Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1744

Swallows spirit stone to promote Realm. Before this is Xia Tian, some abilities, but is not cost-effective, moreover is big to the consumption of spirit stone, beforehand Xia Tian cannot swallow. However was now different, do not raise with Xia Tian richly, can have Xia Tian to be rich again richly? 365 million spirit stone. Also anyone. Now Xia Tian stands on the avenue shouted that whom compares to be rich, who dares to compare with him? Even if the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance not to have Xia Tian to be rich now. Therefore he can not use politely, said that swallows swallows. Xia Tian before the use swallows, the day spirit second child to the seal, has swallowed to be different from other abilities directly, therefore Xia Tian does not hope him to see that the ability of this swallowing is the bug innertube gives him. Although his strength in unceasing promotion, but his Realm throughout was too low. Cauldron Rank 4, now therefore he must do swallows the spirit stone promotion strength, although such does owes very much, but he has not cared about this to consume now, regarding him, now poor on the remaining money. By my present Realm, wants to promote to cauldron Rank 5 to need 500,000 low grade spirit stone from cauldron Rank 4, before these spirit stone regarding me simply were the astronomical figures, but now was a drop in the bucket.” Xia Tian realized at this time finally the local tyrant was anything feels. Has him who has swallowed the skill looks like has hung simply, but spirit stone is just like played the game sufficient money the player. Before Xia Tian, has not played game, had not broken through money, therefore he has not thought that unexpectedly can be so crisp. This is cheating completely. 500,000 low grade spirit stone, swallow to me.” Xia Tian has swallowed 500,000 low grade spirit stone instantaneously. After he has swallowed 500,000 low grade spirit stone, Xia Tian felt that a formidable strength gathers in the place of dantian instantaneously, afterward this strength walks randomly his whole body, has all developed his whole body all meridians. After one hour. Broke through? Such simple did unexpectedly break through?” Xia Tian surprised looks at own change, his first use swallows this ability, he has not thought that swallows this ability unexpectedly to be so overbearing, now in such simple situation his unexpectedly breaks through.

Cauldron Rank 5. This sits the rocket same speed simply, this winding speed simply abnormal does not make sense. „It was good, was good.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. Such quickly he broke through to cauldron Rank 5. Moreover does not have any side effect, was the promotion of genuine goods at reasonable prices, naturally this promotion had a problem is your Realm arrived, you have not fought the experience and Martial Skill are also useless. But does Xia Tian lack the fight experience? He is usually fighting with cauldron seven Expert of Rank 8 and two cauldrons, therefore he does not lack the fight experience, Martial Skill that say nothing. Xia Tian Martial Skill which is not abnormal. Continues to promote.” Xia Tian excited saying, he observed, cauldron Rank 4 promotes to need 500,000 low grade spirit stone to cauldron Rank 5, but cauldron Rank 5 breaks through to cauldron Rank 6 needs 2 million low grade spirit stone. These many spirit stone are the elders of eight big entrances hears also meets usually does not have the plan, even if hammers Jinshan and elders of wonderful Danshan rich big entrance cannot take like this absolutely. Regardless of these many spirit stone regarding anybody is the astronomical figures, when used to assist cultivation, person who so long as has the talent, has used enough cultivation to the tripod, but Xia Tian can only be used to promote from cauldron Rank 5 now to cauldron Rank 6. Although spends very in a big way, but same Xia Tian has also saved the cultivation time, Xia Tian most lacks is the cultivation time, moreover what is he now? Is the local tyrant. Local tyrants not worst is money. Four times, this time is previous time four times of spirit stone, before 2 million low grade spirit stone are me, digit that does not dare to imagine.” Xia Tian at this time really specially excited, present 2 million regarding him have not been considered as that any big digit. Good, now promotes.” Saying of Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable anticipation. Afterward he swallowed 200 low grade spirit stone directly. A moment ago that familiar feeling, that pure strength once more had walked randomly the meridians of his whole body, then expanded his dantian fast. After four hours! Bang!

Promoted. Xia Tian Realm promoted again. Cauldron Rank 6. This strength winding speed simply was too terrifying. 4 million promote to below Rank 1, this time turned into two times. Swallows also really burns money.” Xia Tian not polite direct promotion. Cauldron Rank 7. Afterward is 8 million quick low grade spirit stone promotes to cauldron Rank 8. Xia Tian not hesitant. Direct breakthrough. Cauldron Rank 8! After breaking through cauldron Rank 8, Xia Tian turned toward cauldron Rank 9 once more. 16 million low grade spirit stone. Direct breakthrough.” Xia Tian has not loved dearly spirit stone. Therefore he directly Realm promotion stiffly cauldron Rank 9, after promoting to cauldron Rank 9, Xia Tian stopped, because his time was not enough . Moreover the following spirit stone expenditure also surpassed his estimate. Now he has spent 30.5 million low grade spirit stone. These many spirit stone enough have supported a big entrance. But a Xia Tian point it is fortunate that unconsciously, because his strength stiffly promoted cauldron Rank 9 from cauldron Rank 4, the promotion on Realm, making his overall strength rise suddenly once more. Now Xia Tian also remaining 334.5 million low grade spirit stone.

He looked a moment ago should better gather some strengths from cauldron Rank 9 to two cauldrons first, this carries on the breakthrough to be able again quite economical spirit stone, words unexpectedly that otherwise breaks through directly needs 100 million low grade spirit stone. Although Xia Tian money many people of silliness, but cannot be so colored. It is not cost-effective. Therefore the Xia Tian plan gathers part of strengths first, then swallows once more, at the worst voluntarily breaks through two cauldrons, then again with swallowing the spirit stone method swallows. Two days of quick on past. Xia Tian uses two days of stiffly promoted cauldron Rank 9 from cauldron Rank 4. If makes others know at this time, that startled will fall down simply to spread open, after Xia Tian breakthrough, put the day spirit second child, but the day spirit second child cannot induce Xia Tian Realm. Others promote Realm to need to spend several years of even dozens years, but Xia Tian only used for two days to promote cauldron Rank 9 from cauldron Rank 4. Thump! The Xia Tian gate was sounded. Your boy did not plan to come out, must embark, a bit faster came out to me.” Out of the door has broadcast the voice of frozen prince. The sound that hears the frozen prince, Xia Tian hurried hid own Realm, he does not dare to let not dare to make the frozen prince see his Realm, otherwise the frozen prince will certainly dissect him. When Xia Tian opens the eye, his face strange looks at spirit. Ka! Spirit unexpectedly is eating spirit stone. Spirit, are you doing?”