Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1747

Hears the time those present of these roars to know that possibly had the big matter to occur. Elder Brother Tian, has existence of super wild beast, it had issued the death order a moment ago, kills the intruder not at any cost.” Spirit said. What can you understand their roars to represent?” Xia Tian doubts looks to spirit. Em!” Spirit nodded. Prince, these wild beasts must counter-attack on a large scale, we first prepare.” Xia Tian arrives at the side of frozen prince. „?” The prince has doubts looks to Xia Tian: „Was your meaning these roars is the wild beast must attack on own initiative?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. The prince has pondered a meeting, team is going forward now, if he wants the team to stop, this perhaps to the opportunity that other Expert will find fault, will say him to be timid, deliberately will delay the team rate of progression, when he saw when Xia Tian earnest appearance nodded: Good, I went to say one with Zuo Hufa.” After one minute. Army set, exhibits defensive battlefield.” The frozen prince orders to say. Left protector with the prince also arrived at Xia Tian here. What's the matter?” Zuo Hufa asked. Spirit can understand beast language, it is said that inside very fierce wild beast orders other large-scale wild beasts to start to counter-attack.” Xia Tian said. „?” Zuo Hufa looks at spirit surprisedly, he has thought before spirit is Xia Tian Little Sister, does not have other any extraordinary place, reason that they have been good to spirit, because spirit is Xia Tian Little Sister.

However currently their unexpectedly discovery spirit also has the special ability, looks like Xia Tian is the same. Spirit is, what situation the present?” Zuo Hufa asked. Ten very fierce wild beasts fired into our positions, they behind took over a thousand lead to attract the wild beast . Moreover the quantity was still increasing.” Spirit said. These many.” Hears here time left protector surprised saying, afterward he called under several famous artisans: Goes to inform other to command there to me, said that reports back according to the front scout, there are large quantities of wild beasts to attack us, army defense.” Zuo Hufa has not said spirit, but said that front scout repayment, this can very good protection begin the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket. Otherwise made others know existence of spirit, that spirit was dangerous, moreover now spirit and Xia Tian are their secret weapons, Xia Tian hid does not live, because he already had beamed with joy in the front of hegemons and that many people, but spirit did not have, therefore he must the spirit protection, even if were the hegemon, he did not plan to tell. Many thanks left protector.” What Xia Tian thanked was left protector has not said spirit. I have said that we are grasshopper on a rope, a Rong Jurong, suffers if either one suffers.” Left protector this person to be very astute, he works is also watertight. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. If the frozen prince tells other teams, they possibly also think little, but this order was Zuo Hufa says, therefore they have no alternative but to care, the team started to contract fast. Copes with the large-scale uncultivated land beast team, must hit the attack, once disperses, will be trampled by the uncultivated land beast group, because the person little is unable to block the charge of wild beast, after team set, all can summon the two cauldron Expert all summons of spirit beast in abundance the spirit beast, making the spirit beast stand in front, at the same time Expert of various abilities also released the barrier in front, was used to resist the first wave of attack. All people obey orders, wild beast wants to break through from the left front, aggravates there defense to me, the strength of various elements do not use parsimoniously, your methods use to me.” Left protector shouts to clear the way loudly, his voice is loud, he uses spiritual energy his sound expansion. This fight hegemon will not respond, if will need the hegemon whenever there is time, they were the genuine waste.

The hegemons do not open the mouth, that naturally was about protector to open the mouth. Left protector here to have the firsthand information, therefore he directly has issued the order, hears order that left protector, these people also immediately carry out, all people know that at this time left protector with the frozen prince in a team. In other words this time information is the frozen prince makes. The frozen prince beamed with joy in front of other Expert immediately. Bang! The impact of wild beast, the left front has really attacked the most serious place, the wild beast really must launch the attack from here, sees such situation, person admired left has protected buddhist law, since also admired the frozen prince, because the information was the frozen prince collects. Em, left protector with frozen dry good, told that all people obeyed completely left protector the order.” The hegemons said. „!” The hegemon demon of kills the guard to start to scatter in all directions to go. Had hegemon's support, left protector to start to continue to issue the order. ! Wild beasts roared to transmit, they roared each time in the transformation tactic, but these tactics had all been understood by spirit, how regardless of they transformed the tactic, finally left was protected buddhist law to the perfect defense. Real satisfying a craving that this weaponry hits, if not spirit, that wild beast first wave of impact can want 50% people of lives, when we responded wants the place time late, when the time comes did not have the strength that can accept a challenge.” Zuo Hufa excited saying, he more and more likes Xia Tian and spirit now, Xia Tian and spirit, although seems is not fierce, but they often can in the most crucial time display function. This time is also so.

The ability of spirit simply was too fierce. The fight of both sides is getting more and more intense, the direction that although left protector had the superiority in the tactic completely, but the quantities of these wild beasts were too many, moreover these wild beasts are fierce, their attacks continuously. What is main is they do not fear death, they as if received the dead order to be the same, did not know retreat completely, even if were dies must defeat the opposite party to injure. This makes these two cauldron Expert spirit beast casualties serious, although Expert of these two cauldrons use the special capability and element strength in behind is auxiliary, but similarly, they are unable to kill that continuous wild beast. ! At this moment, inside has transmitted a great roar once more, hears this great roar time, the frozen prince and left protector looks hurriedly to spirit. Large-scale fight wild beast must launch the attack to clear the way, these wild beasts are very big, the striking power is very strong, the defensive power is also very strong.” Spirit opens the mouth saying that hears spirit the words left to protect buddhist law is thinking deeply about the countermeasure fast. This wild beast must carry on attacks in large numbers. Good, such manages.” Zuo Hufa has pondered after for quite a while, said.