Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1746

This time Xia Tian double action five trays are running over. You are.” The frozen prince looks puzzled to Xia Tian. Has good thing everybody to share.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Volume.” An frozen prince face heavy line looks at Xia Tian: Eats meal to have anything to be good to share.” „Do you want?” Xia Tian asked. Does not want.” The frozen prince shook the head. That really has been a pity, the demon immortal kitchen Senior vegetable flavor is good.” Saying that Xia Tian regrets. What did you say? Meal that demon immortal kitchen Senior makes?” The frozen prince looks surprisedly to Xia Tian, he has not thought at this time Xia Tian is taking unexpectedly is the meal that the demon immortal kitchen makes. Protector the Sir, since he does not eat, you.” Xia Tian said directly. Eats, who said that I do not eat.” The frozen prince said directly. You did not say a moment ago doesn't eat?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the frozen prince. Who said that I don't eat? Who said that has the evidence? Who dares to show?” The vision of frozen prince took a fast look around in the surrounding person, nobody answered. That takes away.” Xia Tian said. Your boy mixes the meal that the demon immortal kitchen makes you can take, moreover these many.” The frozen prince has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. The vegetable of demon immortal kitchen is not the casual any people can eat, even if were the frozen prince goes also only to eat a dish, but Xia Tian unexpectedly this time brought five vegetables to them. He first time heard that the vegetable of demon immortal kitchen can carry off. Your boy is really surprising.” Left protector also comes up and frozen prince one snatches, other two cauldron Rank 8 Expert can only look eagerly, in other place, two cauldron Rank 8 Expert is in the big entrance the elder rank existed, is here, two cauldron Rank 8 Expert is only a personal servant.

Before that also chases down Xia Tian their change disparities between two cauldron Rank 8 Expert and Xia Tian is bigger. Before he also chased down Xia Tian, now the Xia Tian status was higher than him, naturally, this is in he has not recognized in the Xia Tian situation, if he discovered that person who at this time front the trusted friend of this prince initially he chased down, he certainly without hesitation will report at this time gave the hegemon. Left protector with the frozen prince eats unusual is quick. Before long after they finished eating, shortly. Whiz! The form fell on the front line of team together. See hegemon.” The enormous and powerful crowd shouts directly together. „!” The hegemons sit on the sedan chair light saying. Here only then the hegemon has to sit the qualifications on sedan chair. After the people embark, turns toward outside the city to walk directly, their rates of progression are fast, after they go out of town, has been divided into 17 directly, 16 Expert lead, they team surrounding of hegemon in the middle, protect the vanguard. Xia Tian and frozen prince left have protected buddhist law. ! Enters the forest time, Xia Tian heard the roar of wild beast. After one hour, can hear the fight in all directions the sound, but Xia Tian they cannot see the wild beast, because they have not waited to see the wild beast time, these wild beasts completely had been cut to kill. This time participates in the person of tour of buried treasure, majority is two cauldron above two cauldron Expert, two cauldron following people are few. Moreover several thousand Expert, this inside two cauldron Rank 7 and two cauldron Rank 8 above Expert have, their strength formidable, Realm one to two cauldrons above, that will have the tremendous changes, because two cauldrons above can control are smart beastly, at this time these people on the scene are the demon teach the elite of alliance, their most people have their spirit beast.

As the matter stands fought becomes more relaxed. In a while, Xia Tian their several people had the saddle horse, under grasps, although does not have the sedan chair of hegemon to be comfortable, but sits always to compare comfortably . Moreover the speed of saddle horse is not slow. Which before Xia Tian went personally to fight, but this time he realized that anything has been called the crisp character. Knows obviously the surrounding has many wild beasts, but he does not need to worry. Because these wild beasts are impossible to arrive at their front. This feeling was also too crisp.” Xia Tian said. How?” The frozen prince asked. Feels periphery is having the formidable wild beast, but these wild beasts are unable to arrive at our front, this was really too crisp, completely was Sir.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Ha Ha, has remembered, your present status is different from before, the matter that killed had under is solved, now your casual next order, behind me these two cauldron Rank 7, two cauldron Rank 8 Expert all as you like dispatches, you let them toward east, they do not dare toward the west.” Frozen prince very aggressive saying. Xia Tian felt that at this time really the right was happy. His cauldron Rank 9 person, can order these two cauldron Rank 8 Expert to work casually. Boy, works well, later understands that anything is called the true Expert world.” Zuo Hufa said. Their teams truly is a super team, can say that completely is the team that sweeps away the rank, before some people said in the forest meet wild beast in groups, that was representing the death, but is to bump into the pack of wolves now and so on, will be routed instantaneously. Here person strength super formidable. They represent is in this world the strongest strength. The distance that first day, they go forward is quick, the front all barriers were swept away completely, the night falls, Xia Tian discovered that spirit is not happy.

Spirit, you how?” Xia Tian asked. Elder Brother Tian, I have not a very good feeling.” Spirit said. Is where is uncomfortable?” Xia Tian asked again. „It is not, I always felt that front has any terrifying thing to exist probably.” Spirit said. Em, front has a serious famine beast, the demon kills the guard casualty to be serious, but should not have the issue, here so many Expert, the hegemon, should be able to kill that serious famine beast.” Xia Tian knows City Lord fierce, moreover here also 18 super Expert, in addition more than 200 two cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Em.” Spirit nodded. Relax, no matter what happened, the elder brother will protect your.” Xia Tian said. Elder Brother Tian, actually spirit is also very fierce.” Spirit stretched out the pink / white fist. „, Spirit is very fierce.” Xia Tian said that after short rest one hour, the large unit continues to go forward, because here uncultivated land beast strength is not generally strong, therefore the large military forces do not need to carry on the recuperation. ! !!! At this moment a giant roar transmits, afterward with more than ten giant roars. !!! Then is over a hundred roars, suddenly the Xia Tian their grounds started to rock, but their saddle horses cannot sit completely, because these saddle horses all lay on the ground.