. Said goodbye.” The frozen prince cuped one hand in the other across the chest to bring Xia Tian to leave afterward directly. Prince, this right protector the temperament to be a little strange.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Em, he and left protector is a blood brother, but relates is probably poor, therefore left will protect buddhist law will make us deliver the compounded drug, and said that will be the hegemon delivers.” The frozen prince answered. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Was good, recently also calculated to finish, what do you have to want? Said with me.” The frozen prince looked that asked to Xia Tian. „The prince has rescued my life, I also asked anything.” What Xia Tian said initially protected the Xia Tian matter before hegemon, at that time all people know this time matter was not small, momentarily possibly caused the hegemon violent anger, but the frozen prince dares to stand to speak for him, from this point, the frozen prince was only good to Xia Tian. „It is not good, one yard normalizing code.” The frozen prince looks very earnestly to Xia Tian. Saw the frozen prince earnest appearance, Xia Tian has pondered a meeting: „The prince has my two days of vacation.” Volume, this also calculates wants?” The prince has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Calculates.” Xia Tian said. Good, you rested over the two days well.” The frozen prince said.

Many thanks prince.” Xia Tian said that direct belt spirit returned to residence. Spirit, do you have the Chu bangle?” Xia Tian asked. No.” Spirit shook the head. That this gives you, inside also 5 million low grade spirit stone, these spirit stone can be used for the thing that buys you to buy, this thing not only can be used for cultivation, but can also be used to the currency of transaction.” What Xia Tian patience is spirit answers. Nod of spirit appears to understand but not really understand. I have still put the weapons of some Intermediate Spirit Tool ranks on inside, 10 million gathering miracle cures, later possibly serves a need.” Xia Tian apportions spirit these things. Elder Brother Tian, didn't you want spirit?” Spirit suddenly very suffering from injustice looks at Xia Tian, eye inside tears is spinning. Volume, spirit, you leave think that I make you remain spare.” Xia Tian most cannot bear sees spirit that suffering from injustice appearance. „!” Spirit heard a Xia Tian such saying, finally restored happily. Spirit, I must carry on cultivation over the two days, besides the frozen prince, other people cannot come.” Xia Tian said that he obtained more than 300 million low grade spirit stone, at this time he can promote his Realm using combustion spirit stone finally.